Who better to dish on all things GLOW than the Glow-Queen herself, Teniola (Tenny) Kashaam. Tenny is the Head Makeup Artist at TennyCoCo Studio and is popularly known for her signature luminous makeup looks. Her finished looks always want to make you reach for the nearest highlighter and just bathe in it. She has mastered a technique that sets her apart from her counterparts so we had to get her to spill on some of her favourite ‘Glow’ products; particularly for deeper skintones.

She shared there’s two parts to this ‘Glow Game’; It starts with the base (Illuminators) and ends with the finishing touch (Highlighters).

For her base she alternates between an array of products she calls ‘Glow Essentials’, which we will share in this post. And for the finishing touches, a variety of highlighters/bronzers, we shall share in another post.

So we sat down with Tenny to find out what her top 5 Glow Essentials for Melanin Skin are:



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When it comes to building a skincare routine, it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed especially with all the information available on the internet. You see so many words and phrases and you don’t even know where to start from! what is a cleanser? Is it different from a toner? Do I need to wash my face twice daily? What is double cleansing? …The questions are endless!

With the Korean 10 step routine gaining popularity in recent years, it has left many wondering if this is the only way to achieve glowing skin as I know not too many people have the time for a multi-step routine every day. Also with the rise of bloggers, influencers, recommendations from friends and the oh so amazing ‘shelfies’ on Instagram, it is easy to go crazy when buying skincare products and end up buying what you don’t need or products that will do your skin no favours…..trust me, I have been down this expensive hole!

This post will be in two parts – Part 1 will address the 7 things you need to know before building your personal skincare routine and Part 2  will be a detailed explanation of each step of your morning and evening skincare routines with examples in each category.

Let’s get into it, 7 things you need to know BEFORE you build a personal skincare routine:

1.) Know your Skin Type

Products are usually formulated for specific skin types. You need to know if your skin is oily, dry, combination or if you are lucky…normal. You also need to know if your skin is sensitive, prone to redness etc.

2.) Know your Skin Concerns

Most of us have specific concerns we want skincare products or treatments to address. It could be acne, dehydration, dryness, hyperpigmentation, dermatitis or a combination of concerns. This will then inform product choices. You have no business buying La Mer if you have cystic acne. You get my drift?

3.) Do your Research

Read up on what the product will do for you, your options depending on your budget and read reviews.

4.) Know when to use the Products

For example Vitamin C serums are meant to be used during the day (except otherwise stated by the brand) and retinol is advised to be used at night.

5.) Start with the Basics

It may be difficult to go from not washing your face at all to a 10 step routine. Get a routine going first then add more products as needed.

6.) Manage your expectations

Know the results skincare products will give you. I believe certain results are only achievable in a dermatologist’s office. If you use an exfoliant, either physical or chemical, it will slough off dead cells making your skin smoother and brighter. You won’t be 2 to 3 shades lighter than your usual skin tone.

7.) Be Patient

Everything takes time. You can’t reverse damage accrued over two years in two weeks. To get visible results from most products, you will need to use them consistently for 6 to 8 weeks.
That’s it. Now you are armed with information on how to start building your routine, you are more informed when buying skincare products (or when anyone is trying to sell you anything)


In Part 2 we would look at morning and evening routines and what steps and products you need.


Olabisi is a Medical Doctor and Skincare Blogger based in Lagos. When she is not busy working with vulnerable women and children, she is writing blog posts on www.thatgeminigirl.com.

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