I am strangely one of those people who really enjoys working out. I love the rush it gives me …..on the days I actually do workout. There are numerous articles telling us the benefits of working out including benefits to our skin. When you exercise, you sweat and blood flow increases, carrying oxygen, nutrients (and waste) through the body so if you fail to cleanse properly you may be inviting problems for your skin.

Before your workout

  • I know you want to look really pretty on the treadmill but please take off your make up before you start exercising. All that sweat and make up may clog your pores. You can use a light mist for hydration
  • When running outdoors, don’t forget to wear SPF and try to get your run in before 10am or after 4pm. If in cold climates, apply a light moisturizer or facial oil as well.
  • At your local gym, take along antibacterial wipes to wipe down the machines and benches before you use them as you may be transferring someone’s dried up sweat to your face!

During your workout

  • Have a clean face towel to wipe sweat off your face.
  • Drink water during your workout
  • Put your hair in a ponytail or high bun or better still wear a headband (don’t forget to take it off immediately after you finish your workout.

After your workout

  • Wash your face immediately after your workout. If it isn’t convenient to do so at your gym, have a travel sized micellar water and cotton pads in your gym bag or worst case, face wipes and ensure you finish your full night routine as soon as you get home.

I hope these tips help you especially if you are still working on your summer bod


Till next time


Olabisi is a Medical Doctor and Skincare Blogger based in Lagos. When she is not busy working with vulnerable women and children, she is writing blog posts on www.thatgeminigirl.com.

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