Narganics is one of the brands that was featured here on the blog as part of the Proudly Nigerian Beauty Series. They recently launched a new product called Aurum. A first of its kind in Nigeria, Aurum is a 24K Gold Beauty Elixir is handmade in Nigeria and features 24 Karat Gold flakes infused into a proprietary blend of five powerful carrier oils and five essential oils having balancing, nourishing and soothing characteristics.


It has a lightweight silky feel and is easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it looking clearer, younger, and smoother. The beauty elixir can be mixed in with your foundation to create a dewy finish, as a lip primer, or added to your existing moisturizer for an all over body treatment.


The owner of the brand says her idea to create a 24 Karat Gold infused oil was inspired by Nigerians love of luxury skincare. In her words, she decided ‘to go big’ by introducing the “anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property of 24 Karat Gold flakes to the formulation”.


The brand collaborated with Eku Edewor on this project, as they felt she was an ideal choice. Eku who was pregnant when approached by Narganics was already on a natural skincare journey and saw it as a perfect pairing.

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