Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, and as I mentioned in this post, I will be sharing some Valentine Gift Ideas with you guys. You can get a gift for yourself, your Mum, friend or send ‘Bae’ over to BiL this week! But most importantly, I hope you enjoy the series as much as I did whilst curating it!
Goat Milk Cupcake Soaps
Up first in the series we have Bath Kandy. Bath Kandy is an environmentally friendly, skin loving, beauty preserving, artisan bath and body company. Their food-inspired, bath and body products are beautifully handcrafted with natural ingredients sourced within Africa and beyond. They are made to look and smell like desserts, incorporating gourmet food and drink items for a lusciously indulgent bath- time experience. Their products don’t just look like delicious deserts, they also smell yummy and target specific skin problems! 

Artisan Image Soap

They can embed anything in soap…a love message, a picture of the couple, a keepsake item (an engagement ring perhaps)

Price: from N22,000
For HER: Body Soufflé, Face & Body Wash, Strawberry Daiquiri Body Polish, GoatMilk Lotion, Chocolate Truffle Box/ Artisan Cupcake Soap.

Price: from N20,000
For HIM: Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Face & Body Wash, GoatMilk Lotion, Charcoal Soap 
New York Nights Cupcake Soap

Scented Candles: Warm Vanilla Sugar, Cinnamon Spice & Chocolate Drizzle

Lusciously Creamy Avocado Soap

Chocolate Truffle Box – Collection of 12 assorted mini chocolate soaps
BathKandy also provide the option of creating your own gift tubs/boxes using any of the above displayed products!
Bath Kandy
36A Wole Ariyo Street, off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos
Telephone: +234 (0) 8152707604
Instagram: @BathKandy

Make sure you check back later today, I will be sharing another Valentine’s gift idea!
Ez xxX

I stumbled across this brand whilst browsing instagram earlier this week. I thought what an ingenious idea! Pre-braided hair extensions that can be installed using the ‘crotchet’ method. For those of you that don’t know what the ‘Crotchet’ method is, I suggest you watch this video. Basically, your own hair is braided into cornrows and the hair extensions are crocheted on using a latch hook. There are numerous benefits to getting your hair extensions installed this way,  most important being there is less tension to your scalp! The crotchet method is also time efficient, but add in the fact that the Krotchet Kulture hair extensions are pre-braided, that makes it that much more appealing

Krochet Kulture is an indigenous brand (woop! Buy Nigerian!!), owned by Nigerian media personality, Stephanie Coker. The motivation behind her brand is to provide women with protective synthetic hair extensions without compromising on quality! The hair extensions can be used by everyone whether your hair is natural or processed (relaxed).

Another thing I like is that it comes in a variety of colours: black, blue, blonde, burgundy & grey! Not bad huh?


  1. Price: N3,000
  2. Comes in two length options: 12″ & 24″
  3. 12″ requires 2.5-3 packs for a full head 
  4. 24″ requires 3-4 packs for a full head
  5. Each order comes with a free crotchet pin used for installation
  6. Nationwide delivery
Where to Buy:
Shomya Salon: Block 12E, Plot B, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.
Contact Details
Telephone No: 07088631619
Instagram: @KrotchetKulture 
Ez xxX

I recently received a gift from Zaron Cosmetics,  I already shared the contents of the box over on my Snapchat last weekend (Username: BeautyInLagos). From the pictures above you can see it contained makeup as well as non-makeup items. As I was taking the makeup products out of the box and looking at them, I realized I had absolutely no idea Zaron had some of these products in their range. Quick search on their site and I was impressed with the price points, these are super affordable compared to other brands’ offerings of the same product. Have a look for yourself….

Zaron Face Primer: N3,050

Zaron Perfect Finish Spray – N2,950

Zaron Eye Primer – N1,450

Zaron Volumizing Mascara & Duo Eyeshadow – N1,950 & N1,200


A massive thank you, once again, to Zaron Cosmetics!

Ez xxX


This isn’t a review, just wanted to share some new makeup I recently got, with you guys. Vivo is a Nigerian Makeup brand and I was sent a few of their products to try out. You can read my initial thoughts after the pictures.

