One day while reading up my timeline on twitter I saw someone tweet something along the lines of “I loove MegaCare on Awolowo Road, I’m such a beauty junkie” and someone retweeted it with the reply: “Yeah, me too, but their prices are ridiculous”. All my brain computed was Mega Care. Beauty Junkie. Awolowo Road. Need to go there, FAST! lol. I tweeted from my personal twitter account asking if anyone knew where MegaCare was on Awolowo Road, like what landmark was around it. Because we all know, house/building numbers don’t work in Lagos. Driving down a street looking for Number 5, u go from 19, to 18, 17, 16, then 13 next thing you see 146! what the…? lol. The things we go through around here, haha!!

Anyways, no one replied my tweet, as always (there’s a rant in there, but I shall not digress). One random day while I was heading to a friend’s house off Awolowo Road, I saw this white pristine building and it had one of those electronic ‘scrolly’ things and the words read ‘Mega Care’, I was like Bingo!! I planned to go back on Sunday, because parking off Awolowo Road during the week is a total nightmare, Sundays are saner.

I did a little dance when I got out of my car! I was THAT happy.. I’m such a loser

I am so happy that my expectations were met. It is a well-stocked shop.

They’ve got some MAC products in there, reasonable priced as well. It is obvious that the shades and items sourced were carefully thought-out and limited to the popular products amongst ladies in Nigeria. They’ve got the popular eyebrow pencils in ‘Spiked’ and ‘Stud’. Studio Finish Liquid Foundation, Studio Finish Powder, Lip Liners and other items.

They also have an OPI stand in there, with quite a good collection of shades
This Aromatherapy Stand had stuff from The Body Shop, Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret

I actually went in to look for some shaving gel, because I just can’t seem to find my usual one out here (Gilette Venus Divine Shaving Gel). I secretly prayed they might have it stock, unfortunately they didn’t. But they did have other good alternatives. I’ll do a blog post on the items I got.

This made me do a little squeal! They’ve Eylure lashes in there. I only wear strip falsies (don’t like the individuals) when I’ve got a big night out or to events, just generally when I feel like I want to dress up. And Eylure’s are my favorites, MAC comes in at a close second.

They also got a few of the Girl’s Aloud lashes as well. Hint: Cheryl’s are the best (in my opinion)
OPI Nail Polish: N2200
lol! Pathetic pricing I know, that’s the only one I remembered.


96 Awolowo Road,

I believe I have listed quite a few beauty/skin care supply stores on here. But I still have a couple more to share and discover! 🙂
What other lush pharmacies have we got in lagos?
Ez xxX


  1. Anonymous
    April 22, 2013 / 5:37 am

    woooowwww…… am glad you have been there too, really nice place, i prefer people to go there by themselves and experience the beauty

  2. amayo
    May 24, 2013 / 6:08 am

    also saw some nice cosmetic products in medplus. you should visit there.

  3. Judith
    June 7, 2013 / 4:57 pm

    You should also visit Nett pharmacy Opebi Road. Their range of cosmetics is fantastic!
    Their prices are not bad either!

  4. Sylvia Manuel
    February 24, 2019 / 1:03 am

    Pls how do I order stuffs from this beauty store since I don’t reside in Lagos?

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