Hiya Guys! Hope you’re all well and happy that it’s FRIDAY!

The other day while browsing the beauty section at Ebeano (this is located on the 1st floor, stairs to this level are at the back of the store), I was surprised to see this:

An E.L.F. stand! I nearly walked past it because I wasn’t really looking in that direction. It’s placed right next to the Orly Nail stand. They’ve got quite few products on display: Lipgloss, bronzers, foundation, eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow pencils, liquid liners etc. Not nearly enough, but its a good start. I managed to pick up two items.

E.L.F. Eyelid Primer ‘Champagne’ – N900

Remember in my last E.L.F. Haul post, I picked up the eyelid primer but forgot to actually pay for it and take it with me. I was lucky enough to get it this time round :). And it was around the same price (even cheaper, I think)

E.L.F. Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Masacara – N1000

I have also been after something to set my eyebrows in place once I’m done filling them in. I had used some Sleek Makeup waterproof clear eyelash mascara for this, and it worked perfectly. But I haven’t been able to go round and repurchase it. So when I saw this at the E.L.F. stand, I decided to pick it up to try out. On one side its got a wet gloss and the other side its got a clear mascara. I’m using the gloss for my brows.

Now, this isn’t a review post as I have not used these products long enough to give one. I just wanted to let you guys know there’s now an E.L.F. stand at Ebeano! But you can be sure I will provide a thorough and honest review once I’ve used these a couple weeks.


Congrats guys!! Please send an email to info@beautyinlagos.com

What are your favorite E.L.F. products?


Ez xxX


Last weekend my friend and I decided to go makeup/skincare shopping. She had been telling me about this place that she goes to regularly for her facials (although she’s stopped now) and to replenish her skincare stash.

I have gone past this place a few times, in fact my mum’s hairdresser used to work out of one of the salons in here. So she was a frequent visitor until said stylist moved and so did she. It’s funny how we ladies will follow our stylists anywhere and everywhere they go (within reason of course. Not following no hairdresser to say, Abuja. No thanks!!).


I must say I was deceived by the exterior of this place. Its actually really spacious in there, its even got a mini courtyard (and a bar/lounge to boot, called Greenwich).

Reception Area

After having a browse of the salons on the premises. We headed to the beauty-hall.

Now this is the most impressive beauty-hall I’ve come across so far in lagos. Have a look at the pictures

These candles smelt absolutely divine.

Been dreaming about them since I saw them and after looking at these pictures again, think I’m heading back Saturday to pick one up. Just got back from a business trip and my hotel room smelt funny, one of these candles would’ve been handy.

I wasn’t allowed behind the counter (honestly being a beauty blogger in this place is a chore, you don’t even know the half of it, anyway..),

They’ve got an extensive selection of MAC products, NYX, Revlon and Maybelline eyeshadows etc.

They also offer various facials and treatments and are happy to have a consultation. I haven’t personally had any treatments done with them, quite happy with my beautician at the moment so will be sticking with (Lakshmi at Facial Bar). But they seem really popular and I know quite a few people that go here, always worth a try.

I got something from the beauty hall, will share that in another post.

Beauty Concerns
21B Saka Tinubu Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos.

Mobile: 08026706019

Anyone ever been to Beauty Concerns? Any good?


Ez xxX


As I type up this post all that’s going through my head is the question ‘Why am I only JUST writing this post’. In my defence I think my subconscious sort of concluded that EVERYONE knows about L’Espace. But that’s not right because honestly, my blog is about informing you guys and not assuming you all already know about a place. Anyways, preamble done…. Say hello to L’Espace!

Now for me to introduce you all to L’Espace, I need to talk about  Le Petit Marche (LPM). LPM is a little sunday market held on the last Sunday of every month at a chosen venue in Lagos. I remember when I moved back, LPM was in its conception stage and that was the first ‘Lagos event’ I attended . And I remember kicking myself in the butt thinking, why didn’t I think of doing this. LPM brings together a whole host of independent (and even some established) vendors under one roof to create a buzzing shopping atmosphere. Items sold range from Clothes, to Makeup, Sweets/Candy, Shoes, Accessories, Vintage Items, Hair Extensions, Hair/Skin Care… list is endless. Like, the traffic to the venue on Sundays is ridiculous!

