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Friday, 22 June 2012


A few weeks ago I received an email from a lovely lady from a company called The Social Place (in Lagos), asking if I'd be interested in trying out a few of the products the carry in their store. She mentioned Bomb Cosmetics as one of the products.

 I have ALWAYS been curious about Bomb Cosmetics. Curious because the first time I'd ever heard of or laid eyes on this brand was in Nigeria, and it reminded me a lot of this other brand in the UK called 'LUSH'... I have no idea if this is available in America or anywhere else, but LUSH is amazing. It's all fair-trade, hand-made soaps, lotions, spritzes, bath bombs, massage bars.. etc.

I feel like the products that have been sent for me to review are just perfect, like a well-rounded beauty regimen of products. I was sent a body polish, soap bar and a body lotion

It was presented in a lovely pink paper-bag with the products cushioned inside with pink tissue wrapping :). I am a sucker for a girly presentation (little things)

Blackcurrant Body-Polish N2,600*

Here's the body polish, packed full of natural goodness. I have always wanted to try out body polish, really just to see how it differs from a body-scrub. It smells amazingly fruity, just like blackcurrant!... d'oh. The first time I used this product was with one of those exfoliating mitts and then the second time I made-do without them and just rubbed it in with my bare hands. Both ways work pretty much the same, but I preferred rubbing it on with my hands, THEN going over with the mitts.

Exfoliating Mitts. Purchased my pair at Ebeano Supermarket for N500

This left my skin feeling really smooth. The only thing I was skeptical about with this was if it would leave any residue when rinsed off. You know that little layer of 'film' most body-scrubs/gels/shower creams leave even when rinsed off. So annoying, especially in our hot climate, who needs the EXTRA moisture. Ugh. This did not happen AT ALL, it rinses off very well and your skin is left soft, polished and smelling amazing. I noticed the scent lasted quite a few hours, nearly half the day! I will definitely recommend this!

Blackcurrant Body-Polish N2,600*
This is what the product looks like in the tub. It contains microbeads that melt away once rubbed in and are not uncomfortable/scratchy.

Purple Hills Handmade Soap with Essential Oils N900*

Made to look like a slice of cake, this soap bar smells amazing. I am pathetic at describing scents, but this smells kind of like a 'spa', you know that lavender smell that's always in the air at beauty spas. And it's got a very 'perfumey' scent as well, my sister even said if Bomb Cosmetics did a body-spray/spritz in the same scent she would buy it. This soap contains essential oils and that can only be a good thing. My only gripe with this is that it does not last very long. Mine went for about a week and a half before it was all gone (probably had to do with the fact that my sister was using it as well *fumes*). I loved it so much  I have actually re-purchased it. At N900 for some luxury in my home, that's not too bad :). This doesn't make any noticeable difference to your skin once you're out the shower. It just smells really good and is a dream to apply. I'd also recommend using this with exfoliating mitts

Purple Hills Handmade Soap with Essential Oils N900*

It's got these flakes on the edges, still trying to figure out what they are. But right now, they are just creating a mess! :). But they do melt into the soap once wet and stay that way.

Coco Beach Shea Body Butter N2,600*

And finally the lotion. This is probably the product I liked the least in the package. 1.) Because it doesn't really smell good (actually can't describe this). It's nothing repulsive, it's just not as 'lovely' smelling as the others ('lovely smelling'? When I said I was pants at describing scents I wasn't joking lol) 2.) It doesn't absorb very well. My only gripe with body lotions is when they do not absorb as well as I want and this is one of them.My skin generally takes a while to absorb ANYTHING, foundation, primers and lotions included. And with this product, this occurs just on my legs. Applied everywhere else on my body is fine, except for my legs. The product just sits on my skin in this area. BUT, there is a way around the 'absorption' issue, I just apply a tiny amount on my legs (when I remember to, which is mostly NEVER).

Coco Beach Shea Body Butter N2,600*

My sister actualy brushed against my leg the other day and went "What! Why is your leg so 'slippery'" lol. I would say this lotion is more-suited for people with very dry skin. Weird thing is, even with the issue of this just sitting on my skin, I still reach for it every other day. As with all beauty products it is always really down to personal preference, so don't knock it till you've tried it!

