If you’re on the market for new lip products to add to your stash, then this post is perfect for you! I thought to share swatches of some lip products I got over the holidays from SO Aesthetics, Blot Beauty Cosmetics & Taos Cosmetics.

SO Aesthetics

SO Aesthetics is a Ghanaian brand and I absolutely LOVE these glosses. They are the perfect lip-toppers or can also be worn on their own. My personal favourite out of the bunch is ‘Skinny Dip’

Price: NGN5,000

Where to buy: BeautyRevNG


TAOS Cosmetics

If you’re a regular BiL reader then you must be familiar with this Nigerian brand. They recently released a new range of liquid lipsticks over the festive season and these came in very handy at all the Christmas parties. I even rocked ‘Grinch’ a couple times! My favourite would have to be

Price: NGN3,400

Where to Buy: BeautyRevNG


Blot Beauty Cosmetics

This is a fairly new Nigerian makeup brand that launched some time last year I believe. These are liquid matte lipsticks, but may appear glossy in the swatches only because I didn’t let them dry before I captured that image. I must say, they do take a little bit longer to dry than most other liquid lipsticks I own, but I am loving the shades, consistency and pigmentation.

Price: NGN5,000

Where to buy: Blot Cosmetics


Which one’s your favourite? Let me know in the comments!



To round up the series of recent product releases by Nigerian brands, will be Kayge Cosmetics! They aren’t new to BiL as I’d introduced the brand on the blog a few years ago in this post here.
They’ve just launched a limited edition collection of matte liquid lipsticks in collaboration with one of Nigeria’s top makeup artists, Fatima Mamza (@MamzaBeauty).

The collection and range of shades in this limited edition collection are actually all Fatima’s creations.

The lipsticks contain a special ingredient called ‘Kaolin’, which is a naturally occuring clay mineral best known for it’s absorbent qualities. This is the key ingredient that provides the matte finish, but without drying out the lips. It also contains ‘Emmolient Esters’, these add lustre and enhance adhesion making it last all day.

I managed to get my hand on one of the shades in the collection


Price: N3,500

Where to buy (Call or Whatsapp):
For Abuja: +234 (0) 8127067277
For Portharcourt: +234 (0) 8093882127
For Abuja: +234 (0) 8034914240

Ez xxX


Taos Cosmetics is another innovative Nigerian brand that recently rebranded and I have been loving their new image as well as products. Their latest product release is a highlighter/bronzer palette, #TAOSGLOW

I noticed these swatch a lot better on warmer skin tones, which you can see below:

Photo credit: @Glorys_Beauty


Price: N10,500

Where to buy
Online: www.BeautyRevNG.com

Ez xxX


I know I say this a lot, but our Nigerian brands ain’t here to play! Over the next three days I will be sharing with you the latest product releases from three different indigenous brands, and I will be kicking the series of posts off with Yanga Beauty

Yanga Beauty was one of the first online beauty retailers I discovered years ago. I think they launched pretty much around the same time I started blogging. They retail a variety of makeup products from numerous brands and have now decided to create their own brand of matte liquid lipsticks.

Yanga Beauty describes their range of liquid lipsticks as being formulated using intense pigments and guaranteed to last up to 8hours, water proof and transfer free. They are also paraben free.

The range includes 5 regular matte shades: Fave, Nuddy, Purp, Brownie & Choco and 3 metallic matte shades: Eve, Ella & Nana.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on three of their regular matte shades and thought to share some swatches with you guys.


Price: N3,000 each

Where to Buy
Online: www.YangaBeauty.com
Instore: 15B Fatai Arobieke Street, off Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos
Telephone: 09051412214

Ez xxX


I recently worked on an exciting project with retail fashion leader Zazaii as part of their campaign for this year’s Lagos Fashion & Design Week. Amali Cosmetics created a new limited edition line in collaboration with Zazaii which was launched yesterday at fashion week. Yes, this is the same Amali Cosmetics that will be sponsoring tomorrow’s #TGiFreeManicures event with complimentary pink manicures.

Directly inspired by the transformative nature of fashion and beauty and the power of individuality, the bold colour edit curated by ZAZAII,  reflects a glamorous yet playful vibe, these limited edition polishes are must haves for next season.

Fashion and beauty, beauty and fashion the two topics go hand in hand. Fashion Week is the perfect collision for these two industries –

Nothing completes an outfit like the perfect manicure in the perfect shade. It has been an honour collaborating with Amali on such a chic nail polish capsule” says ZAZAII CEO and Founder Isoken Ogiemwonyi. We really enjoyed the creative process with Ameera and her people they are such a creative and insightful team. And we particularly enjoyed the process of putting together the campaign with (naturally) premier beauty bloggers Ez of Beauty in Lagos and Nicole of theNicoleCode.com.

Fashion and beauty go hand in hand, and I know a great manicure is as key to a look as the right dress – working with such an impactful fashion brand is such an inspiration, and always a pleasure I cannot wait to see the reaction of the Amali customers I just know they will LOVE it.Ameera Abraham, Founder and CEO of The Nail Bar & Amali Cosmetics.

