Hi Guys,

I am quite excited to introduce this brand on the blog today, and you will see why in a minute.

Lila’alli makeup is a Nigerian-owned British makeup brand. I stumbled across Amina’s (lady behind the brand) instagram page early last year and I don’t remember the specifics on how this happened, but it had something to do with her brand.

When I was contacted by the Lila’alli PR team months ago, informing me that Amina was visiting Lagos in a few weeks and wanted to take a meeting with me, I was very interested. I love to meet the people behind beauty brands, because as with anyone there is always a background story and that story is what I love to hear. I may be weird, but I love to see the connection between a Entrepreneur and their brand, right away I can tell if I am dealing with someone who knows what they’re doing or just another person trying to get rich quick. With Amina it was definitely, the former! She went right into it getting all the makeup out and talking in-depth about it all. Amina is a trained cosmetologist, who primarily was interested in skincare and her philosophy is exactly like mine, look after your skin first as makeup will never compensate for bad skin. So one way or the other Amina found herself as a Production Manager at a very popular international makeup brand where she worked for about 4 years (I forget exactly how long she said), before she left to set up her own brand.

As a trained cosmetologist you know Amina didn’t just go pick some of-the-shelf products from any manufacturer and stick her labels on them. No, she worked closely with the manufacturers, flew down to China and started creating her products. She even laughed about the fact her manufacturers were tired of her sending back samples saying “No it’s  not quite right” and her penchant for quality paid off. Just have a look at the products and swatches below.

The Lila’lli theme colours are white, purple and gold and this runs through the product packaging.

There are a lot of things I love about these products, the packaging, the pigmentation, but I most especially love the concept behind the brand, every single product is multi-purpose. So the lipliners double-up as eyeliners, brow fillers, eyeshadow bases. Lipsticks double-up as blushers and Blushers can be eyeshadows, highlighters, contour powders or mixed with some clear-gloss can be used as lipglosses. As a makeup artist imagine the money you could save with these products.

Lip Collision

Like I mentioned above, all their products are multifunctional and they represent this in their product-naming convention. These lipstick/gloss combos are called ‘Lip Collisions’.

 On one end is the lipstick and on the other a lipgloss

Both products are very pigmented as you can see from the swatches.

 The glosses can actually be worn alone, the pigmentation provides enough coverage.

Line. Define.Fill

These are essentially lipliners, but can also be used to fill in your brows and also as lipsticks!

Pigment Infusion

These are blushers but can also be mixed in with some clear lipgloss and applied to the lips.

False Lashes

Unfortunatley I haven’t got the Nigerian prices for these items, but to get an idea you can have a look at the pricing on their website,  Lila’alli Makeup.

Apologies for the lengthy post, but I really wanted to share all the information I had on this brand, because I am sure for most of you this is the first time you’ve ever seen or heard of Lila’lli, and I like to share information the way I’d like to receive it. I have got lip swatches and will share these in a separate post, as this one is picture-heavy enough.

Where to Buy

My Makeup NG – Online and in-store
Beauty Kink 

Lilla’lli will be launched this weekend by My Makeup at the 3rd edition of the Lagos Makeup Fair (LMUF).

LMUF holds this weekend! Yes guys, it’s a 2-day event this time, Saturday and Sunday! I will be there all day Sunday, hanging out at the My Makeup stand, so come say Hi!

So please tell me after all you’ve read and seen, who else loves Lila’lli?


Ez xxX


Hey Everyone!

Feels like it’s been ages since I blogged, sheesh! Hope everyone’s been well :). Another ‘first look’ post for you lovelies and I am so excited about this one and you’ll see why in a little bit.

My Makeup isn’t a stranger on BiL and my love for this online store isn’t a secret and it appears they love me too because they have just gone and named a lipstick after yours truly! :D. So this is kind of old gist, because I have posted this on my instagram page (you really should follow me: @BeautyInLagos), but I did not mention the other shades I received and I wanted to do that in this post.

My Makeup Lip Candy – N1,500* each

A few months ago they launched their ‘Lip Candy’ collection with a total of 13 shades (for now), and you cannot imagine my face when they told me there was a ‘Beauty In Lagos’ shade in there.

