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Hope you all enjoyed the little holiday we got yesterday, I know I did. Maybe a little too much, because I am currently nursing the worst cold :(.

Anyway, today’s post is all about introducing you guys to an all-natural skincare company based here in Lagos. Personally when it comes to my all-over-body skincare (sans the face), I LOVE all-natural products, especially body-scrubs and lotions. So when I was contacted by Ifeyinwa, of ‘Ajali’, I was immediately interested.

Ajali* is an all-natural handmade cosmetics company which was launched recently and they create 100% natural handmade products using ingredients indigenous to West Africa, suchs as: Shea & Cocoa Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, EVOO and Aloe Vera gel. Currently they stock 3 different products Whipped Shea & Coconut Butter Body Souffle, Sea Salt Body Scrub & Raw Sugar Polish. And all these products come in 4 scents: Original (unscented), Peppermint, Grapefruit & Lavender.

Sea Salt Body Scrub in Grapefruit & Butter Body Souffle in Peppermint

Ifeyinwa kindly sent me two out of their three products to try out: The Butter Body Souffle and Sea Salt Body Scrub

I broke the bloggers cardinal rule which is ‘Always photograph before you try!!’. I just could not wait to try these out I completely forgot. So these images will have to do.

Sea Salt Body Scrub in Grapefruit

This was my favourite of the two I was sent. First time I used it I think I was a little overzealous with my application. As it was my first time I did not know how coarse the grains were so I did scrub a little too hard, and that proved quite uncomfortable. I eased up on the pressure immediately, although it did take me some time to get used to the grains. But when I used it the 2nd time around, I was a pro at it.

So my method of exfoliation is I first apply the product using the palms of my hand and working it in with circular motions and then I go over again with my exfoliating mitts. With this, I did not need to go over my skin a second time with the mitts. From the first application, I absolutely felt the difference, my skin felt AMAZING, even my palms were super soft. I have to say, none of the scrubs I have used so far had left my skin feeling that smooth. I typically exfoliate twice a week, but with my weekend exfoliation I tend to spend a lot more time getting all that dead skin off. This scrub has got oils in it, so there will be that pesky ‘film’ left on your skin afterwards, and since I always shave my legs right after I exfoliate, I find that this film really gets in the way. So my ‘workaround’ is to then go over my skin again with my regular mesh sponge and a bar of soap (or shower gel). This gets rid of most of the oil-residue from the scrub and allows for me to get a nice close shave.

All in all really really loved using this scrub, I got three full uses out the tub I was sent. If you love to exfoliate your skin like I do, then I definitely recommend you try this out. But please go easy on your application, my skin is sensitive so the grains did take some time to get used to. But as with all things skincare, everyone’s skin is different. But go cautiously at first, then increase the pressure as you like.

Right after exfoliating with the scrub, I followed with this Body Butter. It’s got peppermint in it and this really helped to soothe my skin. It sank fairly quickly into the skin and kept it moisturised all day long. But I did have a couple gripes with this one. First off, the scent, didn’t really like this. I would describe the scent as a little ‘medicinal’..lol. You might pick this up and be like “What the hell was Ez talking about”, but that’s the best word I can use to describe the scent. I was suffering from a random bout of nausea at the time and this did not help one bit.

Also I wasn’t too fond of the texture either, it was a bit ‘paste-y’. But once you warm it up by rubbing it between your palms it just melts and applies like any other 100% raw sheabutter product.

But all this didn’t deter me from using the body butter, I loved how it soothed and moisturized my skin right after I exfoliated. So I always reached for it right after exfoliating and it really worked a treat! They do offer other scents in this, so might be worth a try looking into those and if you don’t mind the smell of peppermint, then this one’s your guy!

From the picture above, I CLEARLY enjoyed one more than the other! I completely finished the scrub (left) and will be repurchasing it. While the Peppermint Body-Butter will be used every time I exfoliate my skin, which is twice a week! Oh and another thing I loved about the scrub is that it did not dry up. I forgot this one time on my window-sill in the bathroom and with direct sunlight hitting it, it did not dry up! I was very impressed.

All in all, I will definitely recommend Ajali products. There is nothing like using 100% natural organic products for your skin. And sheabutter has got a smidge of SPF in it, so even if you ever forget to apply sunscreen, you’ll always have some on.

