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Thursday, 28 March 2013

HANDY DOMESTICS - Professional Cleaning Services

I am pleased to introduce you to Handy Domestic Cleaning Professional Service, providing extensive cleaning services from outdoor site cleaning through to indoor finishing. It is a business built on reliability, quality and value for Money. 


-        Residential cleaning
-        Commercial Cleaning
-        Event Cleaning
-        Fumigation


From home cleaning and floor waxing to carpet shampooing and all types of professional cleaning services, Handy Domestics has the resources and expertise to get your home cleaning done right.
Whether you require daily, weekly or monthly cleaning services or just a one-time cleaning let us customize a cleaning service program to suit your individual needs and budget.
Our professional cleaning crew is specially trained in all aspects of building maintenance, and you'll appreciate our meticulous attention to detail. We also offer the following cleaning services:
-        Post-Construction cleaning
-        Floor Waxing
-        Carpet Cleaning
-        Window Cleaning
-        Home Cleaning
-        Kitchen cleaning
-        Fumigation


With an outstanding reputation for quality and integrity, Handy Domestics provides first class cleaning services to businesses of all sizes.

Property management firms, facility managers and building owners in commercial, institutional and industrial markets will trust Handy Domestics for their most demanding office cleaning and janitorial jobs.

By choosing Handy Domestics you can be rest assured that your facility will be impeccably maintained and will reflect the professional image you wish to project to your clients and employees.
Enhance the professional appearance of your business by maintaining your facility with Handy Domestics expert office cleaning and janitorial services.

We cater to
-        Offices
-        Banks
-        Shops
-        Malls
-        Schools, etc

Handy Domestic provides staff to make sure your event tables and surroundings are looking clean and tidy at all times.  We also specialize in after party cleanups so your event is looking clean and ready for the next event or puts your house back in the state of a home. 

Hire us to be of service at the below functions;
-        Weddings
-        Event Centers
-        Meeting
-        House Parties, etc

Why Use Handy Domestics Cleaning Services?

-        Affordable Cleaning Services -- Clean-up for less with Handy Domestics Commercial Cleaning

-        Superior Cleaning Services -- Expect a higher level

-        Experience Complete Satisfaction

For a free estimate or more information please call us at 08093901477 or e-mail us at  We will be happy to answer all of your questions

*BiL now offers Advertorial Packages. Email for rates and requirements

Monday, 25 March 2013


Manicure: Blush Beauty Salon
Price: N1000


Ez xxX

Friday, 22 March 2013

M.A.C - Mini-Haul

Hiya Lovelies!

I FINALLY visited the MAC store and I was happy that it was well-stocked and looked exactly like every other MAC stored I'd been too. They've got everything and more! The lipsticks, glosses, different powder finishes, eyeliners, lipliners, the entire prep+prime range, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! So for anyone that thought we'd get some 'half-ass' store, sorry to disappoint you, they've got it all in there! Only complaint I've got is that the store was HOT! Maybe the air-conditioning wasn't working that day or something, but I was so hot and also way too excited to leave because of that. ha!

So, I am on a bit of a self-imposed 'Makeup Ban'.. Yes! believe it or not this is what a ban looks like.. and because of this I only got a few products I've been after for a while.

See, I exercised self-control and I did very well, considering I was in my version of a 'drug store to an addict'.

I picked this up because I needed a concealer to cover-up a few blemishes I had recently 'acquired'.

Since the start of the year, my skin has been up-and-down, for lack of a better description. I had a facial done in December and I think that's what set it off. This is a story for a different post. But long and short of it, I got some MEAN-looking pimples (FOUR to be exact 3 on my forehead and one on the right side of my face) and was left with scars after they'd left/died/whatever happens to pimples. The scars are fading, but I still need to cover them up as they annoy me. Oh and my skin is back to normal now, story on how I got it under control in a post next week.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer 'NC 42' - N4000

The concealer I had been using was my MAC Select Cover-Up, but felt I needed a concealer that gave a bit more coverage, and after seeing a lot of reviews that this gives a medium-full coverage I made a note to get it.
Been using this since the first day I got it and although it gives more coverage than my Select Cover-up concealer, it doesn't totally cover up the scars. It also doesn't last all day. Maybe I am just not getting the application right or something, but this isn't really working as well as I would've liked. If any of you ladies uses this to cover up blemishes please let me know how you apply yours! Thanks

Also got this. It's a highlighter pen used to brighten-up under the eyes, bridge of the nose, cupids-bow and anywhere else on the face that the light hits. It is kind of like MACs version of the YSL Touche Eclat.

