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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Outfit Of The Day - OOTD

The other day..

Cousin 'IT' (Addams Family) lol

Palazzo Pants: Mango N13,900

Mango Store

The Palms Shopping Mall

Enjoy your weekend!


Ez xxX

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Haul Post - Lagos Makeup Fair

Hi Everyone!
So, as promised, I got a few items from the LMUF last weekend and I did say I was gonna share with you all what I got. So enjoy!

 First item I got was from Sacred.

It's a MAC PlushGlass lipgloss called 'Butterfly Dream' and it's  not opaque at all.

You can see the shimmer in this picture
In fact I'll describe it as a sheer purple gloss with blue, purple and silver shimmer running through it. I do notice a little sheen of color when it's on my lips. But for the most part it's really sheer but very glossy. Oh, not sure you guys know this but the 'Plush Glass' formula glosses from MAC are actually 'plumping glosses'. That is they plump up your lip to make them appear fuller. So this lipgloss does sting a little like all other plumping glosses.

The 'Plush Glass' formula is really just to give a high-shine glossy effect. I just wanted a gloss I can wear when I don't feel like wearing color on my lips, but still want it to look like 'interesting'.. Can't really explain it.

MAC PlushGlass 'Butterfly Dream': N3650
Vendor: Sacred.
Telephone: +234 80 76 76 76 76

BarryM Cosmestics!!!

BarryM Cosmetics Nail Polish "Matte White 66': N960

So last week was the MTV VMAs and I noticed Rihanna's toenails on the red carpet were White! I thought, I need me some white toenails too. So this was just perfect, got myself a nail polish from BarryM called 'Matt White', and it's a true-white color. I hate when white nail-polish isn't white-white! 

BarryM Lipstick '153': N1860
The Lipstick color is number '153' and it's a nice coral-pink. This so weird because the other day I was after a Coral lipstick (even tweeted about it) and I found THIS at the fair... FATE! The texture is like the typical BarryM creamy and the color payoff is awesome. Very opaque. Can't type a proper review till I've used it for a few weeks.

Vendor: Monade Skincare
Brand: BarryM
Office Address: Shop 020 Abeni Shopping Plaza II
                          52B Ligali Ayorinde Roundabout,
                          off Muri Okunola, VI Lagos.
Telephone: +234 802 761 4607 & +234 704 417 9462

So, funny story. I love using NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils as a base for my eyeshadows. I feel they really make my eyeshadow pop. I've got the white jumbo pencil (Milk) and the black (Black Bean). I use the white one when I'm going for a bridal-esque look and the black is a perfect base when I want to do a smokey eye. SO BACK TO MY STORY, I saw the pens and thought "yay more jumbo pencils for me". Picked the colors I wanted, paid for them, got home to take pictures for this post and noticed that they are actually infact LIP PENCILS! Jumbo LIP Pencils. I got the wrong ones!! hahahah!. In all my excitement, I forgot to actually CHECK what I was getting. But you know what? I'm still going to use them on my eyes.

I got three pencils.

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencils '703 Pink Nude' & '708 Iced Mocha': N1800 each

They would work as eyeshadow bases, don't you think? Who would wear such colors on their lips anyway (totally trying to convince myself here. work with me! lol)

NYX Long Pencil Lip 'LPL18 Pinky': N1800 
The lip pencil is a gorgeous really bright deep-pink! Very bold color. It reminds me of MAC's 'Girl About Town' Lipstick.

Vendor: Gifty's Daughter Beauty Attrium
Brand: NYX
Addresses: 6, Khana Street
                  D/Line, Port Harcourt
                  Rivers State.

                  Suite A7 Galleria Shopping
                  Complex, INEC Road,
                  Yenagoa, Bayelsa State
Telephone: +234 803 336 8927 & +234 805 165 4105

(Typing this address up for the NYX vendor I'm like "OMG THEY ARE NOT IN LAGOS!!!! WHYYYYYY!". Like seriously? In London I have to order it online and then in Lagos I'm gonna have to get them to deliver as well. NYX, Y U NO LIKE ME?)

And now for the Pièce De Résistance !

I got an acrylic stand! In Lagos, yes! 

Its got four levels and three cylinder-like holes running up one side.

It was really weird, my girl was talking to the lady at the stand telling her about my makeup acrylic drawers. Showing her pictures and asking if she had anything similar. And the lady explained to us that why she doesn't bring a lot of these acrylic stands in is because they are very fragile and always break. 

Acrylic Stand: N3500
And I totally understood her, because the way I got mine safely to Lagos was I put them in my pull-man. Like that was ALL I had in my little suitcase, I sacrificed my laptop, some powder makeup and a bunch of other stuff for those drawers to make it to Lagos safely. Ridiculous.

Soon as I saw it, I knew what I wanted to use it for. A stand for my nailpolish. This did not take up all my polish, so I'm going to buy another. My friends also go one each and they're using theirs for their makeup and brushes. I'll take a picture of theirs and write up a little post on it to give you guys more ideas on what to do with the stand. 

