I will admit, I wasn’t much of a Clinique consumer until I purchased ‘Take The Day Off’ cleansing balm earlier in the year. I also attended a Clinique event last month where they tried their signature ‘Tape Test’ on me. If you have no idea what that is, don’t worry you aren’t alone because, up until the test was done I didn’t have a clue either. What they do is, they basically take the back of your hand, try out their cleansing products on it and the process begins with the tape test. They use a cellotape, stick it over your hand then take it off. This process they say lifts dead skin, which are not obvious to the naked eye, but they say it’s on there. Then they proceed to use their products with the message that in order for your skin treatments or moisturizes to work you must cleanse, exfoliate and then treat/moisturize. Which I truly believe because, how well can your moisturizer absorb if the surface of your skin isn’t cleansed of all the gunk and grime. When she cleansed and exfoliated the back of my hand, the moisturizer absorbed better than when she applied the same amount of moisturizer to my other hand where it just sat on my skin.

Also, for those that were curious about the bottles numbered 1-4, those are exfoliating toners and the different numbers represent different skintypes: normal, sensitive, oily etc. I thought they were steps for cleansing, and I’m sure I was not alone with that assumption.

Anyway, this post is to inform you all that you can now purchase Clinique products in the beauty room at The Nail Studio. This brings it to 2 different locations where you can buy genuine Clinique products in Nigeria, other one being Montaigne Place. Enjoy the pictures and I’ve got prices of some popular products at the end of this post.

Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm: NGN5,400 (psst.. cheaper than Montaigne place)
Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk: NGN7,000
Chubby Sticks (lips & eyes): NGN5,400
Dramatically Different Gel: NGN11,300
Dramatically Different Moisturiser: NGN10,700
Clarifying Lotion: NGN4,300

Store details can be found in this post, here

Hope you enjoyed this post

Ez xxX


Last weekend I attended a very exciting launch at The Nail Studio (TNS) in Victoria Island. Most of you will know TNS as one of the first ever nail salons in Lagos (they’ve been around since 1986), but did you know they have a beautiful well laid-out beauty room as well? Well, now you know and their beauty room is now the home of Estee Lauder products in Nigeria.

I absolutely love it in there: spacious, well-lit and white! Just like the beauty/skincare section in upscale department stores abroad. There are samples laid-out for you to try and knowledgeable staff on-hand to offer advice and answer questions.

The entire Estee Lauder range of products is available, from makeup to skincare. In this post I will be sharing with you some of the products that are available in-store as well as the prices. I get a lot of price-related questions, so I asked for prices of the popular products to give you some idea of the price point. Product list and prices are at the end of this post.

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation: NGN6,400
Double Wear Stay-in-Place Compact Powder: NGN10,700
Advanced Night Repair 30/50ml: NGN15,00/18,000
Day Wear SPF50: NGN8,600
Double Wear Light: NGN10,700

I for one am excited that Esteé Lauder is now available in Nigeria! I got matched to the Double Wear foundation while on holiday, got a sample but never got round to purchasing a bottle. They did not have my shade yet at TNS, but  promised it will be in-stock very soon! Will get that and possibly type-up a review.

PS: If anyone was after the moisturiser I mentioned I use on my face everyday in my skincare post here, it’s the ‘Day Wear SPF50’ I listed above and it’s the one in the tube on the left. The one in the tub is the exact same thing just with a lower SPF30.

The Nail Studio Beauty Center
9 Bishop Aboyade Cole, Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
Telephone: +234 (0) 709 812 0606
Website: www.nailstudio.com.ng

Hope you enjoyed this post

Ez xxX

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Hi Guys,
Staying true to my word in this post, I’d like to share with you all a lovely beauty salon/studio I visited a few weeks ago.

L’ewa studio is what I’d describe as a ’boutique salon’ located in the heart of Victoria Island. I personally am a fan of smaller salons, not the claustrophobia-inducing sort, but you know the ones that have got that intimate vibe about them. With tastefully done interiors and attention to detail. Large salons aren’t bad, but I don’t like that ‘rowdy’ environment, I also feel the stylists and staff get distracted and don’t pay as much attention to customers.

This is also where I got my lastest #BiLBreastCancerAwareness Manicure, and they’re running a 20% discount offer on all pink manicures done at their studio throughout the month of October.

L’ewa Studio isn’t an appointment-only salon, but they strongly advice pre-booking. Have a look at the pictures, and all the contact information will be provided at the end of this post.

How nifty is that??

L’Ewa Studio
16 Karimu Kotun Street, VI
Tues-Sat: 10am – 7pm
Sun: 2pm – 6pm
Telephone: +234 (0) 8027612644
Instagram: @Lewa_Studio
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lewastudio

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Ez xxX

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As promised in my earlier post this week, I am bringing back the main reason why I started this blog years ago, to share with you guys various beauty salons, stores and establishments around Lagos.

