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Friday, 24 August 2012

What's in My MakeUp Bag

Hi Guys!
So this is a post I LOVE reading from my favourite bloggers, and I thought "why don't a do one as well". I am such a nosey person in bloggerville. I love when bloggers do a 'What's in my bag' post, or 'How I store my makeup', or 'What I am wearing today'. These posts tell you a little bit more about the person, and most bloggers (myself included), don't really share their personal life on here, but a post like this makes you feel like you have been allowed to share in a bit of their life. Ok maybe not a 'What's in a MakeUp bag' post, but I am hoping you get my drift.

So on Instagram yesterday (Username: @BeautyInLagos), I posted a picture of my Mobile Makeup Bag (MMB), essentially the makeup I have on me when I am on the go. And I got the idea to do a post on it. Hope you like!

So here's my makeup bag. It actually came in a pack of 3 different sized bags, this is the smallest. I use the large one when I have to travel, it takes most of the makeup I need. The medium one used to be my mobile makeup bag, but I felt because it was big, I'd stuff sooooo much makeup I didn't necessarily need in it and it'll make my bag so heavy. SO yeah... downsizing was a necessity

Here's everything in it. I'll do a close-up of the contents in groups of Lips, Face and Eyes. I have only just realized this isn't everything, didn't get a picture of that d'oh lol


I always have a light brown lip-liner, works perfectly with nude-lips. Mine's from LA Colors and it's called Capuccino. The popular one is 'BBQ' by MAC.

I always have a nude/pink-toned lippie and a bright/bold lippie, just incase I need to transition from day-to-night on the move. These are by TopShop makeup.These colours change week by week, or within the week; depending on my mood.

This lip balm is one of those 'Oh wow! this is amazing' products. I didn't expect this to do much because it's on of the items thats stuffed in those airline washbags, in this case it was in my British Airways one. I just thought to try it out whilst on the plane (I never bother with the bags, just the toothbrush and paste to use right before landing), and I was pleasantly surprised. Wish I had asked for some more now.


Kabuki brushes have got to be the BEST thing's ever. Small, dense bristles packed together nicely and picks up just enough product. These brushes are nice and convenient for powder touch-ups on the go. The other brush used to be for my powder touch-up, but now that the kabuki is in my life I have moved this up to be my blush brush on the go.

I ALWAYS have my blot powder with me. Sometimes I use blot paper instead (not pictured). I don't ever touch-up my makeup with actual powder. I feel our climate is faaar too humid to be reapplying powder every single time you get a 'shine', err hello 'CAKEY FACE', no thank you! This blot powder works perfectly for me and I have been using it for yearrsss without a single complaint. As you can see I have already hit pan, love it that much.

Higlighter always necessary when I feel like my face needs a little 'lift'. I can change my highlighter twice in a week, depends on the look I'm going for that day. This one is the popular 'Albatross' highlighter by NARS. I spend all week in the office and it can get a little dull in there, sweeping some highlighter on my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose really does lift my mood some.

I ALWAYS have a peachy-toned blush with me. I feel like warm-toned blushes will work with nearly every makeup look one has going that day. Cooler-tones are a little more limiting, in my opinion.


There's just the one item for eyes in my bag. I always use eye primers before my eyeliners/shadows go on, and I they last all day for me. So I never need touch-ups in that department. However, I do need to touchup my waterline and tightline, cos these just don't stay put. This eyeliner by MUA is very pigmented and does the job perfectly, it even has a nifty little sharpener perfect when on the go.

So there's everything in my MMB! Do you think that's a lot of makeup to be lugging around? I don't think so, ESPECIALLY when I know I have downsized A LOT this month, you should've seen my bag in June.. So I need a pat on the back for Hopefully I've inspired someone to put one extra item in their MMB or even start carrying an MMB around :D

So tell me, What's in your Mobile MakeUp Bag?

Ez xxX

Let me know if you are interested in more personal posts like this. Like a 'What I wore today', 'How I store my makeup', stuff like that. I can understand if you guys won't be interested as most of these things aren't exactly available in Lagos. But if they are I'll be sure to update this post.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

WOW! Nails - Nail Art

Hi Everyone!! So I'm back and as promised got a new post for you! Enjoy :)

I did go through a phase where I loved nail art. I got all sorts of designs done, it was ridiculous. But since I joined the corporate world, I've toned it down a lot. Turning up to work with big yellow smiley-faces all over your nails can make a mundane day at your desk much better, but just doesn't look right. So I stick to plain ol' nail-polish, but I still rock my BRIGHT colours.

WOW! Nails offer nail-art manicure services (and other manicure options) over at their concession stand at the L'Espace store in Lagos. I went over to the launch in June (yes, I know it is August, but I have to try out these places before I can recommend it to you ladies), and I was really impressed with the design choices they had on display. Their nail polish selection is quite a mish mash of very familiar products: Topshop, Barry M, Chanel, Essie, etc. I think in order for you guys to enjoy this post it needs to be a little picture heavy. So I'll make like a magazine and keep my rambling to a minimum on this one. Have a look at the pictures.

The pictures below are my own nails showing off the little nail stick-ons I got.

I was rocking a Gel manicure that day so couldn't get any nail-art done, opted for two little 'bow' stick-ons on my ring fingers.

I thought they were cute :). And they lasted a week, which is REALLY good for stick-ons.

You'd be pleased to know that WOW! nails also offer Shellac/Gel manicures for N1700. As far as I know, they are currently the cheapest in Lagos.

You can also watch a selection of dvds on their mini dvd players, while you get your manicure done.

WOW! Nails only offer manicure services and it's not a full manicure just a little nail-tidy - neaten cuticles, shape, buff that sort of thing. Definitely no pedicures. So their services are perfect for when you need a change of polish between your routine mani/pedi appointments.

Here are a few services (along with prices) offered at WOW! Nails:

  • Basic Manicure (shape, buff, polish & cuticle oil) - N1500
  • Acrylic Nails - Full Set N3000, Acrylic Removal N500, Add on Art N700
  • Gel Polish - N1700 
  • Leopard Print Manicure - N2500
  • Crackle Polish Manicure - N2500
  • Half Moon Manicure - N2500
  • Rainbow Tips Manicure - N2500
These are not all the services they offer, just pop in to find out more. Walk-ins are very welcome and appointments can also be made in advance.

So head on over to L'Espace by LPM and get some funky nail art done! Don't forget to come back and let me know how the experience went.

19A Olosa Street, Off Karimu Kotun Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos.

Do you love a bit of nail-art? Or are you just a regular polish kind of girl?

Ez xxX
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