If you’ve always dreamt of becoming a certified aesthetician, beauty therapist or skincare expert, well here’s your chance! Things like this rarely ever come around often, especially here in Nigeria, so this could be quite literally an opportunity of a lifetime! 

The Beauty Therapy Institute (BTi), an accredited beauty institution here in Lagos are giving TWO scholarships worth N350,000 to train at their prestigious beauty school.

The Beauty Therapy Institute (BTi) offers and runs training courses in Health, Beauty & Skincare Therapy. They offer quality assured full and part-time education and training in the latest skill programs, qualifications and standards required for the professional Health, Beauty and Skincare industries. BTi is an African Franchise with a number of campuses around Africa, including one here in Nigeria.

Entry Rules

There really are no rules as this is a lucky dip! All you need to do is send a text to a number and your name will be entered into the raffle draw:

Text ‘BNE2018 RPL Applicant + Your Name’ to 08091115432

Winners will be announced on the 13th of December, 2018



Booked that Facial or Pedicure yet? Or need to gift a loved-one a Massage this holiday season? You might want to hold out until next week! The plan is to make sure you don’t pay full price for any Beauty Service this festive period

Yes, you read that right! Every single day for 12days BeautyInLagos will have vouchers to redeem a variety of discounted beauty services by trusted service providers around Lagos.

From Monday 10th December 2018, the 2nd Edition of our ’12 Days of XMAS with BiL’ is back! Bigger and even BETTER! This time around we’ve added new service providers and a wider variety of services including:

  • Blow Drys
  • Gel Manicures
  • Facial Treatments
  • Body Treatments
  • Pamper Sessions (Massages)
  • Semi-Permanent Lashes
  • Manicures & Pedicures
  • and a whole lot more!


12DAYs of XMAS with BiL runs from Monday 10th – Friday 21st December 2018. As always, our BeautyClubNG subscribers will receive the link to purchase the deal first, before everyone else. And these deals typically sell out fast, so if you still aren’t subscribed you can do so by simply filling-out the form below

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photo source: Instagram {@lynnjaphet}

Did someone say ‘Hair Goals’? Well, that’s exactly what Tosin Ade-Aibinu is to us here at BiLHQ! She is the Founder & Owner of Naija Naturals, a company that retails literally EVERYTHING you need for your hair; from hair products to wig-making accessories! Tosin’s got a head full of glorious, lush 4C textured hair which, when she has it out, is usually styled in a gorgeous bun. We reached out to her to find out what products/tools she uses to achieve her signature top-buns. We imagined her list would be as long as an arm, but we were pleasantly when she shared just 6 items:


1. Spray Bottle – ₦800

Natural hair is easiest to manipulate when wet, so a spray bottle is needed to spritz some moisture into those curls.

Purchase here: Spray Bottle


2. Wide Tooth Comb

We are going to need to stretch and loosen out any knots or kinks in our hair, and a wide tooth comb is kind enough to get the job done without too much hair loss.

Purchase here: Wide-Tooth Comb


3. Leave-in conditioner or Curl Smoothie

We definitely want those curls to pop, so some sort of curl enhancer is needed. Tosin uses Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

Purchase here: Leave-In/Curl Enhancer


4. A piece of String

photo source: Instagram {@lynnjaphet}

To manipulate all that hair into a bun.


5. Edge Tamer – ₦4,000

A soft toothbrush and some good quality edge-tamer will have those edges laid!

Purchase here: Moco de Gorilla


6. Eco Styler Gel –  ₦1,500

photo source: sallybeauty.com

Lastly, a light styling gel to tame flyaways for the bun.

Purchase here: Eco Styler Hair Gel



photo source: Instagram {@lynnjaphet}

Thanks Tosin, hopefully we will have our buns popping in no time!


All products mentioned can be purchased on www.naijanaturals.com. Direct links to some products also provided.


For anyone who is interested in skincare, we all know and love The Ordinary. An affordable skin care brand that burst onto the scene and few years ago. The reason for its launch was to address the fact that the cost of luxury skincare is generally inflated.

The Ordinary based its line on ingredients targeted at specific skin concerns and provide guidance on how best to combine them for the best results. Although this is great for customers, the brand’s popularity means that products are often out of stock. So you may have to wait for weeks to get the product you want.
To solve having to wait for stock, here is a list of 6 brands with similar ethos, price products to the ordinary which can serve as either alternatives or an outright replacement for some of the ordinary products. Each of these brand have an affordable range of high quality products with no fluff just but get the job done.


photo source: refinery29.com

This is an ingredient-led skincare brand which launched in 2018 with 15 products priced between £5 and £10. The range includes hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin C, caffeine, turmeric and Q10. Its main focus is on customer education, targeted at people who want to invest in skincare but don’t know how to start because of lack of information on how products work. The focus is on transparency, simplicity, high quality ingredients, at low prices.