My Makeup Lip Candy L-R: ‘Beauty In Lagos’, ‘Shakara’, ‘Lekki Babe’

The name ‘Lip Candy’ is right as these colours in particular remind me of just that and all three shades are very-pigmented.


My Makeup Lip Candy in ‘Shakara’

I absolutely LOVE this colour. It’s a bright coral, very punchy, very playful. I can just imagine this worn against a very flawless base, bare eyes, with just a liner and full lashes. And like I said these lip colours are very pigmented!

My Makeup Lip Candy in ‘Lekki Babe’

This shade is just so interesting and mysterious it’s a bright lilac shade with blue undertones. I kept looking at myself in the mirror whilst swatching this one. And one minute I’m like ‘yeah I can rock this’ and then the next I’m thinking ‘Oh My God I can’t pull this off’. This colour is absolutely wearable in my opinion, but I think it takes a certain type of ‘personality’ to pull this off. I’d really love to rock this one day!

My Makeup Lip Candy in ‘Beauty In Lagos’

And finally… TA-DA! The ‘Beauty In Lagos’ Lip Candy by My Makeup.

Although it’s been months since they launched I am still not over the fact that I have got a lipstick named after me. Any fellow makeup obsessed person will understand how INSANE that is. And I know I have thanked them a million times and even asked them ‘why????’. But I really want to say another Thank You to them and I am really really flattered by this unexpected gesture :D.
And they know me so well, it HAD to be pink 😉

Also as a little treat for you my lovely lovely readers I have got a discount code that you can redeem when you shop on the mymakeup site! At the checkout enter code ‘bil4’ to receive 15% off your entire purchase.

It’ll also be great if you had the ‘Beauty In Lagos’ Lip Candy in your basket 😉


Enjoy your weekend my lovelies!


Ez xxX


Hello my lovelies! Hope you are all well

One of the reasons I enjoy living out here is how easy it is to get natural oils and products, I do not take this for granted. I also love the fact that there are quite a few businesses that sell such products at reasonable prices, MsNella is one of them. As I’d mentioned on here before, when it comes to my all-over-body skincare (sans the face) I prefer the natural option, for moisturising, exfoliation and hair care. My favourite of the natural oils is Shea Butter, whether it’s unprocessed or whipped I loooooooove me some Shea Butter.

I was sent a tub each of hair moisturiser and body butter and was very pleased both products were made from sheabutter.

MsNella Hair Moisturiser*- N

The hair moisuriser is made up of sheabutter, essential oils and conditioner. I have been using this to moisturise and seal my hair every other day. The fact that the moisturiser contains sheabutter eliminates the need for me to seal my hair with an oil after I have moisturised (because sheabutter is an oil, so that would be oil on oil lol, nah thanks). MsNella have also got a starter pack coming out soon, targeted at people who have hacked off all their relaxed hair and want to go the natural hair route. So anyone interested, it might be worth sending them an email to get more information.

MsNella Body Butter*- N

As much as I love my natural skincare vendors,  I do have one gripe. Why do some of them tout their sheabutter as ‘whipped’ only to discover the product is rock solid! Like I know that unprocessed sheabutter is hard, and I haven’t got a problem rubbing it between my palms to warm it up so it melts a little before I apply it. BUT, when I see that the sheabutter has been described as ‘whipped’ that is exactly what I am expecting. I was very pleased with the texture of this whipped shea butter, it is described as ‘double-whipped’ even. The texture is not creamy, it may appear hard but is very soft to touch and smooth. So so smooth, no lumps and bumps at all! Easy to apply and absorbs very well into the skin.

Because of the tub size, I resolved to apply the body butter just on certain areas of my body like my feet, knees, elbows etc. as opposed to all over. The butter smells just like shea (duh) and hasn’t got an overpowering scent at all. I am enjoying this body butter.

Now I wanted to show you guys the difference in texture of the products I received. I actually thought both products were for the skin and was curious as to why one was smoother than the other. So I asked Detola (lady behind the MsNella brand) why and she explained one was a hair moisturiser and the other a body butter. The texture of the hair moisturiser (left) isn’t as smooth because it contains a lot more than the butter (right) including the hair conditioner. Good thing I asked right? Because I was ready to use them both on my skin lol. All in all, both great products!

