I honestly feel like I manifested this Coffee scrub into my life. In comments section of this post, where I shared how I exfoliate my skin, I responded to a comment and said I really wanted to try out a coffee scrub because I’d heard about the benefits and then BOOM, Coffee scrub!

Makariah Scrubs is a Nigerian brand that formulates a variety of body scrubs using 100% natural ingredients. I will list the different scrubs they’ve got later on in this post.

The benefits that come from using a coffee-based scrub to exfoliate are popular and you just have to google “Benefits of Coffee Scrub” to read up on them all. Caffeine is known to be the number one enemy of cellulite when  applied topically, it tightens and infuses antioxidants into the skin. Since I have recently got back into scrubs, I thought I’d like to try out a coffee one but I had my reservations, biggest one being the ‘mess’. The mess that scrubs tend to create was what put me off using them for a while and I just stuck to using my exfoliating mitts. Now coffee scrubs introduce some extra messiness because they can stain your tub. Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to discover that the stain rinses right off. And I even noticed that by applying it very carefully, the stains were kept to an absolute minimum so there was nothing to be worried about in the first place.

Makariah Scrub ‘Coffee Scrub’ – N8,000*

Makariah Scrubs offered me some advice on how to achieve the best results from this scrub. One of which was to incorporate a technique called ‘Dry Brushing’, which is basically applying the scrub directly unto your dry skin, working it in and then rinsing off. I have used this scrub both ways on dry skin and wet, I would say if your skin is sensitive you may want to wet your skin first before you apply. For me, either method appeared to be just as effective. I will however recommend that you use a pair of exfoliating mitts after you’ve rinsed off the scrub and go over your entire body using your regular shower gel/soap. This is because the coffee will leave a stain on your skin and I found that just rinsing it off doesn’t do the job, so I go over my entire body with the mitts and that gets it all off.

Would I recommend this scrub? ABSOLUTELY! I love the way my skin feels right after I use it. The scrub doesn’t leave a ‘film’ after being rinsed off your skin, rather it feels lightly moisturized, even after going over your body with mitts & your shower gel/soap. Y’all know I detest that ‘film’ some scrubs tend to leave in the name of moisturizing. I also love that it comes with the little bamboo wooden spoon to scoop out the scrub, not only is this so much more hygienic that dipping your hands in, but helps we ‘long-nailed’ girls not get bits stuck underneath our nails. Little things like this make me truly happy.. attention to detail!

Other Products offerings from Makariah Scrubs

Brown Sugar Scrub – (NGN8,000): This is a natural brightening scrub to help brighten and moisturize the skin. Perfect for individuals who suffer from Acne.
Coconut Scrub – (NGN8,000): This is perfect for individuals with scars on their body as it contains natural VitaminE oil 
Coffee Scrub – (NGN8,000): This works best for individuals struggling with cellulite and stretch marks as the caffeine has natural anti-inflammatory properties to tighten the skin. 


Website:  (NB: For orders only) 
To Place an order email:
Instagram account: @makariahscrubs

Anyone used a Coffee Scrub? What was your experience?
Ez xxX

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  1. June 3, 2016 / 7:01 am

    Yup! I've used 2 coffee scrubs, Franks Body one & also my own homemade one. I love them both, they make my skin super soft and glowy. They also helped to firm up my skin too, which is awesome. I love using a sugar and coffee scrub & just drenching myself in coconut oil on my pamper nights. Will definitely try these out when I'm in Nigeria next time. Do you know any brands that sell bath bombs & melts in Lagos? Kinda like a lush. I know of one in Kenya but none back home. Awesome post Ez

  2. November 14, 2016 / 2:02 am

    The color of scrubs is vibrant and pretty and the top actually has a nice shape to it without being too binding or restrictive. The pockets of figs scrubs are really nice too.

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