I noticed one of my favorite Youtube gurus Carli use it in a few of her tutorials and I had to get it. It's got a brush applicator at the top and you turn the bottom part like a clicker and the products pushes through the bristles.

I got mine in the shade 'Light Boost'. It's part of the Prep+Prime range. I only apply a little amount of this and it works, but I find the formulation a little too thick for my liking. The skin under our eyes isn't as thick as the rest of our body, it is very light and I am very wary of using products that drag on that area of skin. I prefer them to have a very light, creamy consistency and this product doesn't.

MAC Prep+Prime Highlighter 'Light Boost' - N4900
The formulation is so thick and difficult to blend. Might try to heat it up a bit my using my fingers to apply it and see if that helps. But apart from that it's a decent product. I mean, Carli just works it into her face like its nothing, couldn't believe how thick and difficult it is to work-in for me. Don't think I'll be repurchasing this once I am done with it.

Finally I got this kohl eyeliner. Favourite purchase of the Day!

I mentioned before I prefer brown liners for my water line in the daytime.

MAC Eye Khol 'Teddy' - N3500

I LOVE MAC's eye kohl's, they are so soft and pigmented and last very long. All the qualities a perfect eyeliner should possess. Look how opaque the swatch above is, gotta love MAC for their quality

So there you have it, my first MAC Haul from our very own store here in Lagos. I got all this from the store in the Ikeja Mall. The one in the Palms is set to open next month as reported, fingers-crossed it does!

So, who's been to the MAC Store yet? What did you get?


Ez xxX


Monday, 18 March 2013


Manicure: Done Myself
Polish: Orly 'Flirty' & BarryM 'Foil' on feature nail
Base Coat: Orly 'Calcium Sheild'
Top Coat: Seche Vite 'Dry Fast Top Coat'
(NB: This polish dries Matte, so if you want a bit of a glossy-finish, you'll need a topcoat)


Ez xxX

Friday, 15 March 2013

ZARON - Haul

Hello Beauty-Lovers! It's the end of another work-week, TGIF!!

Over the past couple weeks I have made quite a few Zaron purchases. I went from not owning one product from this brand, to now having five items in my collection. For those that don't know, Zaron is one of our indigenous Makeup Brands (proud BuyNigerian Activist... HEEEYYY NOWWW! lol) and their stuff is actually not bad!

I made two separate purchases. I popped into the store to have  a look around and see if anything caught my eye, and bought a couple things. And then, within the SAME week had a 30% discount sale on selected Zaron products, so also got some stuff I had been eyeing in the store but wasn't sure if I wanted them (I definitely wanted them when they'd been marked down, hehe).

OMG if you don't know about Deal Dey, you definitely need to check them out. They host flash sales daily on items ranging from beauty, food, kitchen utensils to electronic, garden ware and package holidays. Its definitely worth signing up to! Kind of like GroupOn for my UK folk :)

Anyway so on to the pictures.....

Remember I said I made two separate purchases. One from the Zaron store (address and details provided at the end of this post) and another off Deal Dey.

I got the eyebrow and lip pencils from the store, the lipstick and eyeshadows off Deal Dey.


Zaron Baked Eyeshadow Trio 'JZ03 Instant Stardom' - N800 (discounted price)

I went for this trio because its perfect for a light day-time look. And it's got all three colors in this cute little pot! I just couldn't resist! All the shadows are nice and smooth with a lustre finish. The do have some shimmer in them, but they're very subtle and only help give it a nice glow. The darkest shade in this pot is not pure dark-brown, it's actually a dark-brown with purple undertones,  but it compliments the other two colors really well. 

Zaron Baked Eyeshadow Trio 'JZ03 Instant Stardom' - N800 (discounted price) 

I was excited when I saw this pot was in the sale, because I was eyeing it in the store but couldn't really make up my mind about it, so I just let it go. What drew me to it was the red-terracotta shade in there, it's the perfect transition color for a subtle/heavy smokey-eye look, when applied just above the crease. Used this when I did my sisters' makeup for a wedding she had this past weekend, and I loved loved loved the finished look. Just like the other pot, same finish, nice and smooth and easy to blend. And the gold running down the middle is the exact same shade as the one in the 'Instant Stardom'.

I will say some of the shades aren't as pigmented as I would like, but its nothing a 'heavy-hand' can't correct :). I am happy with these and will recommend them to anyone that's after some easily-portable, decent-quality shadows.