I love to see businesses thrive and grow, Beauty Kink is one of our listed vendors on The BiL Directory. They started off as an online store with clear goals in mind and have now opened their own ‘mortar-and-brick’ location. I went visiting over the weekend to bring you guys some visuals of the store.

I love how simple and fuss-free the layout is. It’s all about the makeup and it’s all laid-out within easy reach. It’s definitely ‘Makeup Heaven’ in there. They’ve also got testers for customers to try before they buy and you can also go in to get your makeup professionally done if you’ve got an event or something.

Beauty Kink Store
Davida Mall (opp. Ebeano Supermarket)
Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.
10am – 6pm

Beauty Kink is one of our sponsors for the next BiL MES Masterclass. They have purchased two seats for the class and will be giving both away on Instagram today. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled on my page for the giveaway rules!

Ez xxX


Hey Guys,

This post is for my fellow healthy-hair journeyers (HHJs) or anyone who takes great care when it comes to their hair. Now, I’ll be the first to admit I am quite lazy when it comes to this HHJ thing and I will much rather go to a salon for my wash-day. The whole washing in the shower, using my at-home steamer, then back in the shower to rinse is not for me. Yup, I’ve got my own little table-top hair steamer and even an electric hot-head cap. But where are they right now? Gathering dust, that’s where. 
At the start of my HHJ I was really into it, like steaming my hair once a week, moisturizing and sealing frequently. But after a while, I just found it all so tiresome. So I thought I’d go half-and-half. Half of my washday I’d start at home, then finish off at the salon. So I’ll detangle and apply my treatments at home, then go to the salon and get it steamed, washed and styled. But chiiiiiiiile, let me tell you, everytime and I mean EVERYTIME I went to the salon I felt like I’d been taken back 10months in my HHJ. They just don’t get it, the pulling the tugging the excessive use of heat. I literally have to be attentive to what they’re doing 100% of the time, and I’d much rather relax while I’m at the salon, that’s kind of the point no?  It was just frustrating, but I just could not bring myself to hop in and out and in and out of the shower during wash days. 

Enter Savvy & Chic Salon (SCS)…. This salon is honestly a lifesaver! It’s is owned and run by fellow Nigerian blogger Dabs. You want to know ‘marketing’? Her hair alone is all she needs to sell her salon and to be able to experience firsthand her tried-and-tested techniques and methods to growing and maintaining a healthy head of hair, who wouldn’t want that?  I love a fellow woman who is willing to share, what’s the point hoarding all the information you have and smirking at others who aren’t privy to it. I will never understand this… Dabs has trained and continually trains her stylists on her good hair practices and this very evident.

SCS has been in business for a little over a year now I believe, they shut down around Christmas 2014 because they were moving to a new location and since they reopened at their new site in January, I’ve been there twice. I’ve decided I will be coming in every fortnight to get my treatments. They’ve only just moved to their new location, so they’re still working out a few kinks in terms of a little paint work here and some re-tiling there, but this did not deter me. 

I just feel really safe here. There’s no tugging at your hair, the treatments from their steam-bar mostly use natural products. First treatment I got was a clarifying one that included bentonite clay, the second had Palm oil, Aloe Vera and Juice in it, yes you read that right (You can read more about the benefits of PalmOil on Dabs’ blog here).  The other day I walked in and said I wanted to steam again, the stylists remembered the last treatment I got and suggested I get protein. But came back later to say they spoke with Dabs and she advised a moisturising treatment. I love that personal touch they provide!

I also asked if Dabs was in,  not that I expected she should be. But over the past year we’ve gone past ‘internet-buddies’ to ‘real life buddies’ and every time I’m in we always have a good ol’ chinwag, so wanted to know if she was about. You know how it typically is ‘Madam is not around’. But the stylist said “Oh, she’ll be here. She comes in everyday”. Mind you, Dabs has got a full time job, runs a blog, a magazine, an online store, is a wife and mum to two adorable boys, but she checks in on her salon everyday. Very impressive! 

SCS services aren’t limited to just ‘Naturalistas’, I’m certainly not, everyone is welcome! As a matter of fact, Dabs’ hair is relaxed (texlaxed), so she’s trained her stylists to work with both natural and processed hair. 

They also sell products, you can get your weaves done and styled, or the new rave right now Yarn or Crotchet Braids. And she’s just rolled out a new technique of installing yarn braids which cuts down the time in more than half. They’ve also got an exciting nail salon setting up shop in there very soon, so a good mani/pedi service will be included, will definitely share all when they’re in (Hint: I’ve blogged about and shared quite a few Manicures done by them in my Manicure Mondays posts)


Address: 30 Norman Williams Street, Ikoyi, Lagos.
Telephone Number: 08090613325
Instagram: @SavvyChicHairBeautyHub

For a detailed pricelist please contact them. My steam treatment cost N3000


SCS have decided to give all BiL readers a 10% discount off their first service with them. So if you do decide to go check them out please mention the code ‘BiL10’ to let them know it’s 10% off for ya!