Key products:

  • Retinol serum
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Lactic Acid,
  • Vitamin C Serum

Available at:

  •  Cult beauty,
  • Victoria health
  • Feel unique


Alex Steiner x Primark

photo source: hellomagazine.com

This is one that came to my notice pretty late and it is a collaboration with Glamour beauty editor and PRIMARK with the prices to match. None of the product costs more than £5. The collection consists of 20 products categorised based skincare needs. With a range for city skin, acne and dehydration, which allows you to mix and match depending on your needs.

Key products

  • Plump& Glow Facial in a Stick,
  • Pore Balance Anti-blackhead Stick
  • Maximum Moisture Supreme Sheet Mask
  • Super Detox Clay Mousse Mask
  • Micellar Cleansing Gel,

Available: select PRIMARK stores


Garden of Wisdom (GOW) Skincare


photo source: harpersbazaar.com

This is an oldie which has recently gone mainstream. It is an Arizona based cruelty free brand with a focus on simple ingredient formulations. Prices start from £9 and go up to £20.
Its approach is using serums to target specific skin concerns and encourage skin balance and stability. All serums use the optimum strength additives and the minimum number of inactive ingredients making them more effective.

Key products

  • Hyaluronic Acid Serum,
  • Salicylic Acid 2% Serum
  • Niacinamide Serum

Available at:

  • Victoria health,
  • Garden of wisdom


Revolution Skincare

photo source: revolutionbeauty.com

This brand is best known for its £4.99 concealer but has recently introduced skincare into its product range. The products are vegan and cruelty-free with prices ranging from £5-£10. It is an extensive range with something for every skin type, the products are classified based on the conditions they address e.g. hydration, fine lines, texture and blemishes.

Key products

  •  Niacinamide serum
  • Caffeine serum
  • Hyaluronic acid serum
  • Rosehip Seed Oil


  • Superdrug
  • Revolution Beauty


Beauty Pie

photo source: popsugar.com

The Beauty Pie approach is very different from the others mentioned above although the ethos of luxury grade products at an affordable price is the same. Here, you get access to the low prices, only if you sign up for the monthly membership, which costs $10. Beauty pie claims it gets its products from luxury beauty factories and sells them at the cost of production. The range is huge and is categorised based on skin types i.e. dry, oily, combination, sensitive, hyper pigmented and aging skin.

Key products:

  • Retinol range
  • Daily vitamin c defence serum typical price £80 /members pay £9.55
  •  Plantastic™ micropeeling super drops




This is the only Korean beauty brand on the list. However it is the leader in affordable K-Beauty. CosRx focuses on creating effective products with the minimum number of ingredients. The products are targeted to specific skin concerns using well known ingredients in combination with lesser known Korean ingredients like snail mucin or yeast ferment. They are best known for their AHAs and BHA products and have also included Polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) which are less irritating.

Key products

  • Low-pH Good Morning Cleanser
  • Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol
  • COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner


  •  Amazon,
  •  ULTA
  •  Beauty tap
  •  SokoGlam


At the moment, some of these brands are available in Nigerian skincare stores, here are  trusted retailer listed on our directory, BeautyDirectoryNG:

SK Beauty
Hilary Says
Your Skin's Love
Cho & Zen Beauty
Allure Beauty Store
Serenite Beauty
Youtopia Beauty


Also, most of the international online stores mentioned are willing to ship internationally at a price. Alternatively, you can buy them through UK2ME or MallofAfrica who buy products from US and UK for delivery in Nigeria.

What do you think will you be trying any of these products? Or are you happy stuck with the ordinary products you know and love.

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Instagram @BeautyHarbour

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We are excited to launch a brand new BiL initiative, and what better way to launch than at the biggest Beauty Exhibition to hit Nigeria, Beauty West Africa. The In Conversation with BeautyInLagos series is a new initiative being launched to take the BiL interaction beyond the digital realm. We want to hear from an array of carefully selected Business Owners, Beauty Enthusiasts & Entrepreneurs, addressing relevant topics, offering practical solutions and just generally sharing their wealth of knowledge. It’s one thing to read a post by an expert addressing a certain topic, but it’s something totally different to be able to interact with said expert and get your questions answered. That’s essentially what the series is about.


The Beauty West Africa Exhibition runs over 3days starting this Wednesday 21st November, through till Friday 23rd November. Over 40 beauty industry experts will give in-depth talks about the latest beauty related topics ranging from: Business Strategies to Import & Export Laws, as well as Masterclasses and Product Demonstration. The ‘In Conversation with BeautyInLagos’ series is part of their Conference schedule on Day 3.



Attendance to the Conferences is also FREE as long as you are registered to attend the Exhibition.

You can Register on the door!


Okay, I’m pretty sure everyone has heard such sayings as “you are what you eat” and  “what you put on the inside shows on the outside”. Well, for a vast majority of people,  eating and drinking habits play a huge role in the overall health of the hair. Nonetheless, there are those people who eat fries and burgers all day and still have nice looking hairs, but they are in the minority; but note that such eating habits are bound to catch up with them at some point anyway. I know for a fact, that when I improved my diet and started eating healthier, the quality of my hair improved significantly – my hair felt stronger, it grew aster and it got thicker. Of course, even with the healthiest diet, you still need to take care of your hair to see results, so don’t neglect that side of things, just remember that what’s on the inside definitely matters.

