This Christmas, the plan is to offer BeautyInLagos subscribers & followers, the BEST beauty deals possible. Quite a number of people were disappointed at how quickly our last deal sold out. BiL collaborated with Laserderm Clinics to offer 70% of Microdermabrasion & Stem Cell combo facials. This took the price from N50,000 to just N15,000. This deal sold out in under 24hours. My apologies once again to anyone who missed out, I did promise that there will be more where that came from, and I am staying true to my word.


From next week Wednesday, 13th of December, we will randomly run a series of beauty deals up until the 24th of December. I say ‘randomly’ because, the discounts will be shared on certain unspecified dates within that period. Subscribers to BeautyClubNG will be the first to get an opportunity to purchase a discount voucher. We only managed to get a limited number of vouchers per deal, so it’s really going to be down to FASTEST FINGERS FIRST.

Vouchers will be made available on the official BeautyClubNG site. There is a link to the page right here on the blog, just click on ‘Deals and Offers’ right here at the top, as shown in the image above. Everyone is free to purchase a voucher but the link will go out to BeautyClubNG subscribers first!

Make sure you are subscribed to the BeautyClubNG so you don’t miss a deal:

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