Unfortunately I haven't got any contact details for this vendor yet, but Mo' got her number so I'll get that off her and update this post with them. This Vendor had other acrylic stands, there was one with little holes for lipsticks (think you can see that in my sneak peak photo in the other LMUF post)

UPDATE!! Vendor Details!

Vendor: Hegai & Esther Makeup solutions

Address: 25, Akinsanya street, Taiwo bus stop Ojodu Berger

Telephone Numbers08128145774, 08066740850, 08035806183

Email Address:

Facebook Page: Hegai Esther Makeup Solutions

So that's all I got from the Fair. I haven't used any of the makeup yet ( I just got them), so can't do a proper review. I will have up reviews in a couple weeks, let you all know how I get on! Hope you guys enjoyed looking at what I got. Let me know what you  got if you attended the fair and also please tell me if you contact/visit any of these vendors, I wanna know what you get ( 

What do you think about the LMUF? 'Waste of Time' or 'Awesome Concept'?


Ez xxX

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Monday, 10 September 2012

Lagos Makeup Fair - The Pictures

So over the weekend I attended the first ever Lagos Makeup Fair. I had NO idea what to expect, but the word 'Makeup' in the title got me! I heard about it on twitter (gotta love social media) and just asked for more info. So saturday came around dragged my makeup-obssessed-now-turned-skincare-obssessed friend Tallulah and my girl Mo' and we headed down to Ikeja for the event.

It was Makeup Heaven, there were a lot of vendors, I think I got there a little late. The event was scheduled for 10am-7pm, I strolled in at 5pm x_x (In my defense it was a HOT saturday, and we didn't really fancy walking around dripping in sweat, and we guessed it was gonna be in a marquee of some sort, so we waited till the sun had gone down a bit).

But there were still a lot of Vendors and Merchants there. Makeup Brands: Sleek, Sacred, BarryM and NYX. I did a little scream when I saw the NYX stand, unreal! Then there were a host of vendors selling limited selections from popular brands like MAC, Fashion Fair, Mary Kay, E.L.F, Iman, Inglot etc.

I did get a few things from the fair (haul post up later this week), but here are pictures I took of a few stands at the fair. Enjoy!

OMG!! A  NYX stand! Like everything on it was NYX. So unreal! I loved it. Didn't know where to start. I was so overwhelmed, that I was confused on what to get. So just ended up getting a couple things, don't you HATE when that happens.

More NYX. And the picture below as well. They had quite good selection.

Nail Polish, Eyeshadows, Lipsticks and Glosses. Powder, Foundation etc.

BarryM!! Great selection as well. Got some items from them too!

 So that's how it all went down (for me anyway), there were so many colors everywhere it was unreal. Like the nail polish and eyeshadows at every stand! It was so awesome! Loved that such an event took place in Lagos and I'm glad I could make it.

I wasn't really impressed by the Sleek stand, mostly because I was after two items and they didn't have them (don't think they're available in Nigeria yet). Their Sleek 'Blush By Three' palette and the Sleek 'Shimmer Brick'. I have got a 'Blush By Three' palette, but I didn't get it here. If you want to know what exactly it is, leave a comment below and I'll do a little post about it (swatches and all).

So my next post will be a haul post of items I got. Here's a sneak peek of what's to come:

Just wanted to take this opportunity to THANK everyone that reads this blog! The support is awesome and I'm gonna try to post more often, thanks for coming back again and again.

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Have a lovely week!

Did you attend the LMUF?


Ez xxX


Thursday, 6 September 2012

How I Store My Makeup

So I am kind of continuing with my 'personal' posts. I did ask you guys if you'd be interested in these sort of posts and the answer was an affirmative! lol.

Ok, so to start off, this isn't all the makeup I own, they are literally all over the place from bags, to cupboards. BUT, this IS most of the stuff I own.... and NO I do not use everything at once. Half of the time I forget about what I've got, this was the main reason behind me getting one these transparent stackable acrylic boxes. So I can see all I've got and it makes my makeup selection process much much easier.

So here's pretty-much how I store all my makeup. These are all sat on my vanity table in my room. I'll break it down bit by bit

 This is an acrylic rectangular open-top box (mouthful!!), It is not described to be used as a makeup holder or anything. But as soon as I saw it I knew what and what to put in it.

Its got three sections in it. From left to right I store my under-eye concealers, got my YSL Touche Eclat, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer, Garnier Under eye roll-on. Also got my everyday mascara and liquid liners, hair scissors and UD primer and my TBS blemish stick. In the middle compartment I've got some brushes (mostly eye and concealer brushes), lipliners and lipsticks. And in the last compartment I've got all my colored eyeliners and eyebrow pencils.

This is how I store my brushes (TBS, MAC, Blush Beauty & Real Techniques). The one on the left is actually a cup and the little masking tap that sits at the bottom is used as a little makeup trick I learnt (might do a post on this) and the right is a cookie jar. You guys won't believe what I use the top of the jar for...

Yezzir! THAT'S the top of the cookie jar that stores my brushes. I looked at it and thought, this can be used to store some makeup too.

