I’ve got yet another fantastic Nigerian brand to introduce on the blog today. And what’s better? It’s a hair care brand this time ’round.

KUI is a brand born out of a sincere passion for haircare. The brand owner decided to stop processing her hair with Relaxers and go natural, it was during her natural hair journey that the brand was birthed.

The name ‘KUI’ was derived from ‘Bai Kui’ which means morning STAR in the Ijaw tribe of southern Nigeria. Although the current products are designed for natural hair, all hair types can use KUI products.

Recently launched they started off with a collection of products called Kui Tea Tree & Cinnamon collection. Tea tree is a fantastic essential oil that helps alleviate dandruff, prevents the drying of the scalp, unblocks hair follicles and boosts the immune system, to fight infections that lead to hair loss. It is antibacterial and antifungal to help prevent scalp issues. Cinnamon aids in hair growth by stimulating the scalp, thickens hair strands and reduces hair loss.

This collection has four different products in the range:

Kui Tea Tree & Cinnamon Moisturising Shampoo

Kui Tea Tree & Cinnamon Moisturising Conditioner


Tea Tree & Cinnamon Leave-in Conditioning Mist

Kui Tea Tree & Cinnamon Moisturising hair cream  



Game Stores

Prince Ebeano Supermarket

Hubmart Supermarket

Shoppers Delight Supermarkets

Medplus Pharmacies

Yinka Bodyline Store


Website: Wwww.kuicare.com 

Instagram: @KuiCare 


Welcome to Part 2 of our Proudly Nigerian Series. If you missed out on part one, catch up here.

To know more about the Proudly Nigerian Beauty Series click this link here



Founded in 2015,Blot Beauty Cosmetics is the brainchild of Funke Preghafi. Funke has been involved in the global beauty industry for over 10 years and noticed the lack of diversity in the industry and the need by Multicultural women to find products suited for them.



With Long lasting Liquid Lipsticks curated for diverse skin tones, Face Primers to combat over production of sebum experienced by women of color, Long wear Brow creams and a wide style diary of Lash designs.


What is Your Star Product?

Our Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks. Specially curated to compliment a diverse array of skintones.

Blot Beauty Cosmetics is for the unapologetic beauty and reminds women not to settle because they are enough and beautiful as they are.


Website: www.blotbeautycosmetics.com

Instagram: @BlotBeautyCosmetics




Dabota Cosmetics was launched in July 2015 with a range of products including Foundation, Concealer, Powders, Lip products and a lot more. Birthed from extensive research on some world-class cosmetics brands to develop a top class high performance cosmetics line to change the face of Nigeria.




What Is Your Star Product?

Uur mineral highlighter called The Dabota Mineral Icing Sugar .

The Dabota mineral Icing sugar gives an instant unique flawless glow to all skin tones. It can be used on face or décolleté. You can wear the mineral Icing Sugar alone or over foundation. It give a more gorgeous effect if mixed with liquid foundation and especially amazing for mature dry skin because it infuses a youthful glow. It’s perfect for even the most sensitive skin because its Paraben-Free, Hypo- Allergenic, Allergy Tested, Non-comedogenic and also Fragrance-Free.

This product has become so popular amongst professional makeup artists and various individuals. We have actually sold out on this product on multiple occasions. Each time we bring in more, it sells out so fast making it our best seller.



Website: www.dabotacosmetics.com

Instagram: @Dabota_Cosmetics




HVS Beauty is a limited edition beauty line; a collection of must have beauty products. The collection is inspired by the brands head designer’s love for classic, regal and natural beauty looks. HVS Beauty will be released in collector’s edition style with HVS Star, a four in one color eye, brow palette, and HVS Star Rejuvenator as its first release.


What Is Your Star Product?

Our Star Eye & Brow Palette. The sharpening effects, along with the extra effective tools, help achieve perfected brows, down to every last strand.