Soooo, back to L’Espace. A couple years down the line from LPM, L’Espace was ‘born’. And as you would imagine L’Espace is basically a selection of the vendors from the monthly LPM event, but this time you get to walk into a ‘mortar and brick’ store and shop what you want – whenever you want. This means you are no longer limited to just a single Sunday every month to indulge your addiction. I popped into the store last week and took a few pictures of some of the items in there. As you already know a few things I’ve spoken about on here are housed at L’Espace, for example the Wow! Nails concession and Sweet Kiwie Fro-yo. So here’s some more stuff at L’Espace. Enjoy!

CamCam Sweets, a VERY affordable selection of sweets.

False Lashes.

Anyone looking for those home fragrance oils that you heat up, they’ve got them at L’Espace. They’ve also got the burners as you can see in the picture above (top right)

I have no idea who all the vendors are in the store, quite honestly I don’t think it matters that much. If I see something I like, I buy, who the vendor/designer is means nothing to me.

I just thought to make this post a little picture heavy, because pictures tell the story far better than words in this case. But I also wanted to show you guys a couple things that specifically caught my eye in the store:

Ahh! I bring to you the ‘Obsidian’ section at L’Espace. I am OBSSESSED with these bags. They are absolutely gorgeous. The gold hardware and detailing of these bags are just so lush, I can’t even describe it. The come in different finishes, I feel there’s one for everyone!

I specifically have my beady eyes on this PINK (of course) one! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

More finishes of the same bag. Don’t know what this bag is called, but it’s by the designer ‘Obsidian’ and they are quite pricey, so I am saving up my pretty little pennies for this.

These notebook and iPad cases also caught my eye. The fabric used on these cases are also interesting, some may say they are just standard ankara fabric wrapped cases, but to me they are unique.

19A, Olosa Street,
Off Karimu Kotun Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos.

So since I was under the assumption EVERYONE knew about L’Espace, it’ll be a little interesting to know which one of you guys didn’t, so….

Did you already know about L’Espace?

Ez xxX


Hey Everyone! 🙂 Last month my girls and I decided to go check out a few places in Ikeja. We went to Spa Lavender, Indigo Boutique (posts on these soon) and BNatural

I heard about BNatural Spa a lot when I just moved back to Lagos, I even got a mani/pedi at the one in Abuja when I went out there to register for my NYSC. But I never managed to get to the one in Lagos until now.

BNatural Spa sits on a very large property in GRA Ikeja, Lagos. They’ve got a hair salon, nail room, a makeup studio, a barbers’, treatment rooms and a Moroccan Hammam building.

As I was walking around a lovely lady came up to me and asked if I was ok. At this point i was in the makeover room, so I assumed she was a makeup artist.

But she turned out to be the Manager and I when mentioned my blog to her she was so helpful and asked to give me a private tour.

This is the manipedi area. I love that this area is solely dedicated to getting your nails done. I was also very impressed to see that they offer the Shellac/Gellish manicure. So all you ladies that live on the mainland you can get your Shellac manicure here for N2000! I got my nails done and was happy with them.

Incase you were wondering the second picture in the collage above is the ceiling in the mani/pedi area. I thought it was so pretty, had to take a picture.

The Barbers’

The wash basins at BNatural are sooo weird. They are almost like flat beds. Which means you are practically laying down on your back while you get your hair shampooed, don’t know about you guys I found this really weird and a little uncomfortable. But it was something new, I guess… For me anyway.

This wash basin is in the barbers’ by the way, but they’ve got the exact same in the salon.

