So I calculated that I am in a beauty salon every other week. This is mainly because I need to get my underarms (eek!) waxed that often. I’ve got THE most sensitive underarms ever! Can’t use hair depilatory creams, would NOT even put a razor to it, even certain sleeved clothes irritate me (depending on the fabric)! So yeah, I need to be in a beauty salon fairly often. And waxing is 2nd nature to me now, I bb or talk on the phone whilst I get anywhere waxed, THAT used to it! *insert ‘Weirdo’ here*

So you can understand my fear when I decided to move back, because I had NO idea where to get waxed in Lagos. Facial Bar was my first ‘beauty-discovery’ upon moving back and I’ve never looked back. I’ve been going to Facial Bar consistently for two years now and I have only got high praises for this place. Although I now alternate between them and Barazahi (another beauty establishment, post on it soon). Facial Bar is run by the lovely Lakshmi and she is the sweetest lady.

This past weekend I went in to get my eyebrows threaded. I only let Lakshmi near my brows, no one else.

Before she touches your face she has a mini consultation. Asks what shape you want. And hands you a mirror so you can check her progress at every stage.

I had to wait for her to finish off a facial, so plenty of time to take a few pictures for you guys. Unfortunately couldn’t get pictures of the treatment rooms because clients were in them.

They recently expanded to Radisson Blu Hotel, so you can pop in there if you want to. Address at the end of this post.

It costs N3000 to get your brows threaded at their shop on Musa Yar’adua. (Don’t know if the price varies at Radisson). You can also have them waxed if you prefer. Facial Bar also offers other treatments like full body-massage and the popular but pricey Oxygen Facial (N35,000). Visit Facial Bar online here!

Saw this at the reception in Facial Bar and thought it was HILARIOUS!

Facial Bar:
32, Musa Yar’adua Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos


Radisson Blu Hotel,
Ozumba Mbadiwe
Victoria Island, Lagos.

Where do you sort your brows in Lagos?

Ez xxX


Remember I said I’ll post a NOTD using one of my Essie Nailpolishes…..

This is the colour in the spotlight today.

I can only describe it as Grey with brown Undertones

Here it is on. Shot it in the sunlight so you would see the actual colour payoff.

And there’s my first NOTD post! Short and sweet.

What Colour are you rocking currently on your nails?

Ez xxX


So we are back to Ebeano’s beauty section. This time I’m letting you know about their little collection of Essie Nailpolish. It’s located on the same stand as all the Orly stuff. It’s a fairly new addition, because all they had initially on the stands were Orly polishes.

Here’s my little collection

Now one weird thing I’ve noticed is that all the other beauty bloggers I follow, majority from the UK and a few Stateside, always mention the name of their Essie’s. The ones I’ve got have no name as you can see from the pictures above. Anyone know why this is the case?

At Ebeano they retail for N800. Now my research revealed that in the UK these go for about £9.50 and the ladies across the pond purchase for $8.00. Not a bad deal!

Look out for a Nail Of The Day (NOTD) post with one of these tomorrow 🙂

Been to Ebeano Yet? 
What  did you get?

Ez xxX


So today I’m posting about one of my favourite ‘drug store’ brands… Sleek Makeup. Quite a few ladies in Lagos have got this mentality where it’s MAC/IMAN or nothing else. Ladies there are A LOT of other amazing affordable and high-end brands out there. It’s up to you to explore them. Mac and Iman are sold in Lagos, but that’s for another post, today is all about SLEEK MAKEUP.

There are a number of Sleek Makeup distributors scattered around Lagos, from the Mainland to the Island. On the Island (which is where I live) I know of 3stores, one in Ikoyi, the head office in V/I and another in Ikota (VGC). If you live on the island and are after some Sleek Makeup, I suggest you head to the Ikoyi store, which is the one I go to (Address, as always, at the end of this post). They do sell makeup in the V/I store, but I noticed they’ve got a larger selection of their Sleek Hair Extensions/Weaves, than makeup.

I love the way the interior of the store is done up!

This past weekend I ‘dragged’ a couple of my girls with me to the store and they ALL bought something! ^_^.

They have a pretty good stock of merchandise in there (most of their stuff are in cupboards underneath the display). Although, they don’t get the new releases as soon as they are out in the UK. I remember when I was after their Primer Palette it wasn’t in the store until a few weeks after it was released.

They also have an area where you can test out the products or find your colour match to their variety of foundations and powders

Here’s what I bought from the store.

Been after the ‘Oh So Special’ Eyeshadow Palette, they’ve had it in the store for ages, but after purchasing the Urban Decay ‘Naked’ palette I forgot about it…. But now I’ve got it :). If you like Nude Colours, this is the palette for you,

Sorry about the horrible picture here, couldn’t quite balance the ‘flash’ and ‘focus’ on my camera, still learning 🙂

I got this gorgeous purple lipstick called Amethyst. Plan on wearing it at my birthday dinner next weekend! They applied the colour to my lips and it’s an amazing shade. My girl, Shamzz, even had to get one after she saw it on me!

Here’s all the Sleek Makeup I’ve got so far. I LOVE their eyeshadow palettes (as you can, the colours are so pigmented and last a long time. I’ve got the ‘Original’ ‘Storm’ ‘Oh So Special’ and ‘Primer’ Palettes. If you have got oily lids I suggest you use a primer. Their primer palette is quite good ;).

