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Growing healthy hair is what most of us dream of and it is a possibility for almost everyone (unless you’ve got a medical condition), but before this can be achieved you need to understand your hair. Hair texture, scalp condition, porosity, these are all factors that you discover, along your healthy hair journey, to be crucial at determining the health of your hair. In this post I will be shedding some light on hair porosity, and how an understanding of this will greatly improve your journey to healthy hair.

What is Hair Porosity?

Hair Porosity refers to the ability of your hair to absorb and retain moisture, and with our texture of hair moisture addition & retention is CRUCIAL. Knowing and understanding the porosity of your hair is the key to determining and streamlining a daily hair regimen that’s actually effective. The easiest and most common method to determine your porosity is ‘The Cup Test”.

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Place a few strands of hair in a glass of water, you can just use some of your shed hair that’s trapped in your comb. If they float, you may consider it ‘low’ or not absorbent; stays in the middle, it is considered ‘normal,’ hair sinks to the bottom, you have ‘high’ porosity hair. So now that you know the porosity of your hair you are better informed to start introducing methods that better allow your products and hair treatments have an effect on the health and growth of your hair.


Low Porosity

This when your hair is unable to absorb or retain moisture this is because the cuticles are close together or closed on the hair shaft, blocking any moisture or liquid to be absorbed. Cream or liquid products just lay on the hair having little or no effect. Think of low porosity as a closed door where nothing can get in.

Hair thrives on moisture and with low porosity hair the trick is to get it into those closed hair cuticles. There are a few things you can start incorporating into your regimen:

  • Heat: Opens the cuticles layers and allows for better water absorption. After washing your hair apply your deep conditioner. Place a plastic cap over your hair and steam under a hooded dryer, steamer, or thermal cap for 20-30 minutes.
  • At the styling stage of your regimen, use the LCO (liquid/leave-in, cream, oil) method not the LOC (liquid/leave-in, oil, cream) method, as Oil is a sealant and should be used on low porosity hair as the last step. It is advisable to use lighter oils which works best for this hair type. Examples of Oils to use are as follows; Argan Oil, Grape seed Oil, Baobab Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil and Apricot Oil.
  • Use water-based products for your conditioners, leave-ins, styling aids (such as hair milks).
  • Avoid heavy butters, these can produce product build up.


High Porosity

This hair-type is usually very porous, it absorbs and loses moisture quickly. People with high porosity hair tend to complain a lot about dryness at the end of the day no matter how moist it was in the morning. This is because the cuticles of the hair shaft are open, so everything applied to the hair can’t stay in. High porosity hair can be likened to an open door; so the major concern is keeping the moisture in. There are several ways this can be achieved:

  • Layering: This simply means layering products in order to lock in the moisture, this can be achieved with the L.O.C method, you can start out with a leave-in, follow with an oil, then with a cream and/or a butter or pomade.
  • Sealant: As the name indicates, sealants trap moisture into your hair. For those with thick hair, common sealants used for high porosity include heavy oils such as olive oil and castor oil. You can also use butters or pomades infused with oil. Fine/thin hair may be weighed down by the use of heavy oils or butters. You may need to use a lighter oil or cream to seal such as grape seed oil.
  • Protein Treatments: Will help build up the strength of your hair thus protecting against further damage. Do protein treatments as often as you think your hair needs.

Normal Porosity

This is the ideal hair condition, it absorbs and retains moisture, doesn’t dry out throughout the day. Your focus is finding and using products that work best for your hair.


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There are no definitive best care practices that apply to your hair type, but you must ensure to continually monitor your hair to evaluate its needs.


Iweriaha is an Entrepreneur and Beauty Enthusiast. She owns Beauty Gallery a beauty retail store with a goal to be the one stop for all beauty needs; Hair Extensions & Products, Skincare and Makeup.

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Hairitage Hub is an Ultra-Modern, Healthy Hair Care Salon, with a unique focus on healthy hair. They believe hair shouldn’t only LOOK healthy, it should also BE healthy. This salon caters to natural, relaxed and texlaxed hair types, founded out of the owners struggle to find salons in Lagos with a focus on healthy and beautiful hair, not just the latter.