These products were actually heaven-sent, as my skin has been a little dull the past few months and I have noticed that since using these products my skin is much softer and healthier-looking. So thanks a LOT Tolagbe for sending these through. Couldn't have come at a better time :)


The Social Place
96 Awolowo Road
Ground Floor (behind MegaCare Pharmacy)
Ikoyi Lagos
Twitter: SocialLagos

So look out for my post on The Social Place. I went in last weekend and was amazed at the array of products and items they have in store!

Ez xxX

*These products were sent to me for review purposes. I do not accept compensation for positive reviews, my opinion is always honest, whether items are purchased or gifted.

Friday, 15 June 2012


Cookie Jar is a company in Lagos that specializes in baking homemade gourmet cookies. Now, please pay close attention to the word 'gourmet', because they do not make your regularly run-of-the-mill chocolate-chip cookies. Oh no, these guys make rich cinnamon infused red velvet cookie layers filled with light butter cream and caramel fudge, see where I'm going? EXACTLY! These cookies are REAL tastebud ticklers. They even make 'bespoke cookies', just tell them how you want your cookie and they'll deliver. So after saying all that I'm gonna bring you all back down to earth with a loud 'THUD'... I really just like a plain ol' choc chip cookie. Like I've mentioned on my blog before, I am a very very VERY picky eater and I don't like to experiment too much.When I decided to make an order from cookie jar, I honestly went with a flavour I was familiar with and the one with the least number of letters in its description (

Photo Courtesy:  Cookie Jar

I made an order via Blackberry Messenger (BBM), because that's just how I roll. I know people in high places so well, I've got them on my BBM. Just messing, the mastermind behind these creations is a good friend of mine. But never fear, I'll provide you mere mortals (j/k) with details as always, at the end of this post.

Can you guess what flavour of cookies I ordered?

Red Velvet cookies topped with Belgian White Chocolate Chips. *Nom nom nom*

Nice chewy goodness! And I loove the packaging. These are the standard 3inch gourmet cookies and there's 5 in a box.

Now anyone ever heard of a cookie-cake? Well, I had never heard of such a thing until Cookie Jar came into my life. Cookie-Cakes are exactly what you think they are; a MAHOOSIVE cookie that looks like a cake. If the description seems out of this world to you, feast your eyes on the yumminesses below!
Photo Courtesy:  Cookie Jar

Photo Courtesy:  Cookie Jar

Photo Courtesy:  Cookie Jar

Photo Courtesy:  Cookie Jar

Photo Courtesy:  Cookie Jar

Giant Cheese Cookie

These are all cookies. They look like cakes, but Cookie Jar don't make cakes they make cookies. Now I don't know about you, but I find these cookies very overwhelming! You've got to be a serious cookie monster to order this.

I've lifted just the 3inch Cookie Box Orders. Anything else can be found on the site.

v 5 Red Velvet cookies topped with Belgian white chocolate chips
Quantity in Jar: 5 Price:N1650
v 1 Oreo infused cookie topped with Oreo chips
v 1 Subtle bubble gum cookie topped with vanilla rainbow sprinkle
v 1 Chocolate velvet cookie topped with Belgian milk chocolate chips
v 1 Cinnamon brown sugar cookie topped with Belgian white chocolate chips and strawberries
v 1 Cappuccino cookie topped with Belgian milk chocolate chips and coffee sprinkle
Quantity in Jar: 5 Price: N1590

v 1 Red Velvet cookies topped with Belgian white chocolate chips
v 2 Cinnamon brown sugar cookies topped with Belgian white chocolate and strawberries
v 2 Chocolate velvet cookies topped with Belgian milk chocolate chips
Quantity in Jar: 5 Price: N1590
v 1 Red velvet cookie topped with Belgian white chocolate chips
v 1 Chocolate velvet cookie topped with Belgian milk chocolate chips
v 1 Strawberry velvet cookie topped with Belgian white chocolate chips and strawberry
v 1 Cinnamon velvet cookie topped with Belgian white chocolate chips and kiwi
v 1 Pure violet topped with Belgian milk and white chocolate chips
Quantity in Jar: 5 Price: N1650

All the information you need on 'How to Order' 'What's on the Menu' 'How Much' can be found on their website. This is quite possibly THE MOST informative site I have ever come across. So get to clicking:

Website: Cookie Jar
Twitter: @iamcookiejar

+234 809 55 66 770
[Custom Orders only]
+234 809 55 66 771
Head Office
1004 Estate
Block D5, Suite 70
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria.
Victoria Island:
L'Epicerie - 21a Idowu Martins Street,
Off Adeola Odeku
Bogobiri House - 7/9 Maitama Sule,
Off Awolowo Road

You guys know of any other Cookie bakeries in Lagos?