I’ve also got their New Skin Revive Founation. Seen a lot of positive reviews of this. Even Shirley’s got it listed as one of her favourite liquid foundations. Haven’t actually got round to using this yet, would let you know how I get on in another post.

Here’s a table of some item prices at the Sleek Makeup store in Ikoyi


You know what? After looking at this prices, I think their prices have gone up this New Year, or the price sheet the sales lady gave me was wrong. Either way, this should give you a rough idea of how much they go for out here.

1st Floor, The Ark Building,
38 Awolowo Road,
Ikoyi Lagos
(basically the same building as Sweet Sensation on Awolowo Road :))

So, if you haven’t tried anything from Sleek Makeup, I suggest you check it out.

Anyone out there a Sleek Makeup Fan?
What Sleek Makeup item have you got?

ps: Sorry about the shoddy picture quality in this post. I’m working on my photography skills.

Ez xxX


One thing I was always concerned about was getting my makeup off. Yeah, there’s all sorts of fancy makeup removers Shu Uemura, MAC wipes, Bobby Brown, but are they readily/easily available in Lagos? NO!

Foundation is pretty easy to get off, I mean wash your face and it’s all gone… But eye makeup, now that is a different story… Throw in waterproof mascara and you have a situation!
During one of my numerous blog-surfing days, something hit me! Nearly all eye makeup removers are oil-based, unless they are specially formulated for sensitive skin or something. So I thought, why not just use a ‘baby-oil and baby-wipe’ combination to get my eye makeup off. Why baby stuff? I always say, if it’s kind enough for BABIES skin, who the HELL am I to think it won’t be perfect for mine.

Tada!!! Introducing my self-combined eye makeup remover!

Any old baby wipe would do, but brands like Johnson’s and Pampers I’d recommend.

For the baby-oil I usually go with anyone. But one thing YOU MUST CHECK FOR is, make sure it’s ok if some oil gets into your eyes, cos um… it would

Luckily for me, mine states it can be used as an eye makeup remover ^_^. Please always read the back. The Cussons one I had before clearly stated ‘Avoid getting in contact with eyes’. So please make sure you check for this.

Take out a baby-wipe sheet from the pack, pour some baby oil unto it and apply to ur eyes. For me, it gets EVERYTHING off! If you’ve got waterproof Mascara on, use lots more baby-oil.
Baby wipes and Oil are typically sold in supermarkets and pharmacies all around Lagos. I got mine from Ebeano beauty-department.
Wipes: N350 (apprx)
Baby Oil: N150 (apprx)

Please please please let me know if you try this out. I’d really like to know how you get on!
Has anyone got any other makeup removal tips? 
Please share!
Ez xxX

Now before I start this, can I just say I REALLY WISH THIS STORE WAS CALLED SOMETHING ELSE!!! Like the name ‘Ebeano’…. siiigh! But it is still a GREAT store nonetheless (had to throw that, but it really is :)).

Ok, so this store is tucked away in Lekki Phase1 Estate, address details at the end of this post. It is a delightful store, I love it. But most importantly I LOVE the beauty section in there. They’ve got sooo many little beauty treasures and the thing is, by looking at the store you’d NEVER guess. The beauty section is at the back of the store, when you go into the store just ask them and they’ll tell you.

The little treasure I’m going to hone in on today is the ORLY NAIL POLISH STAND. Now Orly Nail Polish, for those of you that don’t know, are of extremely good quality. I personally prefer them to the popular O.P.I. ones. Orly polish bottles are MUCH larger and the rubber grip on the cover makes nail polish application a dream! 🙂

Just look at it! I think EVERYONE in my family’s now used to me going into Ebeano and heading straight to the Orly stand. I just simply stand there and smile…. then I pick something of course. 😉

They’ve also got Essie and Hard Candy Nail Polishes on the stand, but I’ll blog about those and my purchases later. Can you make them out at the bottom of the stand there? lol.

Here are the Orly Polishes I have so far!

 I have to say when I was taking these pictures, I was like… Is that it?!?!?!…

But at N1600 a pop, I have made quite the little investment. lol

Forgot to add this to the shot of all my ‘Orlies’ above because my MOTHER had it. Don’t know which is worse the fact I forgot I had it, or the fact she never returned it! Anyway had to throw it in, as it’s such a pretty colour.

Now to the Important Bit… Pricing
Orly Nail Polish prices typically hover around the £8 – £9 price mark in the UK and that’s roughly N2000.. Sooooo, Ebe Ano prices aren’t THAT bad. I know it about $8 – $9, which comes in at N1,200 (apprx)… Either way, the price difference isn’t ridiculous. And you know ridiculous pricing is every Nigerian Shop-Owner’s specialty. So, God bless the beauty-department owner at Ebeano!

picture taken from: Beauty Fulfilled

I’m going to buy this next as according to Kaushal, this dries fast and leaves one’s manicure lasting longer. I change my polish like twice a week, so this woulld be VERY useful.

 It’s sold in Ebeano as well. Can you see it on the second row in the picture above? ^_^. Once I get it I shall review and let you know if it’s worth your precious pennies!

Ebeano Supermarket
Plot 1B, Block A9, Obafemi Anibaba Street,
Admiralty Way, Lekki

Ez xxX