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Friday, 16 November 2012


Hi Guys. So another beauty tip for you This series I have split up in two parts. This first part I introduce to you the concept of face contouring and the 3 Main products and tools that are required. Now as with all things makeup these rules are not strict, you can edit it to suit yourself!

Look Out for Part 2, where I will be showing you 'How To' Contour

Hope you enjoyed my little Tip!


 Ez xxX

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Mini Haul - Konga

Hi Guys! Hope you are all well.

So a few weeks ago I  attended a little jazz night with my friend in Ikoyi, Lagos. I noticed her face was 'glowy', kind of when ones got a bit of highlighter on the cheeks, forehead and down the bridge of the nose. I asked her what highlighter it was and she said she didn't have any on. I said ok what blusher then, obviously assuming it must have been a blusher with some shimmer in it, once again she said she didn't have that on either. She then told me it was this new powder she got from SLEEK. I asked her for details and she said it was the Sleek 'Suede Effect' Powder.

I had seen them on the Konga website when I was having a browse so I made a mental note to purchase it. I asked her what shade she got and she said '02'. I have a couple Sleek face powders in my collection one of them's called the 'Luminous Pressed Powder', and this powder comes in a pack exactly identical to the Suede Effect one. I've got the Luminous powder in the shade '01' and since my friend is darker than I am and she had it in '02', I guessed the '01' would be perfect for me and it was!

I present to you the powder that really is something special. Sleek Makeup 'Suede Effect Pressed Powder'. And its got SPF in it, that can only be an amazing bonus. Cannot stress enough how important sun protection is. Please please please ensure you ALWAYS wear makeup that's got sun protection in it, or if you haven't got any foundation/powder with SPF. Look for a day-cream (face cream) thats got SPF. Sun damage is irreversible and its got so many adverse effects. And not just the face, your entire body needs to be protected too.

I tell you, this powder is very lightweight and applies smoothly on the skin. You will honestly feel like you haven't got anything on.

It only comes in 4 shades from 01 to 04. But do not be put off by this at all, as this powder is quite translucent and a shade can cater to a range of skin tones that fall within the same color base.

Like I mentioned earlier my friend is about the shade NW45 in MAC shade-terms and the shade 02 is a perfect match for her. I would say these powders are a bit translucent, but offer enough coverage. So the color range might be small, but it will suit almost all skin tones

I couldn't just purchase one item! what would the beauty-gods say?? Had to get something else.

Got this gorgeous Coral lipstick from Revlon.

I had a similar one from MAC. But I lost it (or someone stole it *side eye*) and I thought this might be a decent replacement.

I wore it over the weekend and I was impressed. Never tried any lipsticks from Revlon and this wasn't a bad first impression. Although the its not got as much staying power on the lips as, say MAC. But for a drugstore lipstick its not bad.

Its got good pigmentation and a creamy texture. The popular preference for bright colored lipstick is a matte finish, but I tend to prefer mine to have a slightly creamy texture. But not too creamy that it borders on 'slippery'. Just smooth enough to apply on the lips without 'dragging'. This is the MAIN reason I don't share the enormous love that everyone has for RubyWoo, honestly. Yes, its a universal red but its a VERY unforgiving lipstick, very drying and 'drags' like no other when being applied.. But this is a rant for another day

Only gripe with this product is that its got a very weird shape, especially the end of it. You know how most lipsticks have got the usual 'dip' on one side? Well this has got a 'dip' on both sides, it looks like the sharp end of a screwdriver (sorry, I'm really struggling to describe this). Both sides have got this 'dip' and due to this the top of the lipstick is a straight-line. I tried to capture this in a picture, but no joy.

This really does not affect the application, its just unusual thats all.

Revlon Colorburst Liptick in Shade '080 Coral: N2,200 CLICK TO BUY!

Sleek Makeup Suede Effect Pressed Powder SPF 15 in Shade 'SE 01': N1,950 CLICK TO BUY!

So there you go! Yet another mini-haul from Konga. I am honestly addicted to that site and I am so happy theres a place we makeup addicts in Lagos can go and indulge. Just need them to add more exciting items to their stock.

Got anything off Konga recently?


Ez xxX

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Monday, 12 November 2012

Ez's Beauty Tips - LIP CARE

This is just a little something I thought I'd add to my blog content. Sharing some of my personal tips with you guys. I have been thinking about how to present this and I love what I have decided to use.

First in this new series will be lip care. You can get away with lip glosses but there are many lipsticks that are quite unforgiving on unkempt lips. Case in point, the cult product MAC's 'Ruby Woo'. A Matte (and all-too-drying) lipstick that majority of we ladies love ( I don't, quite frankly I think there are many other 'Reds' out there), because it seems to be 'Universal Red' i.e. it works with any skin tone.

Hope you enjoyed my little Tip!


Ez Xxx
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