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A couple months ago I did some filming for a TV programme here in Lagos called GlamReportTv, the programme itself hasn’t launched yet, think it’s scheduled for early this year. I may or may not tell you when my episode airs, was one of the most nerve-racking things I have done but I am very grateful to the producer for having me on her show, thanks Bola 🙂

The location for filming was a supermarket in Ogba, Ikeja (I cannot for the life of me remember what this supermarket’s called. Once I get the details I’ll be sure to update this post). We filmed in the beauty/skincare section of the store. While I was waiting for the crew to setup and the host to shoot her introduction I wandered around and found an L.A. colours stand.

These aren’t my first purchases from this brand, I own a few lip-liners and they are pretty decent, their red liner works really well with all my high-end red lipsticks. I tend to go for eyeshadow palettes as opposed to individual colours, apart from their obvious value for money, I find that colours in a palette are selected to compliment each other and this makes it easier for me to get inspired when thinking of an eye-look to go for.

They had quite a few palettes on display, but I consciously went for colours that I do not have in my collection. I definitely needed that pink palette in there.


Each palette holds 5 colours in a mixture of matte, frosted and shimmer finishes and a little double-ended foam applicator.

‘Circus’ Palette

‘Circus’ Palette: N600

As you can see from the swatches, the colour payoff is not too bad, and they have been swatched directly unto my skin without any primer underneath. The purple and blue shadows have a matte finish, while the green, lime and pink shades have a shimmer finish

‘Serenade’ Palette 

‘Serenade’ Palette: N600

This palette contains 5 gorgeous shades of pink in a frost and shimmer finish and the darker shade being matte. These colours are very wearable and can be used all over the lid. The lightest shade can be used to highlight the brow-bone and also the cheekbones. I love to experiment with my makeup, just because it says ‘eyeshadow’ on the tin doesn’t mean it can’t be used as a blusher or highlighter ;). This is my favourite palette of the bunch

‘Soiree’ Palette

‘Soiree’ Palette: N600

This is my least favourite palette. Just because the colour payoff isn’t as great as the rest. You can barely see the grey-silver shade (bottom of the picture). Although, I have to admit I was a bit ‘light-handed’ with my swatching, I’m pretty sure they can be built-up. No regrets. These also have a frost-shimmer finish.

Look at how much they are, N600 for 5 full-sized eyeshadows is not a bad deal if you ask me!

I find that with eyeshadows as long as they have a nice smooth texture, not chalky and give a good colour pay-off, with the right primer they all pretty much work the same.

I specifically got these colours to use as crease colours and also to line the bottom of my eyes to give that pop of colour. I got this awesome solution from Inglot that turns powder products into a nice gel-like consistency so that they can be used as eye-liners. Although this is not avaible in Lagos I think I’ll do a little review on this for those of us that like to shop online!


Smartie Mart SuperMarket
Ogba Road,
Ogba, Ikeja

What’s your Eyeshadow preference? High-end or Drug-store?

Ez xxX



A New Year for me means reflecting on the past Year and making plans for the present. I hope that everyone of you gets what you ask for this New Year and that it shall be one of celebration for everybody! 🙂

Also, this little ol’ blog turned 1 on the 11th, and I just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU to all you lovely people that read and leave comments, and tweet at me, or send me emails. I love hearing from you guys and apart from the fact that I am obssessed with beauty and talking about it, your kind words also keep me going. So thanks a lot for the support. Birthday Giveaway Soon!

Now on to this post, this is a continuation of my Contour Perfection post, incase you didn’t read it Part 1, here’s a link.

This ‘how to’ post was a tad tricky to put together as I find with such beauty posts a youtube tutorial is the best method. But since I am not comfortable with all that, I have tried my best to explain it in the most efficient way I know how. If you have any questions about this, just drop me a line in the comment box.

There was a little glitch in my set the last step reads: Finally, apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my little Tip!


Ez xxX


Hi Guys,

So this is a mini review of a product I am ABSOLUTELY loving right now. The Bomb Cosmetics ‘Pepperland’ Shower Body Polish.