Website: www.hvsdeluxe.com

Instagram: @HVSDeluxe


So we are here with the first instalment of our Proudly Nigerian Beauty Series, kicking things off with Makeup brands! I got a lot of emails from readers saying this was a great idea, but I was particularly happy to read from a couple up and coming makeup artists who are trying to build their Makeup Kits. The current prices (due to the exchange rate) of some makeup products are quite simply disheartening, so a post like this will possibly help them discover suitable alternatives.


YangaBeauty is an online and in store beauty marketplace where indigenous & International cosmetics products including our brand are retailed and a variety of beauty services are offered. We commenced business on the 11th of March 2014 and our beauty products in late September 2016.

Yanga Beauty assists women in boosting their self esteem by providing a wholesome beauty experience and shopping satisfaction

What is your star product?

BrowLution is a Super slim retractable eyebrow pencil with an accurate tip and brow brush in one, It is easy and convenient to use for an ultimate brow experience.

What Makes Browlution Special?

  • Its Non-Greasy/Oily, so you do not have to reapply or touch up your brows after application
  • Its Retractable so You are in control
  • One shade for Fair, Medium & Dark Skin


Website: www.yangabeauty.com

Instagram: @YangaBeauty





BlushinGirl Tools was founded in 2014 and launched its first product in 2015. They are committed to producing top quality, affordable makeup while delivering  superior customer service to our customers.

Their products are sold in Nigeria and Kenya by direct order from the company via sms or call and also in cosmetic retail stores and makeup studios.

What is your star product?

BlushinGirl Tools star product is our bold matte liquid lipsticks which are hydrating,long lasting and highly pigmented. They also feature a sweet vanilla fragrance which our customers love.They are manufactured using top quality ingredients and in strict compliance with USA FDA regulations.


Website: www.blushingirltools.com

Instagram: @BlushinGirlTools


We are a Nigerian e-commerce company started in 2012 offering very unique affordable fashion accessories for the chic and savvy where these where hard to come about. We recently re-launched in December, 2016 to include beauty products as we believe we can provide beauty products that will not empty your bank accounts but still be safe and provide the aesthetics desired. We can only grow as a Nation if we as a people take on the mantle to create indigenous products for ourselves and not rely solely of foreign products which do nothing for us as an economy.

Our pressed glitters are hand made here in Lagos, Nigeria and our loose glitters are also packaged here for retail around the Nation.

Our Silk and Mink Eyelashes are manufactured under the highest standards and as a result of our bulk requests, we able to  offer our products at a premium less than international brands requiring FX to source for them.

With local brands providing alternatives to high-end beauty products, not only will we create jobs but eventually improve the state of the economy and even our personal finances as end-users. Our aim is to become the go-to-hub for all Nigerians in search of fashion and beauty finds that are chic,ethically sourced, safe and fashion forward yet affordable. We are solely online for now but are actively working to ensure our products will be available everywhere for everyone. We offer Nationwide delivery and international delivery upon request.

 What is your star product?

Our Star product is our luxury range of high lustre cosmetic glitters. We have 20 colours of metallic, holographic and iridescent glitters available in loose and pressed forms. Our pressed glitters are safe for use on the eyes, nails and body.


Website: www.uberchicville.com

Instagram: @UberChicVille


Trim & Prissy, born out of the need of a high quality, indigenous make up line to compete with leading international brands in 2015, brings to you high-end yet affordable make up for classy women who go to work, socialise and want to stand out from the crowd. We retail online through our website www.trimandprissy.com and deliver nationwide, offering cash on delivery or direct bank transfer. We also plan to start international shipping and online card payments in the near future.

Trim & Prissy is essentially a lifestyle brand for ladies who love to look good and enhance their natural beauty with make up, all while ensuring the skin underneath remains healthy!

What is your star product?

Our Liquid Lipsticks


Website: www.trimandprissy.com

Instagram: @TrimandPrissy