Company: AJALI
Website: www.ajali.com.ng
Telephone: 08178919385
Twitter: @ShopAjali
Instagram: @ShopAjali

Butter Body Souffle: N2000 for 100ml & N4500 for 500ml
Body Scrubs: N1500 for 100ml & N3500 for 500ml

I was discussing with a friend recently about exfoliating the skin and she said that exfoliating twice a week is a bit too much? I don’t think it is! Do you??

Always remember to follow-up with a moisturizer and sunscreen right after exfoliating, VERY important!!

How Many Times do You Exfoliate?


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Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone enjoyed the long Easter weekend! Before I get into this post, I’d like to say a big thank you to all you guys because lastweek BiL grossed 100k views!!! Thanks for reading and supporting my little space on the internet and here’s to 100k more! 🙂

Just wanted to share with you guys an indigenous hair-care company and some of the goodies they sent me to review. Kinky Apothecary is the first kinky hair supply store in Lagos and they’ve currently got a concession in the newly opened Beauty-Bar at L’Espace.

The launch event for the beauty-bar comes up this Sunday, 7th of April, and I will be hosting the event at L’Espace. (More info in a post later on this week). So please pencil this in your diaries and come down to party with me, Beauty style ;).

Everything Kinky Apothecary sells has been tested for several months by the team behind the brand, so all their recommendations are based on personal experiences.To see all the products the offer, visit them at L’Espace.

A couple weeks ago I was sent some products to review. Now most of you know from my tweets (@BeautyInLagos on twitter), that I am on a personal Healthy Hair Journey this year. I have decided to care for my hair and get it nice and long and healthy.

This package was heaven-sent quite frankly, because it contains most of what I need.

L-R Fractionated Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil & Grapeseed Oil

Love these oils! Already added some Castor and Coconut oils into my homemade deep-conditioning treatment :). Oils are great for pre-shampoo (PrePoo) treatments. Heat them up a little, apply them to your scalp and length of hair, leave it on for anywhere between 30mins-2hrs and rinse out before you shampoo, condition etc. Oils can also be used to seal in your moisturiser.

Kinky Apothecary ‘Whipped Batter’
The stand-out ingredient in this is Shea-Butter, and we all know the numerous benefits of this.

I haven’t had a chance to use all the products I was sent, althoug I have started on most of the oils. Was really excited to see Grapeseed oil in the package, been reading up on the hair-benefits of numerous oils and this helps with dry scalp and dandruff! Which I have been suffering from in recent times, I believe that using this along with my treatment shampoo and conditioner will alleviate the problem.

Kinky Apothecary
1st Floor, L’Espace
19A Olosa Street, Victoria Island
Twitter: KinkyApothecary
Email: kinky.apothecary@gmail.com
Telephone: +234 1 765 4546 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)
Website/Blog: thekinkyapothecary.blogspot.co.uk

I will be using all the products that were sent to me by Kinky Apothecary and I’ll let you all know how I get on with them over time.

Just wanted to share with you guys a few products I am currently using on my hair to get it nice and healthy. This isn’t everything and I’ve still got a couple more products to get, like a protein treatment and some hemp-seed oil (from Kinky Apothecary). But yeah, just wanted to share this.

What are your ‘Go-to’ hair products?


Ez xxX


Hello Beauty-Lovers! It’s the end of another work-week, TGIF!!

Over the past couple weeks I have made quite a few Zaron purchases. I went from not owning one product from this brand, to now having five items in my collection. For those that don’t know, Zaron is one of our indigenous Makeup Brands (proud BuyNigerian Activist… HEEEYYY NOWWW! lol) and their stuff is actually not bad!

I made two separate purchases. I popped into the store to have  a look around and see if anything caught my eye, and bought a couple things. And then, within the SAME week dealdey.com had a 30% discount sale on selected Zaron products, so also got some stuff I had been eyeing in the store but wasn’t sure if I wanted them (I definitely wanted them when they’d been marked down, hehe).

OMG if you don’t know about Deal Dey, you definitely need to check them out. They host flash sales daily on items ranging from beauty, food, kitchen utensils to electronic, garden ware and package holidays. Its definitely worth signing up to! Kind of like GroupOn for my UK folk 🙂

Anyway so on to the pictures…..

Remember I said I made two separate purchases. One from the Zaron store (address and details provided at the end of this post) and another off Deal Dey.

I got the eyebrow and lip pencils from the store, the lipstick and eyeshadows off Deal Dey.


Zaron Baked Eyeshadow Trio ‘JZ03 Instant Stardom’ – N800 (discounted price)

I went for this trio because its perfect for a light day-time look. And it’s got all three colors in this cute little pot! I just couldn’t resist! All the shadows are nice and smooth with a lustre finish. The do have some shimmer in them, but they’re very subtle and only help give it a nice glow. The darkest shade in this pot is not pure dark-brown, it’s actually a dark-brown with purple undertones,  but it compliments the other two colors really well. 