It's kind of like my brow-grooming kit. In it Ive got my Tweezerman tweezers (best tweezers ever! by the way), a spoolie, lip brush which I use to apply concealer around my brows, sharpener, Maybelline gel liner and brush. I reach for most of these items everyday, especially the spoolie and gel liner. So it's very convenient that it's all stored this way.

These are my stackable acrylic drawers. I bought them in three separate sets. The top one opens two different ways, it can be pulled out like the rest of the drawers and the top can also be lifted open. The middle two drawers come together and then I bought the bottom one separately.

I keep my Liquid Foundations, Tinted Moisturisers, Face lotions, LipBalm, LipScrub, and a few Eyeshadows on the top.

First Drawer: Powders, Bronzers, Contour Palette (Sleek) and Concealer

Second Drawer: Mascara's, NYX Jumbo Pens, Primer, Black Kohl Eyeliners, Liquid Liners, Spoolies, LipLiner

Third Drawer: Blushers & Highlighters

Bottom Drawer: LipSticks and Glosses and a Brow Kit... Actually after looking at these photos think I should move my brow kit to the second drawer, with the mascaras and stuff. (At least I got something out of this post).

This is one of the cupboards in my vanity table. I've got all my Sleek Palettes (they're all underneath the MUA one you can see on the right) and my body shop cubes (top left), BarryM dazzle dust, some MAC shadows, lip balms and also my 'extra' makeup, for when I run out. There's quite a bit in the back of the cupboard and I also store some in a different cupboard. But they're quite hard to photograph, so didn't bother taking pictures.

So yeah, that's my main makeup storage. A bit photo-heavy, but you asked for it! Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe I've given someone some idea on how a little glass cup at home could be used as a makeup brush holder. I'd like to know some of you guys innovative makeup storage, cos I need some!

So tell me, what's your innovative makeup storage item?


Ez xxX

I know I may have used a lot of abbreviations for my makeup, but I was trying to minimize my word count on this post. If you would like to know what a particular abbreviation means just ask in the comment box below! :)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

L'Espace by LPM

As I type up this post all that's going through my head is the question 'Why am I only JUST writing this post'. In my defence I think my subconscious sort of concluded that EVERYONE knows about L'Espace. But that's not right because honestly, my blog is about informing you guys and not assuming you all already know about a place. Anyways, preamble done.... Say hello to L'Espace!

Now for me to introduce you all to L'Espace, I need to talk about  Le Petit Marche (LPM). LPM is a little sunday market held on the last Sunday of every month at a chosen venue in Lagos. I remember when I moved back, LPM was in its conception stage and that was the first 'Lagos event' I attended . And I remember kicking myself in the butt thinking, why didn't I think of doing this. LPM brings together a whole host of independent (and even some established) vendors under one roof to create a buzzing shopping atmosphere. Items sold range from Clothes, to Makeup, Sweets/Candy, Shoes, Accessories, Vintage Items, Hair Extensions, Hair/Skin Care... list is endless. Like, the traffic to the venue on Sundays is ridiculous!

Soooo, back to L'Espace. A couple years down the line from LPM, L'Espace was 'born'. And as you would imagine L'Espace is basically a selection of the vendors from the monthly LPM event, but this time you get to walk into a 'mortar and brick' store and shop what you want - whenever you want. This means you are no longer limited to just a single Sunday every month to indulge your addiction. I popped into the store last week and took a few pictures of some of the items in there. As you already know a few things I've spoken about on here are housed at L'Espace, for example the Wow! Nails concession and Sweet Kiwie Fro-yo. So here's some more stuff at L'Espace. Enjoy!

CamCam Sweets, a VERY affordable selection of sweets.

False Lashes.

Anyone looking for those home fragrance oils that you heat up, they've got them at L'Espace. They've also got the burners as you can see in the picture above (top right)

I have no idea who all the vendors are in the store, quite honestly I don't think it matters that much. If I see something I like, I buy, who the vendor/designer is means nothing to me.

I just thought to make this post a little picture heavy, because pictures tell the story far better than words in this case. But I also wanted to show you guys a couple things that specifically caught my eye in the store:

Ahh! I bring to you the 'Obsidian' section at L'Espace. I am OBSSESSED with these bags. They are absolutely gorgeous. The gold hardware and detailing of these bags are just so lush, I can't even describe it. The come in different finishes, I feel there's one for everyone!

I specifically have my beady eyes on this PINK (of course) one! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

More finishes of the same bag. Don't know what this bag is called, but it's by the designer 'Obsidian' and they are quite pricey, so I am saving up my pretty little pennies for this.

These notebook and iPad cases also caught my eye. The fabric used on these cases are also interesting, some may say they are just standard ankara fabric wrapped cases, but to me they are unique.

19A, Olosa Street,
Off Karimu Kotun Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos.

So since I was under the assumption EVERYONE knew about L'Espace, it'll be a little interesting to know which one of you guys didn't, so....

Did you already know about L'Espace?

Ez xxX
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