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Hello Beauty-Lovers! It’s the end of another work-week, TGIF!!

Over the past couple weeks I have made quite a few Zaron purchases. I went from not owning one product from this brand, to now having five items in my collection. For those that don’t know, Zaron is one of our indigenous Makeup Brands (proud BuyNigerian Activist… HEEEYYY NOWWW! lol) and their stuff is actually not bad!

I made two separate purchases. I popped into the store to have  a look around and see if anything caught my eye, and bought a couple things. And then, within the SAME week had a 30% discount sale on selected Zaron products, so also got some stuff I had been eyeing in the store but wasn’t sure if I wanted them (I definitely wanted them when they’d been marked down, hehe).

OMG if you don’t know about Deal Dey, you definitely need to check them out. They host flash sales daily on items ranging from beauty, food, kitchen utensils to electronic, garden ware and package holidays. Its definitely worth signing up to! Kind of like GroupOn for my UK folk 🙂

Anyway so on to the pictures…..

Remember I said I made two separate purchases. One from the Zaron store (address and details provided at the end of this post) and another off Deal Dey.

I got the eyebrow and lip pencils from the store, the lipstick and eyeshadows off Deal Dey.


Zaron Baked Eyeshadow Trio ‘JZ03 Instant Stardom’ – N800 (discounted price)

I went for this trio because its perfect for a light day-time look. And it’s got all three colors in this cute little pot! I just couldn’t resist! All the shadows are nice and smooth with a lustre finish. The do have some shimmer in them, but they’re very subtle and only help give it a nice glow. The darkest shade in this pot is not pure dark-brown, it’s actually a dark-brown with purple undertones,  but it compliments the other two colors really well. 

Zaron Baked Eyeshadow Trio ‘JZ03 Instant Stardom’ – N800 (discounted price) 

I was excited when I saw this pot was in the sale, because I was eyeing it in the store but couldn’t really make up my mind about it, so I just let it go. What drew me to it was the red-terracotta shade in there, it’s the perfect transition color for a subtle/heavy smokey-eye look, when applied just above the crease. Used this when I did my sisters’ makeup for a wedding she had this past weekend, and I loved loved loved the finished look. Just like the other pot, same finish, nice and smooth and easy to blend. And the gold running down the middle is the exact same shade as the one in the ‘Instant Stardom’.

I will say some of the shades aren’t as pigmented as I would like, but its nothing a ‘heavy-hand’ can’t correct :). I am happy with these and will recommend them to anyone that’s after some easily-portable, decent-quality shadows.

Zaron ‘Tinky Winky’ Lipstick – N1000 (discounted price)

Now this was my least favorite of the bunch. 1.) The name of this lipstick is quite misleading, when I saw the image and name of this lipstick, I was expecting a nice beige/pink-nude shade. But what I got was bright deep-pink with purple undertones. Ok, I thought, the shade is unique, I haven’t seen anything quite like it and THEN 2.) It is very dry and drying on the lips. It drags on the lips when I apply it, I did wear some lip balm on my lips and tried again, but I still didn’t like the texture much. I applied some clear lipgloss over it and that did the trick for me. I personally don’t particularly like matte lipsticks, I prefer my lipsticks to be smooth and hydrating with a little gloss to them, so they just glide on when applied. So it might just be down to my personal preference.

(L-R) Zaron ‘EZ09 Brownie’ Eyebrow Pencil & ‘EZ04 Prune Juice’ Lip Liner Pencil – N750 each

(L-R) ‘Brownie’ & ‘Prune Juice’

I got the ‘Prune Juice’ simply because Dimma used it in her Youtube Makeup Tutorial and I loved it! Happy I got it, its a nice deep-purple liner and actually works perfectly with ‘Tinky Winky’. 

‘Brownie’ is actually an eyebrow pencil, but I got it to use as an eyeliner. I prefer (especially in the day) dark brown liners applied in my waterline and lower lash line, because I find it gives my eyes a softer look, while black liners give me a ‘severe’ look and even makes my eyes appear smaller, if that makes sense.  Black works better when I’m doing a heavy look on the eyes, because I apply it in my waterline and also work it down to my lower lash line. Whereas in the day, I like to keep my lower liners just in my waterline, so black doesn’t really work this way for me, browns are much better.

No. 9 Alhaji Kanike Close,
Off, Awolowo Road,
Ikoyi, Lagos.

There you have it! My first Zaron purchases and overall I am happy with my items, sans the lipstick. 

So tell me, what products are you loving from Zaron lately?


Ez xxX



  1. March 15, 2013 / 8:55 am

    I defo need to get myself a new eyebrow pencil, I am not appreciating the one I have now.. yours looks good!

    I adore the lip pencil colour!
    UK High Street Fashion

  2. March 15, 2013 / 8:55 am

    I totally love the Zaron Kajal and Eyebrow definer..stil thinkn I shud get their lipstick and foundation + concealer…ild advice u gt the Zaron kajal..ud totally love it..nice review tho
    + u stil dint tell us if the brownies world av re-stocked their Ben-Nye banana powder.. 🙁

  3. March 15, 2013 / 10:45 am

    I love their product. I have the eyeshadow+blush duo(show Stopper) and powder.but don't like the eyebrow definer cos it is too dark. Happy weekend

  4. March 15, 2013 / 10:47 am

    I think it's been restocked… Follow them on twitter to get updates on their stock. Their twitter username's in the Ben Nye post xx

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  6. April 7, 2014 / 3:34 am

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  7. Anonymous
    June 27, 2015 / 3:52 am

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