Zaron 'Tinky Winky' Lipstick - N1000 (discounted price)

Now this was my least favorite of the bunch. 1.) The name of this lipstick is quite misleading, when I saw the image and name of this lipstick, I was expecting a nice beige/pink-nude shade. But what I got was bright deep-pink with purple undertones. Ok, I thought, the shade is unique, I haven't seen anything quite like it and THEN 2.) It is very dry and drying on the lips. It drags on the lips when I apply it, I did wear some lip balm on my lips and tried again, but I still didn't like the texture much. I applied some clear lipgloss over it and that did the trick for me. I personally don't particularly like matte lipsticks, I prefer my lipsticks to be smooth and hydrating with a little gloss to them, so they just glide on when applied. So it might just be down to my personal preference.

(L-R) Zaron 'EZ09 Brownie' Eyebrow Pencil & 'EZ04 Prune Juice' Lip Liner Pencil - N750 each

(L-R) 'Brownie' & 'Prune Juice'

I got the 'Prune Juice' simply because Dimma used it in her Youtube Makeup Tutorial and I loved it! Happy I got it, its a nice deep-purple liner and actually works perfectly with 'Tinky Winky'. 

'Brownie' is actually an eyebrow pencil, but I got it to use as an eyeliner. I prefer (especially in the day) dark brown liners applied in my waterline and lower lash line, because I find it gives my eyes a softer look, while black liners give me a 'severe' look and even makes my eyes appear smaller, if that makes sense.  Black works better when I'm doing a heavy look on the eyes, because I apply it in my waterline and also work it down to my lower lash line. Whereas in the day, I like to keep my lower liners just in my waterline, so black doesn't really work this way for me, browns are much better.

No. 9 Alhaji Kanike Close,
Off, Awolowo Road,
Ikoyi, Lagos.

There you have it! My first Zaron purchases and overall I am happy with my items, sans the lipstick. 

So tell me, what products are you loving from Zaron lately?


Ez xxX


Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Hi Everyone,

So from my tweets and instagram posts, most of you should've gathered by now that my current favorite beauty-supply store in Lagos has got to be Casabella! I love walking in there and having a look at what they've got on their shelves. They stock almost everything from Tresemme hair products, to Herbal Essences, Revlon, Mac, Iman, Sleek etc.

A week ago I needed to get some hair conditioner and false lashes, so I made a trip to my local Casabella store at The Palms Mall (They've also got a store in the Ikeja Mall).

Herbal Essennces 'Color Me Happy' Conditioner - N1200

Here's what I picked up. Got the conditioner for my extensions. I treat my hair extensions (almost) the same way I treat my natural hair. When I take them out, I wash them using Herbal Essences or Tresemme conditioners. I rotate conditioners depending on how I feel really, or if the extensions are dyed, and then deep-condition them for about 30minutes (using same conditioner). This keeps them in good condition (no pun intended ;)) for longer. I purchased the 'Colour Me Happy' conditioner because the extensions I wanted to wash were dyed. (I don't wash the length of my hair extensions with shampoo, because I feel it makes them dry. I dilute the shampoo and use that to wash the weft only).

Ardell 'InvisiBand Demi Wispies' - N1000 each
Also picked up the Ardell ' Invisiband Demi Wispies' False lashes in Black (they also come in Brown). Ardell falsies are my absolute favorite. They're made from human hair so look very natural on. I don't wear false-lashes everyday, only on special occasions like nights-out, events, weddings etc.

I feel false lashes always finish-up a makeup look. I got just two of these, think I'm going to go back for a couple more. I always reuse them anyway, a pair lasts about 2-3months for me, seeing as I don't wear them that often. The band of these are clear, making it even more natural-looking when on.

Cala 'Crease Brush' - N1840

Now this is my second brush purchase off this brand. The first I got was a small slant brush, perfect for filling in my brows. I also used it to apply my gel liner, but I found it struggled to hold its shape when I did this, so its much better suited for brow filling, although I'm currently only using it for my gel-liner,.I know I know.. but didn't I just say.... (got it at CasaBella as well).

Never heard of this brand till I saw their stand in Casabella. They have the range of brushes on display and the bristles felt very soft so I just decided to try it out. I am 50/50 with these, don't loooove them, but don't hate them either. Their packaging and presentation is also very 'high-end'. All there brushes come with velvet slips, very nice touch!

Was after a big fluffy blending-brush, so picked this up. The bristles are soft to touch, but I find them a tiiiiny bit 'scratchy' when I actually use it, especially compared to the exact same brush I've got from Sigma. I will say it doesn't shed and I have been using this the past few weeks. It picks up product very well and blends it in. The bristles are densely-packed so they stay together when blending, as opposed to spreading out (not sure I'm making much sense), really gets in there and blends the eyeshadow.

So, those were my latest purchases from Casabella. If you haven't checked them out and you're a beauty-lover like myself, I'd advise you do so.