100ml – N1500
200ml – N2900
300ml – N4200
Natural Hair Journey Starter pack (coming soon) – N9000

To Order:

Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

What’s your favourite natural Oil?


Ez xxX


Hi Everyone

So today’s post is a first look and impression about some new products that Sleek Makeup Nigeria’s ‘S.Studio’ recently launched.

Sleek Studio is the brand/holding company marketing Sleek makeup and Sleek hair in Nigeria and has now developed the S.Studio brand as well. S.Studio products can be found only in Nigeria for now.

S.Studio ‘Flash ‘a’ Pout’ LipStains

S.Studio recently released some lip products called ‘Flash ‘a’ Pout’ lipstains*. They describe them as long lasting  ultra matte finish lip stain with LED light and mirror for perfect application even in the dark  

L-R ‘Revolution’, ‘Siren’, ‘Naivety’,  ‘Duke’, ‘Coined’, ‘Forbidden’

They did get that right, these babies are super SUPER matte! And my regular readers know that lip products with a matte finish are not my cup of tea. They released 6 matte shades, which are named in the caption above.

Like I mentioned these lipstains are SUPER matte. My preference in finishes when it comes to lip-products goes from the least liked being ‘matte, then ‘satin’ and my favourite being ‘creme’ (in MAC-speak). Anyway these are matte and quite drying. But if this finish is the sort you like, then I assume you’d love it.

Now first thing you want to do before you apply this is to make sure your lips are exfoliated and then moisturise them. You HAVE to apply some lip conditioner/balm before going in with these, or else you’ll have difficulty blending this in as you work. Speaking of blending, you’ll need to work super-fast with these as they dry in seconds! I suggest working on one of your lips and finishing, before you move to the other, because once this dries, going over it a second time isn’t really a good idea. Also when applying, you should do so in one direction at a time. You know when you apply your lipstick/gloss and you go from left to right, back and forth. I’ll suggest you work the brush across your lips in one direction using short strokes. Take your time when applying and make sure your mirror is close enough.

These things do not budge! Taking these pictures for the swatches below, I had to learn the hard way. NOTHING could get this off, except my trusty babywipes & baby oil combo. And even with this, I had to let the babyoil settle a bit on my lips, before I went in with the wipes. I haven’t worn these a full day yet, but from wearing them for these swatches, I can only imagine the staying power will be excellent.

Sounds like a lot of work huh? But if you want the finish I’ve got in the pictures below, you really will have to take your time with these or risk looking like you fell asleep with your lipstick on.




This is a gorgeous shade, but a bit of a nightmare to apply. It’s quite difficult to get an even finish with this, but this is usually typical with very dark-coloured lip products. You will have to work quickly and at the same time be precise with your application. Clearly, from my swatches, I struggled some trying to get this to look even and non-patchy.

This is my favourite in terms of it’s application and finish. Just like the others you equally have to work quite fast with this but I find it slightly creamier, on application, than the rest which makes it a lot easier to spread and attain the coverage I want. It is also a very curious shade, like a dark burnt-orange. Never had any lip product this shade. At first I was stuck on what look will go with this, but after a while I got a flood of inspiration. Can’t wait to try a couple looks out with this, I’ll be sure to share!
This is my second favourite shade. And I don’t think I need to explain further, it’s PINK!! :D. And also applies similar to Forbidden, but a smidge less creamy.
I will update this post with ‘Revolution’s’ swatch soon
Remember in the description I typed above provided by S.Studio, these have an in-built LED light which can be switched on and off with a button embedded in the cap.

How pretty do they look lit up? These retail for N1,600 and can be purchased all over Nigeria from the following outlets I have provided below.

Sleek Studio Retailers

Sleek Studio 
64b Anifowoshe Off Adeola Odeku VI 
Sleek Studio Apapa 
12 Calcutta Crescent Apapa 
Sleek Studio Ikeja 
No 2 Oriyomi Street, Ikeja before Ipodo Market,Opp ‘Under Bridge’
Sleek Studio Abuja 
D201 Bloomsbury Plaza 1245 Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent wuse 2 
Sleek Studio Kaduna 
No 2,Kinkino Road Off Akali Road Kaduna North
Sleek Studio Ibadan 
Block G, Shop 7 and 8 Joke Plaza ,Opp Acess Bank Bodija Ibadan.
Sleek studio Abakiliki 
NO 6 Afikpo Street, Abakaliki. Close to Vanco Round Junction Ebonyi State

So tell me, which shade’s your favourite?
Ez xxX

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re all well and getting into the Christmas spirit!