Zaron Baked Eyeshadow Trio ‘JZ03 Instant Stardom’ – N800 (discounted price) 

I was excited when I saw this pot was in the sale, because I was eyeing it in the store but couldn’t really make up my mind about it, so I just let it go. What drew me to it was the red-terracotta shade in there, it’s the perfect transition color for a subtle/heavy smokey-eye look, when applied just above the crease. Used this when I did my sisters’ makeup for a wedding she had this past weekend, and I loved loved loved the finished look. Just like the other pot, same finish, nice and smooth and easy to blend. And the gold running down the middle is the exact same shade as the one in the ‘Instant Stardom’.

I will say some of the shades aren’t as pigmented as I would like, but its nothing a ‘heavy-hand’ can’t correct :). I am happy with these and will recommend them to anyone that’s after some easily-portable, decent-quality shadows.

Zaron ‘Tinky Winky’ Lipstick – N1000 (discounted price)

Now this was my least favorite of the bunch. 1.) The name of this lipstick is quite misleading, when I saw the image and name of this lipstick, I was expecting a nice beige/pink-nude shade. But what I got was bright deep-pink with purple undertones. Ok, I thought, the shade is unique, I haven’t seen anything quite like it and THEN 2.) It is very dry and drying on the lips. It drags on the lips when I apply it, I did wear some lip balm on my lips and tried again, but I still didn’t like the texture much. I applied some clear lipgloss over it and that did the trick for me. I personally don’t particularly like matte lipsticks, I prefer my lipsticks to be smooth and hydrating with a little gloss to them, so they just glide on when applied. So it might just be down to my personal preference.

(L-R) Zaron ‘EZ09 Brownie’ Eyebrow Pencil & ‘EZ04 Prune Juice’ Lip Liner Pencil – N750 each

(L-R) ‘Brownie’ & ‘Prune Juice’

I got the ‘Prune Juice’ simply because Dimma used it in her Youtube Makeup Tutorial and I loved it! Happy I got it, its a nice deep-purple liner and actually works perfectly with ‘Tinky Winky’. 

‘Brownie’ is actually an eyebrow pencil, but I got it to use as an eyeliner. I prefer (especially in the day) dark brown liners applied in my waterline and lower lash line, because I find it gives my eyes a softer look, while black liners give me a ‘severe’ look and even makes my eyes appear smaller, if that makes sense.  Black works better when I’m doing a heavy look on the eyes, because I apply it in my waterline and also work it down to my lower lash line. Whereas in the day, I like to keep my lower liners just in my waterline, so black doesn’t really work this way for me, browns are much better.

No. 9 Alhaji Kanike Close,
Off, Awolowo Road,
Ikoyi, Lagos.

There you have it! My first Zaron purchases and overall I am happy with my items, sans the lipstick. 

So tell me, what products are you loving from Zaron lately?


Ez xxX


My lovely mother gave me a large tub of unrefined Sheabutter mid last year and I’ve still got it. Not used it much because it’s the solid form, you know the one you need to rub between your palms to heat it up and therefore melt it a little so it’s easy to apply like your regular body lotion. Yeah, that one. So I don’t use it as regularly as I’d like to, because of the stress of warming it up and all that. So someone mentioned to me that a little bit of coconut oil mixed in would do the trick and make it easier to work with.

I thought to buy some off-the-shelf coconut oil, but no one knew where I could get that. So I thought I needed some 100% natural oil-vendor or something, much easier than checking the shops right?…lol. I was randomly going through my sister’s followers on twitter (don’t ask why, I have a legitimate reason) and I came across the account ‘Vanity Oils’. I thought “interesting name, what do they do? Are they in lagos”… They were and they were EXACTLY what I was looking for!

I immediately followed them on twitter and sent them a tweet saying I wanted to order some oils. They asked for my email address, sent that over and they replied the email with their catalogue.

These are the items I ordered. I must say their catalogue is HIGHLY informative (so is their website). Like, I learnt SO MUCH about the different oils available and their numerous uses and benefits. There are two types of oils Essential Oils (active ingredients) and Carrier Oils (base oils used to dilute essential oils). After reading through all the different oils they had available I obviously became confused about what to pick.

I initially wanted just the coconut oil, but after looking through their catalogue I got this as well. (must be the ObJ MINTY Shea Hair-butter :s).