It is important to note that hair is not essential for life, it’s pretty much an added bonus – if someone shaved off all your hair, you may be pretty angry but, you would still be alive and well. In terms of nutrients, the hair gets them last – this means that if you’re not getting enough of those important nutrients, your organs will use up the good stuff first and there will be nothing left to keep your hair healthy. Basically, you really need to eat right for your hair to reap the benefits of what you’re eating.

For starters, we should always eat a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water too. Having established this, I will go a little deeper and give you 5 things you definitely shouldn’t skip when it comes to achieving your healthiest hair.


Protein is essential for a healthy and strong hair. Essentially, our hair is made up of a protein called keratin. So, if you’re not eating protein, it’s pretty hard for your hair to stay healthy and it is highly likely that your hair will be weak and brittle. Choose fish, beef, chicken, beans as excellent sources of protein along with vegetarian sources such as legumes and nuts. The best part is, no matter what your diet is like (from pescatarian to vegan to vegetarian to meat eater), there are so many sources of protein so eat up!


2.Dark leafy greens

Another essential nutrient for a healthy hair is iron. A lack of iron can lead to extreme hair loss and breakage and can even go as far as causing bald spots. And to step away from hair for a second, a lack of iron can also cause fatigue, weakness, dizziness and fainting. Dark leafy greens are full of iron other excellent sources of iron include spinach, kale, chard and bitter leaf.  Of course, you can also get iron from other sources such as red meat or even iron supplements (consult your doctor before using iron supplements) but dark leafy greens have so many health benefits that skipping them out completely is a big no no! They contain important nutrients, such as vitamin C (more on that later), folate and fibre.

Bonus tip: if you really can’t stand the taste, throw them in a blender with some fruit and make yourself a healthy green smoothie that tastes good!


3. Water

Now this is pretty much a no brainer. We all know how essential water is for the body – let alone the skin and the hair. It flushes the body of any nasties, hydrates (obviously!) and it can even help you lose weight if that’s your goal. The same way you moisturise and hydrate your body from the outside, you should hydrate your body from the inside too. The amount of water you need depends on several factors such as lifestyle, age, weight, height etc. But it is typically recommended that adults drink 8 glasses of water daily. I am a huge water fanatic so I drink a minimum of 3 litres (about 0.8 gallons) of water a day and more on a hot day or when I exercise.

Bonus tip: you can mix it up by drinking herbal teas (e.g. green tea, peppermint tea, chamomile tea) or adding lemon or lime to your water if you find plain water too boring.


4. Vitamin C

We ALL know how essential vitamin C is for our overall health, particularly when it comes to strengthening our immune systems! Vitamin C is so important for many reasons – for example, it is an antioxidant that helps regenerate other antioxidants in the body. We’ve all been told to take vitamin C when we come down with a cold or the flu. But what a lot people don’t know is that vitamin C is also very important for hair health. Basically, healthy body = healthy hair and scalp. It is one of the vitamins that keeps the hair strong and healthy. It prevents your hair from getting dry and splitting and also enhances hair growth.


5. Omega 3 fatty acids

I know the word ‘fat’ always freaks people out when it comes to food but the fact of the matter is that, it is an essential part of a balanced and healthy diet. The important part, is making sure you are eating the right kinds of fat. For example, fried chicken is bad fat, avocados are good fat. Other great sources of healthy fat include salmon, nuts and seeds. Healthy fats are amazing when it comes to hair growth and health, particularly when it comes to having that healthy, glossy hair a lot of us crave. These fatty acids reduce scalp inflammation, promote hair growth, help to increase hair strength and thickness and prevent scalp dryness.


There we have it guys! Of course, there are SO many other things you can include in your diet to see great changes and improvement in your hair but these are just my top 5. And hey, diets/eating habits are not a one size fits all thing – a vegan diet may be incredible for you and horrible for the next person. The important thing is to make sure you are taking a balanced, nourishing diet. Not just for your hair, but for your overall health!

Tara is a hair and skincare blogger living and working in Lagos. She works a 9-5 job whilst building the business she is passionate about, Nature's Locks (a hair and skincare line of products and tools), which started out as a blog, natureslocks.to. You can find her:

BeautyInLagos is all set to BEAUTIFY Lagos starting tomorrow! We have collaborated with some of the best beauty businesses to offer great deals & services at the Beauty West Africa Exhibition. 



Over the next 3 Days, starting tomorrow Wednesday 21st November, we will be at the Landmark Event Centre where the exhibition will be taking place and we will have a number of different activities going on in the booth, culminating in a special #TGiFreeManicures on the last day of the exhibition!








We’ve definitely saved the best for last. On Friday the 23rd of November we will have a special edition of our #TGiFreeManicures series! We will have FREE manicures (of course), and a host of discounted manicure services.


So that’s what’s happening in our booth over the next 3days, we hope to you see you all there. Attendance is FREE as long as you are registered to attend the Exhibition, so don’t forget to pre-register here: www.beautywestafrica.com/pre-register