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Monday, 29 April 2013


Manicure: Done Myself
Polish: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in 'Lychee'
Top Coat: Seche Vite 'Dry Fast' Top Coat


Ez xxX

Acrylic Boxes still available to buy here

Monday, 22 April 2013


Manicure: Wow! Nails @ L'Espace
Price: N1600


Ez xxX


Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Hey Everyone,

First off, the Acrylic Makeup boxes by GlamBox are still available at 25% off. But the first 10 boxes have now been ordered, so no more complimentary acrylic tissue-boxes . They are available to buy on the 'Shop' tab of this blog, located along the top, just below the BiL banner :). Now that's out of the way, on to today's post.

Feel like it's been a while since I did one of these sort of posts. Well today's post is going to be a short one, it's about one of my Holy-Grail skincare products. And I know probably all of you would look at it and think "wait... WHAT?", but yeah this is an absolute must-have for me..

Yup! Sudocrem... Yes! The one for babies. I always say, if there is a skin-care product good enough for babies, it's damn well more than good enough for me. Because a baby's skin is so soft and delicate and any product formulated to care for it has got to be mild and gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins.

Even TOWIE-Girl, Chloe Simms uses Sudocrem [photo cred: Daily Mail Online]
Now back to this little 'tub-of-wonder' as I like to call it. I use it everynight before I get into bed, right after I have cleansed my face of makeup, washed and toned. I use this in place of a night-moisturizer 99% of time, the 1% would be when I have got extremly dry-skin (mostly due to flying), then I have to use an intense moisturiser overnight, a couple nights, to heal it.

My girl Tallulah, has got one of these Sudocrem tubes. I definitely need one, very handy.
Sudocrem doesn't heal pimples/acne or clear scars, well not for me anyway. It acts as a barrier and prevents new pimples/spots from forming while you're in la-la land. I apply a light layer every night and I wake up with nice soft, moisturised skin.

I also have to mention that you best be sure you are ready to go to bed before you apply this to your face, it's a bit of a 'struggle' to get off, even with water. But in the mornings it's a breeze to wash off.

Please please please, as with all skincare products (baby-care or not), always do a little patch test. I know we are all always eager to try out new skin products, but a patch-test save lives... LIVES I tell ya lol. (a patch test is simply applying a bit of the product to a little section of your face two days in a row, to check if your skin is fine with it and you don't react, before you apply all over face)

So there's a little personal skincare secret I have been sitting on and I love it! Even Cheryl Cole loves the stuff, check out this Daily Mail article from last year.

Any skincare secrets you lot are hiding? Please tell me! :)


Ez xxX

Monday, 15 April 2013


Hi Everyone!

This I am really excited about. I had been on the look-out for one of these Acrylic stands/boxes in Lagos and so far, found nothing. I did discover that lovely vendor at the last Lagos Makeup Fair, who I told you all about here, but she didn't have what I was after. And she did put me off my 'acrylic-search' a bit, because she said transporting the acrylic items into the country was stressful as they're very fragile and usually break before they even get to Lagos.

So imagine my glee when I discovered these makeup boxes available in Lagos! And they are being sold exclusively on BiL

Although I've already got a couple Acrylic stands which I bought from Muji, I HAD to get me one of these. And I could not wait to get my Makeup in it!

I especially love that the bottom drawer is much deeper than the rest, so it can hold a lot more in there. And all they drawers a long, I am able to fit my MAC 15 shadow pro palette and UD Naked palette comfortably in it.

And the partitions on the top are AMAZING! The lipstick/lipgloss slots.. GENIUS!


The actual price is N20,000, but BiL readers get 25% off!! You know me, I ALWAYS have to get something extra for my lovely readers.

They are much more durable than most acrylic stands. I definitely see the difference between this stand and the ones I got off Muji, the GlamBox is much stronger.

Also, the first 10 orders get a complimentary acrylic tissue box, exactly like the one in the picture above.


  • Simply send an email to
  • Subject GlamBox
  • Please state your full name, contact telephone number, address and method of payment
  • You can Pay on Delivery or via Bank Transfer (GTBank or Standard Chartered Bank)
  • If you choose to pay on delivery, please ensure you have arranged for someone to be available to collect and pay for your item. Otherwise you will be charged a penalty-fee.
  • Delivery charge is dependent on your location 
That's It!

Please note that the 25% discount is on a limited number of Boxes.

So there you go! I discovered a vendor that sold acrylic makeup boxes AND got a discount for you all AND a free complimentary gift! I try, if I do say so myself ;)

Get those orders in Ladies!


Ez xxX

Monday, 8 April 2013


Just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone that came down to L’Espace yesterday for the Beauty & The Brunch event.

My Manicure today is courtesy Wow! Nails and they’re also offering a 30% discount off all services at their concession in L’Espace. This offer lasts 2weeks, so get involved while you can!


Ez xxX


Friday, 5 April 2013

GIVEAWAY - Beauty & The Brunch Event

TGIF Beauty-Lovers!

And what better way to end the week than with a lovely Beauty Event to look forward to and TWO Giveaways to win! I am so grateful that BiL gets offers that always include a little something for you lovely readers.

Giveaway 1
L'Espace is offering 15 (FIFTEEN) BiL followers a 30% discount off services done or booked at the blow-dry bar on the day of the event. This means that if you decide to get your hair done on the 7th of April, or book an appointment to get it done some other time, it'll be 30% off the listed price.

These are the list of services currently being offered at the Blow-Dry Bar.