The cover of the little bottle doubles up as a dropper. As this is an essential oil I only need about 1-2drops mixed in with my shampoo, conditioner, hair cream or whatever I want to add it to. I love when a vendor puts a lot of thought into their presentation. Love!

Also the benefits and uses of this oil are right up my street.

Look at how much coconut oil is in that bottle! I’m sure I can find a lot more uses for it other than just to mix into my sheabutter.

They also sent me over this little tub of Sheabutter! I was pleasantly surprised, thank you Vanity Oils. Don’t know if this is like their standard gift to customers, or if it’s because I mentioned in my email to them the reason why I wanted coconut oil was to mix in with my sheabutter to get a cream-like texture. Either way this gift was perfect! The texture of this Sheabutter is exactly what I want to achieve with mine once the coconut oil is mixed in.


Coconut Oil : N1000 (8 oz bottle)

Peppermint Oil:  N2000 (1 oz bottle)

Delivery: N500

I’m going to add a drop of peppermint oil in with my coconut oil and unrefined sheabutter. Is this a good idea?

Think I’m going to order some Olive Oil from them soon, because of the benefits one of you guys said when it’s used as an eye-makeup remover. Longer eyelashes here I come! 😀

Follow them on twitter and check out their website

Any other oil vendors in Lagos?

Ez xxX


Ours by Juliada (would call it ObJ for this post)! Where do I start? From the moment I discovered this brand at Le Petit Marche early last year, I was fascinated. Le Petit Marche is a little shopping event that holds once a month, amazing concept. Post for another day, back to ObJ  !

ObJ is a skin and hair care company that manufactures 100% natural products. It is owned by two good friends, Ada and Nicole. You can read the philosophy behind their company here!. This is actually my 2nd ObJ experience, my first purchase was also some hair treatment, but I cannot for the life me remember what I got. But it was good! I saw Nicole tweet about treating her hair to some Minty Shea Hair-Butter mix and I thought OMG NEED TO TRY THAT! My hair was due for treatment and I thought I MUST try this, got the details from Nicole and I penciled in Friday, 27th as my ‘treatment day’

ObJ  is stocked at Blush Salon, amongst other places, Stockists Here!. So, off I went to buy my tub of goodness and get my hair treated

Yum! here’s my tub of goodness

I know it looks like green slime, lol… BUT, it is amazing!

Interestingly, the stylist that worked on my hair mixed in these two with the Minty Sheabutter. The product can be applied on its own as well.

This is the oil. It had a menthol-y (yep that’s a word) scent. From the bottle I think it might be Aloe Vera Oil, which is good for the hair. It prevents hair loss and reduces dandruff, amongst other things. I think this was used to work the shea-butter into a paste, so that it can easily be applied to the hair.

And some hair mayonnaise. We all know this is good for the hair.

I didn’t use a lot of the product as you can see. So you can get 4-5 uses out of one tub. Nice!

My hair was washed as normal with Shampoo, skipped the conditioning and straight to the treatment. It was evenly applied to the roots of my hair using a dye brush, donned a plastic processing cap (essential a ‘shower cap) and was popped under the dryer. You could go under the steamer as well. After 15minutes it was washed out and my hair felt so good! Hair was dried using a hand dryer and I was DONE! Something I noticed was my hair was moisturized. So, NOTHING was applied to my hair before, during or after it was dried. My hair felt nice and soft. And Moisturized. Sorry I have to keep saying this, didn’t expect it to be at all. It was nice and not greasy at all

Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE the staff at Blush. I went in at a ridiculous time on a Friday, 6.30pm, because I got off work late (you 9-5ers feel my pain). And they happily took me in. I can say that has NEVER happened to me in Lagos.

Whenever I go in later than 5, I’m met with frowning, rude, unhappy staff. I have even been turned away numerous times (apart from Barazahi Salon, love them there too). But this wasn’t the case AT ALL, kudos to them. Nothing like great customer service 🙂

ObJ  stock a whole bunch of 100% Natural Skin and Hair care products. From body butters and scrubs to hair treatments and oils. Visit the stores they’re stocked in or follow them here on twitter for more information!

Ours By Juliada – Minty Shea Hair Butter – N2500

I recently found a company that sells 10O% natural oils in Lagos, from Peppermint oil to Eucalyptus oil. I just placed an order with them. Once I get my items. You can be SURE I’ll share! 🙂

You guys know of any other 100% hair/skincare Vendors in Lagos?


Ez xxX