 I got my hair done at the salon. Nothing major, just a wash and blow-dry. But since I had a weave I was asked to sit under the hair dryer for a while, so the wefts could dry. After 30 minutes I started getting agitated, because the hairdryers are a little funny. I had to ask the stylist if they were dryers or steamers. Cos they looked like steamers, but he said something about them being ‘American Dryers’ or something. But they weren’t really drying much and I was getting more impatient by the second. After a while I just asked for my hair to be blow-dried, didn’t care if the wefts were dry or not. I’d had enough of the ‘dryer’, that wasn’t exactly drying anything.

The ‘Culprits’..lol… Can you see said dryers here on the right. Funny looking, no? Still think they’re steamers(…. Just messing! :p)

Treatment Room

Colonic Room. Both my girls got colonics when we went back the next weekend. I was too chicken, couldn’t do it! But watching the ENTIRE process was hilarious and disturbing. I’ll just say we definitely ‘over-shared’ a LOT that day. lol

Outdoor Pool (at the top) and indoor chill out areas (at the bottom).

BNatural have got a lot of beauty treatments on their books. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they offer laser hair removal (verrrryyyy tempted to give this a try). If you want to know what sort of treatments they offer just give them a ring, I’ll provide the contact details at the end of this post.

All in all my visit to BNatural was lovely, I couldn’t stop ‘oohing’ and ‘aching’, it was THAT visually appealing. Can’t say much about the treatments as I haven’t had anything done yet except one, and I’ve got a review on that going up soon.


BNatural Spa

11 Oduduwa Way
GRA, Ikeja

Telephone Numbers: 08098028772, 08098038772
Email: lagos@bnaturalmedspa.com
Website: http://www.bnaturalmedspa.com/contact.php

Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s to come in my next BNatural Post

Can you guess what Treatment I got?


Ez xxX


One day while reading up my timeline on twitter I saw someone tweet something along the lines of “I loove MegaCare on Awolowo Road, I’m such a beauty junkie” and someone retweeted it with the reply: “Yeah, me too, but their prices are ridiculous”. All my brain computed was Mega Care. Beauty Junkie. Awolowo Road. Need to go there, FAST! lol. I tweeted from my personal twitter account asking if anyone knew where MegaCare was on Awolowo Road, like what landmark was around it. Because we all know, house/building numbers don’t work in Lagos. Driving down a street looking for Number 5, u go from 19, to 18, 17, 16, then 13 next thing you see 146! what the…? lol. The things we go through around here, haha!!

Anyways, no one replied my tweet, as always (there’s a rant in there, but I shall not digress). One random day while I was heading to a friend’s house off Awolowo Road, I saw this white pristine building and it had one of those electronic ‘scrolly’ things and the words read ‘Mega Care’, I was like Bingo!! I planned to go back on Sunday, because parking off Awolowo Road during the week is a total nightmare, Sundays are saner.

I did a little dance when I got out of my car! I was THAT happy.. I’m such a loser

I am so happy that my expectations were met. It is a well-stocked shop.

They’ve got some MAC products in there, reasonable priced as well. It is obvious that the shades and items sourced were carefully thought-out and limited to the popular products amongst ladies in Nigeria. They’ve got the popular eyebrow pencils in ‘Spiked’ and ‘Stud’. Studio Finish Liquid Foundation, Studio Finish Powder, Lip Liners and other items.

They also have an OPI stand in there, with quite a good collection of shades
This Aromatherapy Stand had stuff from The Body Shop, Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret

I actually went in to look for some shaving gel, because I just can’t seem to find my usual one out here (Gilette Venus Divine Shaving Gel). I secretly prayed they might have it stock, unfortunately they didn’t. But they did have other good alternatives. I’ll do a blog post on the items I got.

This made me do a little squeal! They’ve Eylure lashes in there. I only wear strip falsies (don’t like the individuals) when I’ve got a big night out or to events, just generally when I feel like I want to dress up. And Eylure’s are my favorites, MAC comes in at a close second.

They also got a few of the Girl’s Aloud lashes as well. Hint: Cheryl’s are the best (in my opinion)
OPI Nail Polish: N2200
lol! Pathetic pricing I know, that’s the only one I remembered.