Ez xxX

Thursday, 14 June 2012


So you guys that follow me on twitter will remember a little while back I mentioned Zara's (from mouldyfruit) Moroccan Hammam experience. She got hers done at a popular spa in Morocco. After reading the post I was extremely interested and intrigued. A treatment that's basically an intense exfoliation of the body, from head to toe. Someone tweeted back that I could get a Hammam done in Lagos at the BNatural spa. I asked So a few days later I was chatting with my girls and mentioned Hammam to them, turned out that one of them was very familiar with it and actually gets it done regularly at BNatural. So we all planned to get it done, set a date and that was that.

BNatural have actually got an entire bungalow, on their premises dedicated to Hammam treatments.

 This is where you get changed ( I really should say this is were you get naked and then throw on a robe)

 The Process: Blow-by-blow of how it ALLLL went down.

So I get changed out of my clothes, knickers and bra included, and put on the robe I'd been given. The lady comes in and tells me to follow her. She leads me into the hammam room and asks me to take my robe off.
I do and I am completely naked, it's hilarious. Then she showers me down and rubs some natural soap all over my body; the consistence is oil-like. After she's got every inch of my body covered in the soap, she leads me to the steam room and asks me to sit down on a towel and shows she a smaller towel and says its just for my eyes. I'm like my eyes? Why would I need a towel just for my eyes? Boy, did I find out why lol! Oh and a little advice ladies, it's best you have no makeup on, even if you aren't getting your face done as well. So I sit in the steam room for about 15-20mins, and she comes and takes me back in to the hammam room and showers me down again. After she tells me to lay on my back on a slab, which is basically like a bed but made of marble (lol) with a headrest.

Marble Slab
And THEN the scrubbing begins, she starts on one side beginning with my arms and then works her way down and repeats on the other side. I notice little black rolls on my skin and she says that's all dead skin. And then she tells me to flip over and scrubs scrub scrub. The scrubbing isn't too painful, I'd describe it as 'Very Scratchy'. She says my skin is too 'light' so she's not gonna scrub as hard, but boy it was a little too scratchy for me, but bearable. When she's done she asks me to sit up, then she gets my neck and back of my ears done. After, it's another shower-down and then she rubs some stuff thats got a menthol scent and a rough texture. And asks me to go back in the steam room for 2mins. Once I'm out she showers it off and that was it!
As much as I loved the Hammam, I didn't exactly find anything spectacular about it. It's seemed like a regular body scrub to me. I went along within two of my girls and one of them said the exact same thing. The lady who gave me the treatment did mention I didn't have that much dead skin (good thing right? I dunno :s ). I felt it was over really quick. But it was a little more than 45mins long. And because of my sensitive skin I got a LOT 'bruises'. But BNatural actually mention on their site that  you are likely to get bruises. Don't know if they were bruises but there were  tiny red dots like on the inner part of my arm and some like clustered. It's weird to describe. So yeah, that's my first Hammam experience shared with all you guys.

They've got quite a few different hammam options. The one I got was called something 'Lightening'.. I got this a few months ago so can't remember (shame on me for my procrastination on getting this up)

So I had a reaction to this treatment. I won't say it's down to Bnatural, because my friend gets this done alll the time. Although she gets a different type of hammam, I think she gets the regular one. I wanted to 'experiment' and it didn't go well. I got like 'rashes' all over my body. They weren't massive or anything, but they did itch and were very uncomfortable. They cleared up in about 2weeks and didn't leave any scarring, so that's alright.
I won't say I'll never get a Hammam ever again, but my skin is so so sensitive that I hardly 'do' anything to it. I have NEVER even had a facial, I'm THAT scared. But would I recommend a 'Moroccan Hammam' to anyone? ABSOLUTELY! It's an amazing experience, and your skin feels reallly smooth after.

Now because I have been SOOO lazy in getting this post up. I cannot remember how much this treatment cost. But I can give you an estimate.


Hope you enjoyed this post, although it is so late!

PS: My tenses in this post are appalling, I typed this up once I finished the treatment so I've got my 'past' and 'present' tenses all jumbled up. It was typed in the 'past' but edited in the 'present'... lol. I have issues, I know, forgive!

Ever had a Moroccan Hammam? How'd it go for you?


Ez xxX
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