So I am gonna keep this post short and sweet because I already have a very detailed post about my skincare routine (you can read that here). You all remember in this post here, I mentioned I was dealing with breakouts on my face because I’d used an expired makeup product and had scaled back a whole lot on the number of skincare products I used daily.

Well, I’d been using this ELEMIS Rosepetal Cleanser for a while and it was fantastic. Then the breakout started and it was one of the products I took off my top-shelf. A few weeks back I decided to pick it up again and was reminded of how much I LOVE it and kicking myself over the fact I hadn’t shared it earlier! It has actually helped in calming my skin down, the areas not affected by the breakout feel soft and smooth, no word of a lie!

The directions on the back say to massage into dry skin and remove excess cleanser with a damp cotton wool. Ok, so I do not completely agree with that, I say ‘not completely’ because… I do actually apply this to my dry face, but I do not ‘remove the excess cleanser with a cotton wool pad’…. *skkkrrrrrrrr*. So, I am sure you must’ve read my skincare routine post by now and can already tell how I get cleansers off my face. I always double-cleanse at night (If you don’t know what double-cleanse is, read my skincare routine post please), and I use the ELEMIS Rosepetal cleanser as my second cleanse. It gets rid of all the makeup on your face, but not so much eye-makeup. You will need to use an eye makeup remover during the first cleanse, but that isn’t really an issue for me as I always do that anyway.

The consistency is milky but very light, and the scent reminds me of cleansers used during a professional facial at a spa. I always feel like I am at a spa whenever I use this. It goes on smoothly, not thick at all, and melts right into the skin.

I will definitely recommend this cleanser, but please be sure to do a patch test first.

Where to buy: Beauty Emporium
Price: N15,300*

Anyone else tried this cleanser, what are your thoughts?

Ez xxX