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One thing I was always concerned about was getting my makeup off. Yeah, there’s all sorts of fancy makeup removers Shu Uemura, MAC wipes, Bobby Brown, but are they readily/easily available in Lagos? NO!

Foundation is pretty easy to get off, I mean wash your face and it’s all gone… But eye makeup, now that is a different story… Throw in waterproof mascara and you have a situation!
During one of my numerous blog-surfing days, something hit me! Nearly all eye makeup removers are oil-based, unless they are specially formulated for sensitive skin or something. So I thought, why not just use a ‘baby-oil and baby-wipe’ combination to get my eye makeup off. Why baby stuff? I always say, if it’s kind enough for BABIES skin, who the HELL am I to think it won’t be perfect for mine.

Tada!!! Introducing my self-combined eye makeup remover!

Any old baby wipe would do, but brands like Johnson’s and Pampers I’d recommend.

For the baby-oil I usually go with anyone. But one thing YOU MUST CHECK FOR is, make sure it’s ok if some oil gets into your eyes, cos um… it would

Luckily for me, mine states it can be used as an eye makeup remover ^_^. Please always read the back. The Cussons one I had before clearly stated ‘Avoid getting in contact with eyes’. So please make sure you check for this.

Take out a baby-wipe sheet from the pack, pour some baby oil unto it and apply to ur eyes. For me, it gets EVERYTHING off! If you’ve got waterproof Mascara on, use lots more baby-oil.
Baby wipes and Oil are typically sold in supermarkets and pharmacies all around Lagos. I got mine from Ebeano beauty-department.
Wipes: N350 (apprx)
Baby Oil: N150 (apprx)

Please please please let me know if you try this out. I’d really like to know how you get on!
Has anyone got any other makeup removal tips? 
Please share!
Ez xxX

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