Today I wanted to let you all know how I got on with a few products that I was kindly gifted last month. Hegai & Esther (H&E)  is not a brand that is new to the BiL. I discovered them at the first Lagos Makeup Fair I attended, to read that post click here.

So when I bumped into the lovely Gbemi at an event and she kindly offered me some of her new products to try out, I could not resist! (Gbemi is the lady behind the brand, H&E)

She was so generous as to give me an ENTIRE brush set, I could not thank her enough and two of her gel eyeliners.

Hegai & Esther 12-piece brush set* – N13,000 but currently on Xmas offer for N10,000

The brush-roll contains 12 full-sized brushes. I have been using a couple of the brushes over the past weeks. They are very light-weight, which I wasn’t used to at all. All the other brushes I own are quite ‘heavy’ in comparison. I have a few favourites already, the eye-brow spooley has got to be my new found love. I always nick the little disposable ones they have on display at makeup counters, particularly MAC, as I didn’t see the point in spending money on a full-sized spooley when I can get loads of free disposables. But I can honestly say I have used the full-sized one from H&G every single day and it makes a huge difference. From the longer handle, to the densly-packed rigid bristles, my eyebrows thank me everyday. Another favourite of mine is the angled blush-brush. I use this to contour and apply my blush. The powder brush is super-soft. I love the selection, they’ve pretty much got it all covered.

Overall, these are good quality brushes, very soft and not ‘scratchy’ at all. They pick up product nicely and I have not experienced shedding. I particularly like the naming scheme they adopted for their brushes, nothing fancy just simple things like ‘Powder’ ‘Eyeshadow’ ‘Eye Smudge’, simple and straight to the point.

When she handed the little gel pots to me I didn’t know what to expect. I love gel-liners, but I’ve never bought them in any colour other than black.

So when she proceeded to tell me that she actually uses one of them to fill in her brows! I was intrigued. I mean I mostly use eyeshadows, and occasionally pencils, to fill in my brows and I do own the Sleek eyebrow palette that’s got the powder and gel duo in it, but I didn’t really pay attention to the gel product

H&E Waterproof Gel-Line in ‘Peacock’* – N1500 but currently on Xmas offer at N1200

She sent me two colours, this one is called ‘Peacock’. A nice emerald green. I love jewel tone makeup products in general. The gel-liners come with a handy mini slant-brush, which is quite decent quality in comparison to other such brushes that come free with products.

The swatch above isn’t really a good one, as it may lead you to believe this product isn’t very pigmented, but trust me it is. It’s very pigmented, although I believe the other colour I was sent is a lot more pigmented, as you’ll see in a minute. This can be used along the bottom lash-line for that pop of colour and I have been using it right above my regular black winged-liner look. Like I place it right above my black liner, blending them in just at the top, so there’s this subtle incorporation of colour on my lids, works a treat. It can even be used as an eyeshadow base!

H&E Waterproof Gel-Line in ‘Nubia’* – N1500 but currently on Xmas offer at N1200

I have used this every single day since I got it to fill in my brows, and I love it! It’s the perfect shade of brown for me, not too dark and just light enough. Don’t be fooled by the colour you see in the pot above, for some reason it looks a very light brown colour, but once you break the surface, underneath it’s a nice dark-brown, exactly like the swatch below.

See how pigmented ‘Nubia’ is. I had these swatches on my hand and straight after went in for a shower and I have to tell you these did not budge. So when it says these are waterproof, they really are.

I really did not know what to expect with these products, but I always keep an open mind. These products are awesome and I will definitely recommend them, especially the gel-liners. I just cannot say it enough, but we really need to pay attention to our own home-grown talent. These indigenous makeup brands are really worth looking into, especially if you are a new makeup artist just starting to build your kit.