  1. In order to claim this discount, BiL followers will have to know the special discount code. This special code will be given to the first 15 people to send me an email. 
  2. Send your emails to Subject: Beauty and the Brunch Giveaway. Content: Please may I have the discount code. I follow BeautyInLagos on .... (mention the platform you follow BiL on), my username is.. (Mention your username or alias)
  3. You MUST be following BiL on at least ONE of the social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, GoogleConnect or Twitter.
  4. After you have sent your email, please leave a comment below simple saying: Email Sent.
  5. Giveaway ends once 15 emails have been received.
Giveaway 2

This is open to all BiL followers on Instagram! One of them will get a chance to win a beauty-box worth One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000), courtesy L'Espace. The Beauty-Box will contain natural hair products and treatments worth N100,000. 

  1. You MUST be following BiL on Instagram (Username: @BeautyInLagos)
  2. I will upload a picture of the Blow-dry bar at L'Espace. 'Like' the picture
  3. Leave a comment and tag @L_EspaceByLpm
  4. Winner will be chosen at random
That's it guys! So even more incentive for you lot to come party with me this Sunday, 7th of April! Look forward to seeing you all there and have an awesome weekend!


Ez xxX

Thursday, 4 April 2013

L'Espace Presents "Beauty and the Brunch" - Sunday 7th April, 2013

Hiya Beauty-Lovers!

I mentioned in my last post that I will hosting an AMAZING event at L'Espace this Sunday, it's tagged 'Beauty and the Brunch'. I have got the press release below, so I will just let you guys go through that for all the details!


Come party with us at L’Espace on the 7th of April, 2013 as we officially launch the Beauty Bar and Café Lumiere. 

Our host for the day, the fabulous beauty expert - Ez of Beauty in Lagos (www.beautyinlagos) will be present to meet and greet with all beauty lovers and will be conducting a master class where she will be sharing some of her favourite beauty secrets. Want to know how to colour-match your skin to a foundation/powder? Or how to detect where the arch in your eyebrow should be? Then, be sure to join us at 2pm. 

There will also be a Beauty Helpdesk managed by House of Tara expert MUA Rhema. Come with all your beauty questions and concerns and have them answered! Don’t miss the make-up tutorial session that starts at 4pm and Oh! There will be free make-up trials ALL day! 

At the Café, our chef will be serving up our guests with a special brunch buffet. You can expect a selection of delicious freshly baked pastries and some of our signature dishes… Like the sound of “Pasta a la Fid”? Or “Sweet potato mash and chicken in a savoury green pepper sauce”? Well, don’t just fantasize about it, come have a try! And while you are at it, sip on our signature fashion cocktails of the day!

Date: Sunday 7th April, 2013
Time: 10:30am – 8pm
Venue: 19a Olosa Street, off Karimu Kotun, VI, Lagos.

Bring a friend, a troupe if you must, the more the merrier
See you there!

Please please please say you will all come :). It'll be lovely to meet all you guys in person and have a chat. I'll be hosting a live version of 'Ez's Tips' and will also be interacting a lot with guests. I promise it'll be a fun girly day out. And there's also a Brunch buffet!

Look forward to seeing you all at L'Espace this Sunday!

If you've got any questions about the event, directions or anything, please send me an email or drop a comment!

So, who's coming??


Ez xxX

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone enjoyed the long Easter weekend! Before I get into this post, I'd like to say a big thank you to all you guys because lastweek BiL grossed 100k views!!! Thanks for reading and supporting my little space on the internet and here's to 100k more! :)

Just wanted to share with you guys an indigenous hair-care company and some of the goodies they sent me to review. Kinky Apothecary is the first kinky hair supply store in Lagos and they've currently got a concession in the newly opened Beauty-Bar at L'Espace.

The launch event for the beauty-bar comes up this Sunday, 7th of April, and I will be hosting the event at L'Espace. (More info in a post later on this week). So please pencil this in your diaries and come down to party with me, Beauty style ;).

Everything Kinky Apothecary sells has been tested for several months by the team behind the brand, so all their recommendations are based on personal experiences.To see all the products the offer, visit them at L'Espace.

A couple weeks ago I was sent some products to review. Now most of you know from my tweets (@BeautyInLagos on twitter), that I am on a personal Healthy Hair Journey this year. I have decided to care for my hair and get it nice and long and healthy.

This package was heaven-sent quite frankly, because it contains most of what I need.

L-R Fractionated Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil & Grapeseed Oil
Love these oils! Already added some Castor and Coconut oils into my homemade deep-conditioning treatment :). Oils are great for pre-shampoo (PrePoo) treatments. Heat them up a little, apply them to your scalp and length of hair, leave it on for anywhere between 30mins-2hrs and rinse out before you shampoo, condition etc. Oils can also be used to seal in your moisturiser.

Kinky Apothecary 'Whipped Batter'
The stand-out ingredient in this is Shea-Butter, and we all know the numerous benefits of this.

I haven't had a chance to use all the products I was sent, althoug I have started on most of the oils. Was really excited to see Grapeseed oil in the package, been reading up on the hair-benefits of numerous oils and this helps with dry scalp and dandruff! Which I have been suffering from in recent times, I believe that using this along with my treatment shampoo and conditioner will alleviate the problem.

Kinky Apothecary
1st Floor, L'Espace
19A Olosa Street, Victoria Island
Twitter: KinkyApothecary
Telephone: +234 1 765 4546 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)

I will be using all the products that were sent to me by Kinky Apothecary and I'll let you all know how I get on with them over time.

Just wanted to share with you guys a few products I am currently using on my hair to get it nice and healthy. This isn't everything and I've still got a couple more products to get, like a protein treatment and some hemp-seed oil (from Kinky Apothecary). But yeah, just wanted to share this.

What are your 'Go-to' hair products?


Ez xxX
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