The first Bomb Cosmetics product I ever got was sent to me by the lovely Tolagbe of Social Place in Lagos, this post, to review. I LOVED that body polish and decided I was going to get another. A few weeks ago whilst browsing in my fave beauty store in lagos, Casa Bella at The Palms Mall, I came across their selection of Bomb Cosmetics products and at Casa Bella they’ve got tester products so you are able to sniff them. I really won’t recommend actually testing them on your skin. All the products need for you to dip your finger in and only LORD knows how many other people would’ve done that… NOT HYGIENIC. But a ‘sniff-test’ is safe.

This body polish smells divine, and we all know by now I cannot describe a scent to save my life, but I will say this product smells like a Spa! Honestly, when I use this my entire bathroom smells like Barazahi (my fave spa here in Lagos). It’s got pure Lemon Grass and Clary Sage essential oils in it.

This body polish, unlike the other one I had, is oil-based so it will leave behind a thin layer of oil on your skin and it’s nothing too heavy, doesn’t annoy me at all. Ok, so I won’t recommend moisturising your skin after using this, especially if you live in a humid climate like I do. Maybe a light moisturiser, if you must!

I believe those little black balls you can see in the picture above are little peppercorns (not sure), but these can get in the way a bit as they do not melt. Really don’t know why they’re in there. I don’t know if I’m just paranoid because of the word ‘Pepper’ in the name, but this does tingle some when I use it. It’s not uncomfortable at all, so don’t be put off by this.

This product really does what it says on the tin. I use this the same way I use all my body exfoliants, first I rub it in using my hands, then I go over again using my exfoliating mitts. My exfoliation process is better described in this post I did a few months ago.

 After you have used this, your skin will feel noticeably softer and smoother. This is one product I do not regret buying. I use this once/twice a week depending on how much time I’ve got when I shower. It really is a great product and will last for a couple months so it’s definitely money well spent.

For a brand that’s been around a long time and I hadn’t paid any attention to until earlier this year, Bomb Cosmetics really is ticking all the right boxes for me so far.

Casa Bella
The Palms Mall
Oniru, Victoria Island
Contact Number: 01-2770233 & 01-7401192
Price: N2000 – N3000 approx. (Can’t remember how much it cost. Will update as soon as I get it)

The Social Place
96 Awolowo Road
Ground Floor (behind MegaCare Pharmacy)
Ikoyi, Lagos
Twitter: @SocialLagos
Price: N2600

Beauty Experts recommend that we exfoliate our skin at least once a week, it’s good to get rid of dead skin so that the new skin underneath can easily replace it. Exfoliating is so good for the skin, it gives it a healthy glow. And you don’t necessarily need any of these fancy scrubs/polishes to exfoliate. A good pair of exfoliating mitts and your regular body wash/soap will also get the job done!

Do You Exfoliate? What products do you use?


Ez xxX


Hey Guys,

 So my girl Yewizzy asked me to type up a wishlist that she would post on her blog. I decided to also post it on here for you guys that missed it. And also as Christmas is literally round the corner and you might still be stumped on what to ask for (or get yourself, *self-love is great!*)….. Here are a few things I’d like this year!

What do you want for Christmas?


 Ez xxX



I am guessing everyone should know this, but just incase you haven’t got a twitter account, or a Facebook account, or an Instagram account, and you just might live under a rock (just kidding).



There was no red carpet event for this one. It was done via twitter and people voted this little ol’ blog the BEST BEAUTY BLOG in Nigeria!

I know it’s a little late as the winners were announced exactly a month ago, but I was waiting for the ‘Winner’s Badge’ to come through first before I typed this up, but that’s not happened yet. So decided to do this without it.

Just wanted to say a MAHOOOOSIVE ‘THANK YOU!!!’ to everyone who voted and everyone who reads this blog. It means a LOT to me! And I know that I do not post as regularly as some of you would LIKE, but this is a hobby for me and as much as I love and enjoy blogging, my real life takes priority most times. But there’s still some of you that come back and read and I am extremely grateful.

Once again thanks to everyone who voted!


Lots of Love!