L-R: Mineral Powder Foundation ‘Sunlit’ NGN3000 | Pressed Pigments ‘Palette 05’ NGN5,500 | Invisible Blotting Powder NGN3000| Safari Mineral Bronzer ‘Congo’ NGN4,000

Lip Lock NGN2,500

Liquid Lipsticks – NGN3,000 

So far, my favourite products are the foundation stick, the gel liner & the liquid lipsticks.

Stick Foundation – NGN3,500

I’m actually impressed that they managed to correctly match me to their foundation and all I did was provide my shade in MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid foundation. It’s a stick foundation and I’m still trying out different application techniques on it. I tried out the Real Techniques ‘Expert Face Brush’ all through last week, and this week I’m using a damp beauty blender. Day 3 of using the beautyblender and I think I prefer it. The right application technique makes a HUGE difference in how a product performs on your face in terms of blending and staying-power.

Gel Liner – NGN3,000

My second-favourite product, the gel liner, has the most divine texture.. so far. I say this, because you know gel liners tend to get dry after a short while, so the test is to see how long this maintains it’s nice creamy texture. In terms of intensity, it isn’t the blackest-black gel liner in my stash, but I still reach for it because I LOVE the texture.

With the liquid lipsticks, I have only tried out ‘Haute Cocoa’ and one thing you should note is it isn’t matte. I have become so used to all these liquid lipsticks being matte, that I assumed these were matte as well, but they aren’t, which I must say, was a pleasant surprise. You can already tell from my swatches that they are super-pigmented.

I may possibly have a full review up on some of these products, but if you would like to browse more products from Vivo makeup or possibly purchase something, I have provided all the information you need below

Vivo Makeup
2nd Floor, Centre Point Plaza 35 Adetokumbo Wuse 2, Abuja (by Chloe’s Cupcake Heaven)
Telephone: +234  (0) 7063455611
Instagram: @Vivo_Makeup

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Ez xxX


Like I mentioned in this post, I was invited to attend the launch of the Ajali Handmade Naturals showroom and spa this past weekend. Every single product sold in this store is 100% Natural and Handmade! We are truly blessed on this side of the world, that such products are readily available for us to buy. The international skincare industry literally fall over themselves for products that are ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ and these are usually the most expensive on the market. And here we are in Lagos, surrounded by numerous indigenous businesses selling these 100% natural skincare products & oils.

Full Product List & Prices for Ajali Handmade Naturals

They’ve got products that can be used on the skin and hair. They haven’t got an expansive range of products, but I am pretty sure they will be adding more to their product line as the company grows. And I actually don’t hate the fact they haven’t got a huge range of products, because that way they can maintain their ‘handmade’ touch and produce extremely good quality products. Quality over quantity for me, any day! Even with their current product range, they seem to have covered all the basics: Body Scrubs, Butters (Soufflés) & Polishes, Face Masks & Oils, Oil Blends, Lip Balms & Scrubs and Konjac Sponges. Isn’t it so convenient that they displayed the prices of everything they sell, and I thought to share them with you guys since that’s usually the most important information to know once you’ve decided you like what a brand is offering.

 I love love love their clean, no-fuss packaging, it’s all about letting the products speak for themselves!

I picked up a bottle of their Vitamin E Facial Oil and a Lip Scrub. I had a random breakout on either side of my jaw area last month and I want to see if the Vitamin E oil will help reduce the appearance, of the scars they left behind, so I’ll definitely let you know how that goes. I was also very pleasantly surpised to see that they also had Rosehip Oil. A couple years ago my friend and I looked EVERYWHERE and couldn’t find Rosehip oil in Lagos, good to know we can now re-purchase from Ajali when we run out !

Ajali Handmade Naturals
11B Tokunbo Omisore Street, Off Wole Olateju (By Avalon House), Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.
Mon-Sat: 10am – 6pm
Sun: By Appointment only
Telephone: +234 (0) 8178919385

If you are like me and prefer the ‘natural’ way when it comes to skincare, especially ‘all-over-body’ skincare I’d stongly advice you visit the Ajali store soon!

Hope you enjoyed this post

Ez xxX


Hi Guys!