Hegai & Esther
Address: 21/25 Akinsanya Street,
By FRSC Compound Ojodu, Lagos.
Telephone: 08035806183, 08128145774
Email: info@hegaiandesther.com
Website: www.hegaiandesther.com


Ez xxX


Hello hello!
Thank God its Friday!!! *buzzing*

Got another review for y’all, I already introduced the brand in this post here. So if you need information on where to buy and contact details, they can be found at the end of that post. This will be a long read, so grab some snacks and settle in!

House of Tara is an indigenous makeup brand which has undergone a total makeover and I am loving it!

I was sent a Matte LipColor, Blusher, Bronzer, Eyeshadow Trio, HighShine LipStain and a Kabuki brush.

House Of Tara HighShine LipStain in ‘Nehanda’*
First up is the High Shine LipStain. I already expressed how much I loved this product here and I am happy to have another shade to added to my collection. 

When I first pulled this out the box, I just stared at it. It’s nothing like the shades I’d typically go for. Even after swatching, I still wasn’t convinced. But when I wore this, I could not believe how gorgeous a shade it was. For some reason it gives my lips a much fuller illusion and is the perfect deep-caramel tone. I love rocking this with a purple eye, it really warms up my face and pulls everything together. Just like the other lipstain I own, this is very pigmented and applies beautifully. Really haven’t got anything bad to say about this. Love it!

House of Tara Blusher in ‘Dariya’*
Next up, an interesting blusher.
When I opened this up, I went “What in the world?”. I’m telling you, House of Tara really brought the surprise factor with the selection they sent me, a lot of the products really surprised me, in a good way. Just LOOK at the pigmentation of that Blusher! It’s a bright red with orange undertones and trust me a little bit goes a long way, you don’t want to be heavy handed with it at all to avoid looking like a clown. And I honestly feel like this will be gorgeous on ladies with darker skintones, it’ll be that perfect flush of colour on the cheeks. Look at it swatched and blended in the bottom right picture. It blends into a nice ‘rust-like’ shade. I also feel like this will work well as an eyeshadow too! Seems like a great shade that can be blended into the crease of an intense black/brown smokey eye! Really plan on trying this out soon.
House of Tara Trio Eyeshadow in ‘Omoge’*
First glance, really liked the colour selection in this trio
After swatching, wasn’t too impressed with the colour pay-off.. Not as pigmented as most of the eyeshadows I own. You can see from the swatches on the right.Weirdly enough, I quite like the gold shade in there for some odd reason, if I had to pick, it’s my favourite. And the medium brown I have been using in my crease as a transition colour and it’s similar to ‘Cork’ by MAC or ‘Buck’ in the UD’s Naked Palette. Just that medium-tone perfect soft-brown shade.

This Bronzer is the one product that I STILL haven’t got round to using yet *hangs head*. But in my defence this is simply because I have got like a gazillion bronzers and highlighters it’s a mission to get through them. But from the swatches above I know that I’ll love this bronzer. I love to have that nice glow on my cheeks. I am going to pop this in my Mobile Makeup Bag and use it throughout the day for touch-ups! (if you don’t know what a MMB is checkout this post)
House of Tara Matte LipColor in ‘Kontagora’*

My absolute FAV of the bunch.

Just LOOK at the colour and pigmentation of that lipstick. I could not believe my eyes when I saw it! I actually got excited! It is the most gorgeous blue-toned pink, Hot Pink! And the swatches did not disappoint either.

I posted this picture on my instagram page and most of my followers agreed. I am now curious to try out a few more shades from their lipcolour line! It’s matte, but this is not drying and all, infact I will say it’s a ‘moisturising matte’ lipstick. It doesn’t drag during application and is very forgiveable on the lips. But please apply some lipbalm before application and this should be the norm when applying ANY lip-product, prep your lips first!

House of Tara ‘Buff Powder’ Brush*

This buff brush is similar to a kabuki brush, but with a slightly longer handle. The bristles on this brush are nice and soft, not scratchy at all. And I experienced very minimum shedding with this. I have used it everyday since I got it to apply my blot powder when I start to get a little shiny. The bristles are densely packed together so it picks up product very well. I love that it is small enough to fit into an MMB. No complaints about this one.

