I tend to forget to share things like this here on the blog. Actually I lie, I don’t feel comfortable sharing it. This year has been something, in terms of features and cover stories in print magazines. Never in a billion years did I imagine I would be featured in a magazine, let alone being on the cover! I am not quite sure how to share information like this without coming across smug. But I have decided that I should allow myself celebrate and share moments like this with you guys, because without an audience none of this would ever happen. So I share this to say THANK YOU to every single person that reads this little blog!

Beauty Box magazine is a hair and beauty publication that comes as an insert in Complete Fashion Magazine. I was approached to be featured in the magazine, I had NO idea I was to be on the cover until I was in hair and makeup at the shoot. I am always uncomfortable and anxious about shoots like this, but this was by far one of my favourites. Whenever I say I am nervous about a shoot, people say “But weren’t you a model”… All I can say is being shot as a model and being shot as a personality are two TOTALLY different things. Anyway, this shoot was by far one of my favourite, the entire Complete Fashion team made me feel comfortable and they came across extremely professional and relatable at the same time!

During the shoot they asked me to list 7 beauty facts about myself for their online platform:


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Necessity is the mother of invention and that best describes the advent of Ezinne Alfa into beauty blogging. Having just returned to Nigeria after sojourning abroad, Ezinne said it took her a while to know where to get beauty products and services that she needed. As she made enquiries and researched, she decided to share her information with others through her beauty blog.

Here are 7 beauty facts you should know about The Ace Beauty Blogger;

  1. She can’t do without her eyeliner
  2. She exfoliates twice a week
  3. If she had to choose between letting eye shadow, lipstick, concealer or bronzers go, she would choose concealer.
  4. Her favorite hair color is red
  5. Recommending 3 tips for good skin: Exfoliate; always take off your make-up and SPF
  6. She would rather have straight hair on
  7. And heels are an everyday affair for her.
To read the full online article click here: BeautyBox Online

    This issue was released yesterday, and you can download the eCopy of the new Complete Fashion Magazine to get the full insight on my feature and beauty tips from www.completefashion.org for just N499. Or visit your vendors for the hard copy.


    Photography: Hama Daniels

    Makeup : Joanne for Zaron Cosmetics

    Art Direction: Onah Nwachukwu

    Creative Assistant: Smart Courage and Nkem Okorafor

    Hair: Fabulous Hair 

    Thanks again to the complete fashion team, most especially their Editor-in-Chief Onah.
    Ez xxX

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    1. October 27, 2016 / 1:16 am

      I love that second photo! You've done amazingly well and it's been very inspiring watching you grow over the years.

      Berry Dakara Blog

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