The collaboration includes six trendy nail lacquers, ranging from lipstick red to shimmery gold, find the single lacquers for N3 500 a pop at its debut on Thursday at the X Retail tents at Lagos Fashion and Design Week.
You can also shop the lacquers online here. https://goo.gl/SDuPHl
About the Collection:
Calypso – A fun and moderate orange
Brilliance – Metallic shimmer in a beautiful gold base.
Revolution – Army green has never looked so good
Chai Latte – Add a natural shimmer with this pink based iridescent nude.
Red Velvet – A sinful and decadent red.
Sapphire – A bold and beautiful rich jewel of a blue.

Principal Photography – Adebayo Jolaoaso
Makeup – Helen John for DARI
Styling & Art Direction – Isoken Ogiemwonyi for ZAZAIICreate @theobsidianway @experiencezazaii

Manicures – ZAZAII Beauty Rooms x Amali Cosmetics

There is a Zazaii stand within the retail space at fashion week, be sure to stop by and show my images some luuurve :)…. Oh and also pick up some nail polish too OBVIOUSLY!

Ez xxX


I honestly feel like I manifested this Coffee scrub into my life. In comments section of this post, where I shared how I exfoliate my skin, I responded to a comment and said I really wanted to try out a coffee scrub because I’d heard about the benefits and then BOOM, Coffee scrub!

Makariah Scrubs is a Nigerian brand that formulates a variety of body scrubs using 100% natural ingredients. I will list the different scrubs they’ve got later on in this post.

The benefits that come from using a coffee-based scrub to exfoliate are popular and you just have to google “Benefits of Coffee Scrub” to read up on them all. Caffeine is known to be the number one enemy of cellulite when  applied topically, it tightens and infuses antioxidants into the skin. Since I have recently got back into scrubs, I thought I’d like to try out a coffee one but I had my reservations, biggest one being the ‘mess’. The mess that scrubs tend to create was what put me off using them for a while and I just stuck to using my exfoliating mitts. Now coffee scrubs introduce some extra messiness because they can stain your tub. Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to discover that the stain rinses right off. And I even noticed that by applying it very carefully, the stains were kept to an absolute minimum so there was nothing to be worried about in the first place.

Makariah Scrub ‘Coffee Scrub’ – N8,000*

Makariah Scrubs offered me some advice on how to achieve the best results from this scrub. One of which was to incorporate a technique called ‘Dry Brushing’, which is basically applying the scrub directly unto your dry skin, working it in and then rinsing off. I have used this scrub both ways on dry skin and wet, I would say if your skin is sensitive you may want to wet your skin first before you apply. For me, either method appeared to be just as effective. I will however recommend that you use a pair of exfoliating mitts after you’ve rinsed off the scrub and go over your entire body using your regular shower gel/soap. This is because the coffee will leave a stain on your skin and I found that just rinsing it off doesn’t do the job, so I go over my entire body with the mitts and that gets it all off.

Would I recommend this scrub? ABSOLUTELY! I love the way my skin feels right after I use it. The scrub doesn’t leave a ‘film’ after being rinsed off your skin, rather it feels lightly moisturized, even after going over your body with mitts & your shower gel/soap. Y’all know I detest that ‘film’ some scrubs tend to leave in the name of moisturizing. I also love that it comes with the little bamboo wooden spoon to scoop out the scrub, not only is this so much more hygienic that dipping your hands in, but helps we ‘long-nailed’ girls not get bits stuck underneath our nails. Little things like this make me truly happy.. attention to detail!

Other Products offerings from Makariah Scrubs

Brown Sugar Scrub – (NGN8,000): This is a natural brightening scrub to help brighten and moisturize the skin. Perfect for individuals who suffer from Acne.
Coconut Scrub – (NGN8,000): This is perfect for individuals with scars on their body as it contains natural VitaminE oil 
Coffee Scrub – (NGN8,000): This works best for individuals struggling with cellulite and stretch marks as the caffeine has natural anti-inflammatory properties to tighten the skin. 


Website: www.makariahscrubs.com  (NB: For orders only) 
To Place an order email: makariahscrubs@gmail.com
Instagram account: @makariahscrubs

Anyone used a Coffee Scrub? What was your experience?
Ez xxX

PS: If you entered the Shea Moisture Giveaway, I have responded to the winners in the comments section.


Regular readers will know that R and R Luxury is one of my absolute favourite Nigerian beauty brands! Their Shea Oil has been my all-over-body moisturiser for the past 2 years. Last year, they appeared in my Valentine’s post and they make the list again this year!

For HER: Shea Oil (choice of: Lemongrass, Serenity & Unscented), Shea Soap & a Soy Candle.
To learn more about what each variety of shea oil contains and the differences between them, read my post here.
For HIM: R&R Man SHea Oil (choice between Marrakech Nights & Lemongrass scents), Man Liquid Black Soap , Soy Candle (choice of fragrances) & Hair Brush.

The price of the gift boxes varies from N10,000 – N12,000 because you may decide to add-in or swap-out items.

View the R and R Luxury listing on The BiL Directory for contact information

Ez xxX