Hope everyone’s good!

I have got some fresh content coming your way the next few weeks, I have been out and about discovering new beauty stores and salons and will be sharing them on the blog. If you want to discover these places with me in ‘real-time’, you can follow along on snapchat | Username: BeautyinLagos.  But today, I want to share some newly launched makeup from indigenous brand, Zaron!

If there is a brand that strives to keep up with the latest beauty trends and improve the quality of their products it’s Zaron. Old-time readers of my blog will remember my initial thoughts about the brand (you can read that here), but that since changed and Zaron continue to surprise me time and time again.

They recently released a new range of Matte Lipsticks and Lipstains, but I will be talking about the lipsticks in this post and the stains in a future post.

The entire Matte lipstick collection boasts 12 shades in total, I was lucky enough to get my hands on 4. I will share the swatches first and let you know what my thoughts are right after.

These are coming up a smidge brighter in these swatches, but that’s because I took these facing natural light.

Zaron Matte Lipstick ’06 Butterscotch’ – N2,500*

Zaron Matte Lipstick ’13 Denim’ – N2,500*

Zaron Matte Lipstick ’05 Sassy’ – N2,500*

Zaron Matte Lipstick ’01 Fierce’ – N2,500*

Please ensure you moisturise before you apply. These are matte but don’t feel dry on my lips, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t much of a matte-lip fan, until quite recently, with my borderline obsessive acquisition of quite frankly more liquid matte lipsticks than necessary, and still growing! because of how drying they were… catch your sub ‘Ruby Woo’. These don’t drag during application they glide on very easily and don’t dry up on your lips. They’re also not ‘pasty’ at all.

I honestly did expect these to be drying, but they aren’t at all! I had a chat with Shalewa (who owns BeautyKink and also stocks these in her store) about these as well, and she agreed the formulation is really good and lasts a long time. The staying power is super! I had ’01 Fierce’ on for 6hours and I put it through the ringer. I drank tea, water, ate 2 guavas and this stayed on, fading ever so slightly in the centre. I shared a picture of what it looked like on instagram here.

Overall, I really like these Matte Lipsticks! Apart from ’13 Denim’ which was a bit of a chore to apply and get an even coverage, but this is typical with all dark/borderline black lip products I have tried and I haven’t tried that many to be honest, so I could be wrong. What I will advise if you get ‘Denim’ is,  apply it generously one lip at a time. Avoid smacking/rubbing your lips together during application as this causes it to spread and become uneven. So, take your time with this one if you want to get smooth even coverage.

All these (except ‘Denim) I wore for about 6hours. eating and drinking and they stayed put. So I’d give Zaron a thumbs-up for these!

Hope you enjoyed this review!

Ez xxX


Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all well and excited the week is nearly done!

Sharing some products I got recently from Zaron. I have blogged about Zaron a few times, so if you want to get some background info on this Nigerian brand you can read these posts here, here and here.

Zaron released these ‘Uno’ eyeshadows late 2014. There are 10 shades in the range and I have been using these in rotation almost every single day since I got them.

Uno Eyeshadow ’01 Iron Throne’ – N990*

Uno Eyeshadow ’02 Mocha’ – N990*
Uno Eyeshadow ’03 Charcoal’ – N990*
Uno Eyeshadow ’04 Cadillac’ – N990*
Uno Eyeshadow ’05 Gold Rush’ – N990*
Uno Eyeshadow ’06 Whirl Wind’ – N990*

Uno Eyeshadow ’07 Mystery’ – N990*

Uno Eyeshadow ’08 Babe’ – N990*
Uno Eyeshadow ’09 Desert’ – N990*
Uno Eyeshadow ’10 Jasper’ – N990*


I really like these eyeshadows, and if you are a makeup artist these are definitely products for your kit! The pigmentation is fairly decent, but as you can see clearly from the swatches some are a lot more pigmented than others. But like I mentioned at the start of this post, I honestly have been using these shadows a lot and I love them! I strongly advice using a good eyeshadow base with these.

This post is quite picture heavy, so I am keeping the text sparse on this one!

Which shade is your favourite?


Ez xxX