Really pleased with these products. If you are thinking of purchasing any of these and have a few questions, just let me know in the comments section below and I’d be more than happy to answer them 🙂

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!


Ez xxX


Hey Everyone!
Hope you lovelies had a good weekend and are well and truly over the dreaded ‘Monday-Blues’. I’ve got a relatively new makeup brand to introduce you guys to, and I’m quite excited about this one.
The brand is called Kayge Cosmetics*, and they contacted me last month asking to send me over some of their stuff to try out.

Right now their line consists of just lip products. So in the picture above you can see the sort of lip products they have, LipGlosses, LipSticks, LipStains and LipPencils

They were generous enough to ask me to pick anything I wanted, I didn’t want to be too greedy so I chose two items. Imagine my surprise when I got my package and saw that they added in a few more bits. I literally squealed! Lol. I was sent a lipliner, lipstick, 2 glosses and a lipstain, basically an item from each line.
Kayge Cosmetics Lipstick in ‘Mist’
 First off is the lipstick in ‘Mist’

This is a neutral/nude shade. If you follow me on instagram (@BeautyInLagos) you already know I love my ‘My-lips-but-better’ shades of lipstick, especially for the office. And this falls right into that category. It’s a nice warm nude shade, with a creamy consistency and lustre finish. I really like how it feels on my lips and it’s gained a well-deserved spot in my ‘nude-lippy’ rotation.

Kayge Cosmetics LipGlosses in ‘Flirt’ & ‘Melon’

Next up are the lip glosses

L-R: Flirt & Melon

Absolutely in love with the colours I was sent. I  picked out ‘Melon’ and ‘Flirt’ was selected by the vendor. These lip glosses are super pigmented. I found them teeny-weeny too thick during application but once applied and blended, it just melts in. They are not sticky at all. They can also be lightly layered over lipsticks too. Been wearing these a lot over the past week and it’s pure love! They’ve got two different lipgloss variations, ‘Matte’ and ‘Shimmer’. Both these glosses are in the ‘Matte’ family.

Kayge Cosmetics Lipstain in ‘Cotton Candy’ & LipPencil in ‘Nude’

Last up are the lipstain and lip pencil

This lipstain I picked out because I was instantly drawn to the colour, but would you believe I am yet to use this! Unbelievable, I know. But I did swatch it and it is very very similar to MAC’s ‘Saint Germaine’ lipstick. I cannot give a full review on the texture and how it feels on the lips, but I will let my instagram/twitter peeps know when I do use it. The lipliner is a light-brown shade. Perfect for lining the lips, this doesn’t give the sort of depth I prefer when combined with a nude lipstick/gloss, because it’s too light. So it simply adds a bit of colour round my lips. But it will work differently with everyone because we’ve all got different lip-pigmentations. I feel this will show up a lot more on people with warmer/darker pigmented lips. I pair this a LOT with the ‘Mist’ lipstick and they work perfectly together. It’s a nice creamy lip pencil and easy to blend in.

Now most people when it comes to lip products like to know how long the wear lasts before re-application. To be honest, I’m not all too bothered about how long a product lasts on my lips. I’m just one of those that don’t mind re-applying when they feel like. Like, I am THAT girl who whips out her lipgloss/stick mid-convo and re-applies, no mirror required, anytime anywhere! lol. I did try to pay attention to type up this review, but I got bored. It’s just not me, I’m more bothered about how the product applies, in terms of if it’s too dry and dragging on my lips, or in the case of glosses if it’s too sticky or thick, the scent and of course the colour payoff. Those are my parameters for deciding if I like or dislike a lip product.

Website: www.kaygecosmetics.com
Stockists: Gifty’s Daughter Lagos No. 25A Toyin Street, Ikeja Lagos & No. 6 Khana Street, Dline Off Olu Obasanjo Road, PortHarcourt.
Twitter: @KaygeCosmetics
Instagram: @Kayge27

I am loving these indigenous makeup brands, the quality of their products is really top-notch. As much as we all love the big international brands, let’s not overlook some of our homegrown talent. They really have stepped up their game. I really love these products I was sent from Kayge Cosmetics and I hope you all enjoyed this review!


Ez xxX