Any other GOOD Hair Salons in Lagos I should know about?


Ez xxX


Hiya Guys!

My first encounter with Gifty’s Daughter was at the first LMUF (see post here). As soon as I saw the NYX stand all the way in the far corner, I dropped everything and made a beeline for their stand and it has been pure love ever since. But the difficulty for me was, they were based in PortHarcourt. Imagine my glee when I discovered they had launched a store in Lagos too!

So a few weeks ago I visited the Gifty’s Daughter store! This visit had been on my to-do list for a while, and without even realizing it, I had actually been to the store before it opened. A friend had read my blogpost about the Ben Nye Banana Powder (this one) and mentioned she’d been to a store in Ikeja that sold a variety of shades of the powder, but that it seemed like a new store, because they were kind of still setting things up in there. Nonetheless, I asked her for directions to it, and with my iPhone map at the ready I headed down to the store, only to find it shut.

It was when I read Dimma’s post (thatigbochick.com) about her visit to the store and the description of its location that it clicked! THAT was the Gifty’s Daughter store I went to! So random. So anyway, I went back again and this time they were open and I had a good look around and even picked up a few things. I will share my haul in a post tomorrow, but today I just want to share with you guys a few pictures I took while I was in the store. Enjoy!

Gifty’s Daughter
25A Toyin Street,
Ikeja, Lagos

Please excuse my tiny images. I shall be getting my paws on my new DSLR next month (August). So expect much sharper, clearer, higher-resolution images on BiL! *excited*

I really love how Lagos is changing rapidly, a few years ago we could only dream of finding a Z-palette in Lagos, let alone OCC LipTars or even a MAC STORE! I don’t know about you guys, but I am loving all these beauty-stores popping up, they really excite me!

What beauty-stores have you discovered tucked-away in Lagos?


Ez xxX


Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone enjoyed the long Easter weekend! Before I get into this post, I’d like to say a big thank you to all you guys because lastweek BiL grossed 100k views!!! Thanks for reading and supporting my little space on the internet and here’s to 100k more! 🙂

Just wanted to share with you guys an indigenous hair-care company and some of the goodies they sent me to review. Kinky Apothecary is the first kinky hair supply store in Lagos and they’ve currently got a concession in the newly opened Beauty-Bar at L’Espace.

The launch event for the beauty-bar comes up this Sunday, 7th of April, and I will be hosting the event at L’Espace. (More info in a post later on this week). So please pencil this in your diaries and come down to party with me, Beauty style ;).

Everything Kinky Apothecary sells has been tested for several months by the team behind the brand, so all their recommendations are based on personal experiences.To see all the products the offer, visit them at L’Espace.

A couple weeks ago I was sent some products to review. Now most of you know from my tweets (@BeautyInLagos on twitter), that I am on a personal Healthy Hair Journey this year. I have decided to care for my hair and get it nice and long and healthy.

This package was heaven-sent quite frankly, because it contains most of what I need.

L-R Fractionated Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil & Grapeseed Oil

Love these oils! Already added some Castor and Coconut oils into my homemade deep-conditioning treatment :). Oils are great for pre-shampoo (PrePoo) treatments. Heat them up a little, apply them to your scalp and length of hair, leave it on for anywhere between 30mins-2hrs and rinse out before you shampoo, condition etc. Oils can also be used to seal in your moisturiser.

Kinky Apothecary ‘Whipped Batter’
The stand-out ingredient in this is Shea-Butter, and we all know the numerous benefits of this.

I haven’t had a chance to use all the products I was sent, althoug I have started on most of the oils. Was really excited to see Grapeseed oil in the package, been reading up on the hair-benefits of numerous oils and this helps with dry scalp and dandruff! Which I have been suffering from in recent times, I believe that using this along with my treatment shampoo and conditioner will alleviate the problem.

Kinky Apothecary
1st Floor, L’Espace
19A Olosa Street, Victoria Island
Twitter: KinkyApothecary
Email: kinky.apothecary@gmail.com
Telephone: +234 1 765 4546 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)
Website/Blog: thekinkyapothecary.blogspot.co.uk

I will be using all the products that were sent to me by Kinky Apothecary and I’ll let you all know how I get on with them over time.

Just wanted to share with you guys a few products I am currently using on my hair to get it nice and healthy. This isn’t everything and I’ve still got a couple more products to get, like a protein treatment and some hemp-seed oil (from Kinky Apothecary). But yeah, just wanted to share this.

What are your ‘Go-to’ hair products?


Ez xxX