On their service menu features 11 signature bespoke wash and conditioning treatment options for different hair textures at different stages. All hairdressers and stylists at the salon are trained in depth and up to date on scientific understanding of black hair, as well as an in-house hair care consultant. Specialist services available include:

  • Microscopic analysis of the hair and scalp
  • Hair care consultations
  • Custom hair care regimen creation
  • Protective styling (braids)
  • Wigs & Weaves
  • Natural hair twists
  • Up-do’s







Hairitage Hub also boasts a well-equipped nail bar that provides a range of nail services, including pedicures, manicures, gel systems, acrylic systems and more.




Lennox Mall, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Telephone: +234 (0) 9082474331
Instagram: @HairitageHub

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The moment you turn your hobby, talent, interests or knowledge into a business, you become a Professional. Just because you love something, and are doing it alone, doesn’t make it any less professional. As a matter of fact, DOUBLE the level of severity you approach a job interview or an examination is required. Running a business can be scary, you’re literally on your own with no safety net; it is no longer your “Boss’ problem”.

It’s easy to get excited when you start earning from what you thought was a hobby, but you need to begin to understand you are now a Professional running a business and the consequences of negligence are very real.

In this post, we are going to take a look at key factors every Beauty Entrepreneur or “Beautypreneur” as we like to call them, should seriously adhere to, consider and understand before they create their brand and start running a business.


1. PLANNING (Projections -> Business Targets -> Budgeting -> Forecasting)

The moment you turn your hobby/talent into a business, you become a “Professional”. Always conduct a thorough research on the sector of the beauty industry you are preparing to go down and with your research findings, map out a proper plan.


2. PRICING (Inventory & Costing)

When it comes to pricing products or services a popular common mistake among Entrepreneurs is to base their prices solely off that of their assumed competition. When setting your prices, you need to consider the direct and indirect costs associated with your business. Such as start-up costs, product costs, transportation costs, hiring costs, breakage costs etc.

Also recognise, particularly for Makeup Artists, that when you decide to go into business, things like “your car” and “your make up” automatically become “current assets” and “inventory” respectively. There is now a depreciating monetary value attached to these things and they need to be accounted for in your costs and subsequently your prices.


3. COMPETITION (Competitors & Pricing)

When starting a business most Entrepreneurs automatically assume that a similar business in their sector of the industry is their competition. Not everyone in your industry, retailing the same goods or providing similar services qualifies as competition. What qualifies a business as your competition is your target audience. Only when you are targeting clients/customers within the same Demographic Pool does a business qualify as competition. It is also important to note that there are A LOT of specifications when deciding what that demographic is (e.g. age, location, sex, financial bracket etc.)


4. MANAGING GROWTH (Expansion)

In the early stages of your business it is very possible that your work-load starts to steadily increase but you are yet to secure that constant stream of revenue. However, because you aren’t necessarily paying attention to your numbers, you go ahead and hire an Assistant, who you then put on a full-time salary you can barely afford. A better option is to explore other avenues of employment and empowerment such as NYSC candidates, Interns and Fellow Enthusiasts seeking experience.



In business it all comes down to the numbers, you must keep an eagle-eye on, and efficiently track, your transactions. Having a record of all the money that comes into the business will put you in a better-informed position when considering hiring staff,  and also cause you to identify your cost constraints early enough.

In summary, if you have identified that your passion can be transformed into a successful business, that’s great! However you must understand that only with proper Business Planning, thorough Price Evaluation and Proper Bookkeeping procedures in place, will you then be building a solid foundation upon which your business can grow.

Muna is a finance professional and beauty enthusiast based in Lagos. She is the Principal Consultant at MASAL Consultants, a financial management firm that provides: public accounting, bookkeeping, financial planning & advisory services to SMEs, Entrepreneurs and Private Individuals.

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Our Glow-Queen, Teniola (Tenny) Kashaam, Head Makeup Artist at TennyCoCo Studio, is back again and this time she’s sharing her top 5 Highlighters for warmer skintones. If you missed the previous post where she shared her favourite ‘Glow’ products, you NEED to read that! Click here

Based on her previous recommendations I think we’re pretty-much all convinced she knows her stuff when it comes to this Glow Game, so we are excited when she agreed to also share with us her favourite highlighters, scroll down to see:



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All products listed are Available for purchase from: @TennyCocoStudio


Hello! It’s a new week and we’re starting things off with this gorgeous makeup look created by Head Makeup Artist at FlawlessFacesByJane, Jane. What drew us to this look is primarily the fact that it was created using all Nigerian products and we’ve got the full breakdown.