The Palms Mall, Oniru

What Beauty-Store are you currently loving in Lagos?


Ez xxX


Monday, 11 March 2013


Manicure: Blush Beauty Salon
Polish: BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine 'Prickly Pear'
Price of Manicure: N500 (Change of Polish)


Ez xxX

Friday, 8 March 2013

EBEANO SUPERMARKET - E.L.F. Stand & Giveaway Winners!

Hiya Guys! Hope you're all well and happy that it's FRIDAY!

The other day while browsing the beauty section at Ebeano (this is located on the 1st floor, stairs to this level are at the back of the store), I was surprised to see this:

An E.L.F. stand! I nearly walked past it because I wasn't really looking in that direction. It's placed right next to the Orly Nail stand. They've got quite few products on display: Lipgloss, bronzers, foundation, eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow pencils, liquid liners etc. Not nearly enough, but its a good start. I managed to pick up two items.

E.L.F. Eyelid Primer 'Champagne' - N900
Remember in my last E.L.F. Haul post, I picked up the eyelid primer but forgot to actually pay for it and take it with me. I was lucky enough to get it this time round :). And it was around the same price (even cheaper, I think)

E.L.F. Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Masacara - N1000
I have also been after something to set my eyebrows in place once I'm done filling them in. I had used some Sleek Makeup waterproof clear eyelash mascara for this, and it worked perfectly. But I haven't been able to go round and repurchase it. So when I saw this at the E.L.F. stand, I decided to pick it up to try out. On one side its got a wet gloss and the other side its got a clear mascara. I'm using the gloss for my brows.

Now, this isn't a review post as I have not used these products long enough to give one. I just wanted to let you guys know there's now an E.L.F. stand at Ebeano! But you can be sure I will provide a thorough and honest review once I've used these a couple weeks.


Congrats guys!! Please send an email to

What are your favorite E.L.F. products?


Ez xxX

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

TAG POST - What's in My Bag

Hiya Beauty-Lovers! Hope you are all well and had a restful weekend

So I was tagged by the lovely Barbara who blogs over at to do a 'What's in My Bag' Post.

I know I had mentioned before here, that I love these sort of posts because it kind of allows you to know a bit more about the person behind the blog. So without much further-a-do......

Ta-da!! So here's the bag I tend to carry around a lot during the week. I rotate bags quite a bit, especially at the weekend, but during the week I like to stick to just 1 bag (2 at the most!) because I need a lot of essentials and I tend to forget to move some of them across to the new bag. You won't believe the number of times I have had to send for my electronic fob because I forgot it at home, in a bag I changed the night before.

I love this bag because its nice and big, don't know if you can tell from the picture. But it fits in all that I need on a day-to-day basis and more. I've had this bag for quite a long time, I'd say roughly about 4years now! And it is still going strong! :)

And here are the contents:

1.) Little Ankara-fabric purse where I keep all my change (N5, N20 & N50 notes). My Aunt gave this to me.

2.) My 2013 Dairy/Planner. I am always jotting things down and planning my to-do lists in advance.

3.) You can't really see it, but that's my office Identification Card (I.D.) clip-on holder.

4.) My Mobile Makeup Bag. The contents change quite a lot, but you can get the general idea from this here post I did a while ago

5.) iPad. I love watching Youtube beauty tutorials and this aids my addiction whilst on the move.

6.) Mini Sure Deodorant spray can. ALWAYS a necessity, you never know when you might need it.

7.) Soap & Glory 'Hand Food' hand-cream also a necessity. Love love love this hand-cream :)

8.) Bath & Body Works 'Vanilla Sprinkle Cookie' Antibacterial Hand Gel. Hate hand-shakes *ack* and I happen to have to shake people A LOT *shudder*. So I run through these like water. But I always wash my hands as soon as I can!

9.) Orbit Chewing Gum

10.) Advil Painkillers. Very handy, I hardly get headaches, but when I do it's usually from the heat.

11.) Wallet. Got all my bank cards,complimentary cards, few receipts and of  course, cash in there.

12.) Work keys and electronic fob.

13.) Home keys

14.) Blackberry, my other BB crashed the day before I took this picture, so had to crawl back to using my old bb. It's an oldie but a goodie! :)

15.) Official phone. This is only turned-on at office hours i.e. 8am-5pm Mon-Friday. Yes, I am serious :| 

16.) My Sunglasses. Also a necessity for me, unless I haven't got my lenses in that day and have to wear my prescription glasses.

17.) And of course my iPhone, which was used to take this here photo!

There you have it! The contents of my bag, hope you enjoyed this post and thanks Barbara for the tag :)


Ez xxX

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