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Typing this up I cannot for the life of me figure out why I had never tried out any products from the BMPro line! This was one of the first Nigerian makeup brands I ever came across.

For those of you that are not familiar with the BMPro Cosmetics line, it is an indigenous brand (yay! #BuyNigerian) that is owned by one of the ‘OGs’ in the Nigerian beauty industry, Banke Meshida-Lawal. Her work is nothing short of flawless, consistently using makeup to completely transform an individual. I really love her work because she executes my style of makeup, OTT Glam! Two key things stand out for me whenever I see her work: 1.) An absolutely flawless base and, 2.) Perfect lips. And  she uses a lot of her own products on clients, which I love. One of such products is what I will be reviewing for you guys today.

Weeks ago I ordered two shades from the BMPro Cosmetics matte long-lasting lipgloss range. These are liquid lipsticks, because they have got the pigmentation of a lipstick just in a liquid form. If you are familiar with liquid lipsticks, you will know that they go on like a gloss, but dry to a matte finish.

Packaging & Texture

The packaging  is very similar to Sleek Studio’s ‘Flash-a-Pout’, which I reviewed here. It comes with a standard doe-foot applicator, which works perfectly when applying this product. It’s got a ‘paste-like’ texture which initially I wasn’t too fond off, but this does not affect the application. I guess with its super-pigmentation this texture works best, and I didn’t need to use a lip-brush. You do need to work fast with these especially if you want to layer it on as it dries fairly quickly. And when it dries, it DRIES! Like it took me some time to get used to how my lips felt with these on, not necessarily that I could ‘feel’ them on my lips, but when I put my lips together they just felt ‘foreign’ to me lol. Also I won’t advice you put any gloss over it, I tried this with ‘Redd’ and I had it slipping and sliding all over my face and bleeding at the edges lol… not pretty.

Swatches & Review

Gilly Flower

BMPro Long Lasting Lipgloss ‘Gilly Flower’ – N4,000

I absolutely love this shade! It’s a gorgeous bright purple that definitely catches the eye. One swipe completely covers an area and this lasts a long long time. I wore this to the beach and with all the drinking and eating it stayed put. Slight fading at the centre of the lips as the day went on, but nothing that required reapplication.


BMPro Long Lasting Lipgloss ‘Redd’ – N4,000

This shade is my version of the perfect red, bright tomato red with some ‘darkness’ in the mix. Most people prefer that old hollywood red, which is darker, I prefer my reds bright and I find these enhance the whiteness in your teeth. Once on it looks absolutely gorgeous, but the staying power isn’t as strong as ‘Gilly Flower’. This started to flake and fade around the centre of my lips as the day went on, and after eating or drinking I had to reapply.

All in all I wish the formulation of these was more consistent,  they are both very long-lasting just that one lasted longer on my lips than the other. They do not transfer and I find I don’t necessarily need a liner when I apply these, only if I felt the need to neaten up the edges or something. They do not bleed at all and I’ll definitely recommend these lip paints to you guys, in fact I have got another shade on my radar, ‘Chai’.

Purchased from: Beauty Kink
Price: N4,000

Hope you enjoyed this review

Anyone else tried these BMPro Lip paints?


Ez xxX



  1. March 16, 2015 / 5:30 am

    Thought you weren't a fan of matte lipstick…have got my eyes on flower though

  2. Anonymous
    March 16, 2015 / 5:30 am

    I got both of them last year after seeing them on Banke's IG. I have to say I looove Gilly but that Redd…hmmmm I don't know if I'm applying it properly but it sure doesn't last ALL day. It flakes a lot -__- and starts to crumble….a hot mess…And you have to clean it off with a wet wipe before reapplying..too high maintenance.

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