Foundation: Zaron Cosmetics Foundation in ‘FZ25’  
Contour: Hegai And Esther Foundation in ‘Cocoa’
Setting Powder: BeautyByAD Loose Powder in ‘Tawny’
Powder: Hegai & Esther Shine-Off Perfecting Loose Powder ‘Nutmeg’ 
Brows: Yanga Beauty ‘Browlution’
Brow Tint: Blot Beauty Tint ‘Light Brown’
Eyeshadow: Nuban Beauty Eyeshadow Palette ‘Obssession’
Lashes: Glam Addict
Eyeliner (Lash line): Zaron Cosmetics Gel-liner ‘Jazz 01’
Eyeliner (Tight line): Yanga Beauty
Blush: House of Tara Blush ‘Hot & Spicy’
Bronzer: Taos Cosmetics 
Glow: Yanga Beauty Candid Glow ‘Kporkish’
Lipstick: Nuban Beauty
Setting Spray: Nuban Beauty ‘Fix It’ Spray
Hydrating Glow Mist: TM.essentials Glow Spray ‘Cupid’



For more gorgeous Makeup Inspiration, check out Jane’s work on instagram: @FlawlessFacesbyJane


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The Jade Stone Roller is a portable hand-held facial massage device, usually with two jade stones attached on either side. The ‘Jade’ is a semi-precious stone made from two gems, Nephrite and Jadeite. As with most precious or semi-precious stones the grade, purity and quality will always be in contention however, this stone also has huge cultural significance in Chinese history. What’s it for, you ask…. I can explain it a little better after I tell you a bit more about your skincare routine.

Many people have a routine that takes complete care of the skin at the cellular level, it may also include products that provide collagen and elasticity to the tissues, but they will most likely neglect their facial muscles. A tense facial muscle can hinder the penetration of your favourite skincare products which negates the whole point of spending precious thousands on the latest cult product. Regular facial massages reduce muscular tension allowing for better penetration of topical products, it also help improve blood flow in the tissues and cells.


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This is where a Jade Roller comes in. Incorporating one into your routine will ease facial tension, increase blood circulation and drain toxins.

Think about the last time you checked yourself in for a Facial treament at your favourite spa, and the Therapist would gently massage each product into your skin, completing a full facial massage with every step on your entire face, neck and decolletage. Your skin looked great and had glow that lasted for days. That’s because during the facial treatment the intermittent massages eased up your facial muscles, allowing for each product to penetrate better and have a lasting effect for days after.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve never had a facial and you feel as though your products may never have such a lasting effect, although we do advise getting regular facials, the good news is you already have the KEY product you need for your facial massage… your Hands! So then, a tool like the Jade Roller only enhances the process of conducting facial massages.

Neglecting to care for your facial muscles is a huge disadvantage to your skincare goals. Incorporating regular facial massages into your routine will correct this.

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Is a Jade Roller an absolute necessity for your routine? Personally, we don’t this so, but having one won’t hurt! Do Jade Rollers serve a purpose? I think we’ve pretty-much clarified that 🙂

So, will you be getting a Jade Roller?

Kemi is a professional Massage Therapist and has been practicing her craft since 2010. She is the Lead Therapist & Owner of 'Spa Pampering At Home', a mobile spa company that brings the services and ambience of a Spa into your home.

You can find her:

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So you just completed your final training as a Makeup Artist and you’re ready to start beating those faces. First step is to begin building your Makeup Kit which can be a bit of a challenge when you’re starting out as an Artist. Makeup these days can be pricey, especially products from the popular cult brands like Fenty Beauty, Huda Beauty, Artist Couture or luxury brands like Lancome or MAC, coupled with the fact that you’ve just started and you’re not quite raking in the clients yet. Well let’s praise the makeup god’s for Julia! Julia is an Associate Makeup Artist at popular makeup house Doranne Beauty, and she is known for her ‘nack’ at finding cheaper alternatives for more expensive products; these are termed ‘duplicates’ or ‘dupes’ in the beauty world.

In this post Julia shares with us 5 Dupes, she personally uses on her clients, that give her similar results to the original (more expensive) product:



















You can find Julia on Instagram: @Jhulia_