This Saturday, I have been invited to speak at a Masterclass event organised by The Assembly.

The purpose of the Masterclass is to inspire and educate budding and practicing bloggers and content creators on what it takes to become a successful blogger/content creator in the fashion and creative industry. More importantly present them with the skills, learnings and insights needed for blogging, writing and content creation and of course the realities of working in Africa’s creative  sector. 

I’ll be sharing all about my journey into becoming a blogger, blogging tips and tricks, content creation hacks, advice, etc.. 

If you were curious about how the ‘back-end’ of this whole blogging world works, or you want to be a blogger and just have no idea where to start, this event is for you and it is FREE! All you need to do is register and I have provided all the details you need below.

Event Details: 

Date: Saturday, 23rd September 2017
Time: 11 – 3pm 

Where: Whitespace Lagos, Nigeria 

To register:

About The Assembly

The Assembly is the Fashion Innovation Hub that seeks to provide fashion creatives and professionals with the resources they need to grow. We seek a world where everyone with a passion for creativity has access to the right mix of resources, tools and support to thrive and create value that positively impacts society. This event underscores The Assembly’s commitment to becoming the hub for the fashion and creative industry in Africa and we hope that this would contribute to the present and future dialogue and steps for vigorous education, funding and resources in the sector. 


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