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Hey Everyone,

So my first actual post on here will be about a LOVELY place called Blush.It’s located in Victoria Island,and I’ll put the full details at the end of this post.

It’s got two sides to it, there’s a skincare/makeup store on one side and a salon on the other. In this post I’m gonna talk about the Makeup Store. I can actually LIVE in there, I love it!

They’ve got so many ‘cult’ products in there.. Moroccan Oil, Deborah Lipmann Nail Varnishes, Denman Hair Brushes, Naked Cosmetics… ahhh the list goes on. They also sell their own in-house brand, called BLUSH.

I’ve got THREE products from them , all from their in-house brand. A powder brush, their liquid foundation and a mini brush set.

Now I tell you, I’ve used the powder brush for like 7months and I LOVE it.It’s got a really soft texture, not scratchy and it DOES NOT shed. Like, since I’ve had it I’ve probably seen like three strands… lol..Not kidding. I got it a while ago but I think it costs around N4000.

Their foundation is DIVINE i mix it in with my face moisturiser ( Simple Hyrdating Light Moisturiser), and it works perfectly. Foundation is N4000

I only just bought the brush set this past weekend. I was looking for a mini powder brush to have with me when I’m on the go and the one I loved came in this kit. It costs N5000, which is sooooo bloody affordable for the quality and brushes in there. Been after a lip brush and there’s one in it as well…. WIN! Can’t wait to use these brushes, I’d be sure to let you guys know how I get on. But if I go by the Powder brush I’ve had, I might just love them all as well.

I did have my hair washed in the salon and got a pedicure… It’s soooo affordable. Will blog about that in another post. They offered tea and YUMMY cupcakes. I usually hate Red Velvet,cos there’s some ‘bitterness’ to it (just me? ok then lol), but this was divine! YUM.

So there’s my first POST! So for all your ’boutique’ beauty products Blush is the place! I’ve got LOADS more to blog about Blush in future posts. Address details below:

Blush (
1388 Tiamiyu Savage Street (DSTV,
Victoria Island,

Laters! Ez Xxx


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  1. January 12, 2013 / 2:34 am

    I liked your caption and blog as well. It made a nice read!

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