96 Awolowo Road,

I believe I have listed quite a few beauty/skin care supply stores on here. But I still have a couple more to share and discover! 🙂
What other lush pharmacies have we got in lagos?
Ez xxX

Just a little post to share with you another salon I regularly visit in Lagos. I have always headed to Barazahi for their spa facilities; Massages, Body Scrubs/Treatments and Waxing, I hadn’t ever gone in to the salon. Barazahi sits on a pretty large property that houses a Spa, Gym, Salon and even a Guest Chalet.

My visit to Barazahi salon was a ‘last resort’ scenario/situation. I’d been to my regular salon earlier in the day to let them know I was coming in later and had dropped off my hair extensions to have them washed and put in set-rollers. Came back much later in the day to “Sorry everyone is busy”, “All these ladies are waiting, you’d have to join the queue”. Asked for my hair extensions they were in a pan, wet and just left there. I was utterly disgusted, rang Barazahi  they were less busy and I went STRAIGHT to them.

My friend’s been going to Barazahi for a while, and she strolls in for 5pm appointments. Whereas at my former CATTLE-RANCH of a salon, I’d have to be there at 9am! And won’t be done till about 4pm… I know, Ridiculous. My hair-stylist even left them at the New Year, so I definitely have no reason to go to back.

So back to the lovely Barazahi. Went in there a few weeks ago to get a pedicure and my weave put back in. This was the day after I got my hair treated with the lush ObJ Minty Shea HairButter. My stylist, Eniola, is the best! She makes you feel at ease and welcome.

Those who are familiar with Barazahi would be pleased to see this. Yay! They now have pedicure chairs!

They use Orly polish for the manis/pedis and they also sell them there. Same price as Ebeano N1500

I love the Layout of the salon. It’s not a large space, but it’s perfect.

Barazahi can be a little pricey, so that might put a few people off. But is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. The quality of service you get and the products used justify the pricing as far as I am concerned.

I also love that you can have a mini bottle of wine while you get your hair done, they’ve got a fully-functional kitchen where you can order a light lunch and snacks from a menu. Dishes on the menu include  pasta, wraps and sandwiches. Or freshly-squeezed fruit juices.


Here are a few prices off their menu. Yup, the Barazahi pricelist is called a ‘Menu’, I love it! They did mention to me their prices were going up in the New Year, don’t know if they’ve been applied yet. I’ll tweet you guys when I know and would update this post with the new pricing.

Manicure: N2000
Pedicure: N3000
Change of Polish: N650
Blow Dry: N2500 (Natural Hair)/ N3000 (Weave)
Shampoo & Set: N3000
Retouching: N7000 (Fibre Guard)
 Retouching (Syntonic/Client’s Kit): N5500
Wash & Set Weave: N2000


Their prices have gone up. Went in on Sunday for my routine wax (underarms) and it’s up from N1500 to N2500. So please call in to confirm prices first.

Checkout their website here! for more information

Where do you get your hair done in Lagos?

Ez xxX


Now before I start this, can I just say I REALLY WISH THIS STORE WAS CALLED SOMETHING ELSE!!! Like the name ‘Ebeano’…. siiigh! But it is still a GREAT store nonetheless (had to throw that in..lol, but it really is :)).

Ok, so this store is tucked away in Lekki Phase1 Estate, address details at the end of this post. It is a delightful store, I love it. But most importantly I LOVE the beauty section in there. They’ve got sooo many little beauty treasures and the thing is, by looking at the store you’d NEVER guess. The beauty section is at the back of the store, when you go into the store just ask them and they’ll tell you.

The little treasure I’m going to hone in on today is the ORLY NAIL POLISH STAND. Now Orly Nail Polish, for those of you that don’t know, are of extremely good quality. I personally prefer them to the popular O.P.I. ones. Orly polish bottles are MUCH larger and the rubber grip on the cover makes nail polish application a dream! 🙂

Just look at it! I think EVERYONE in my family’s now used to me going into Ebeano and heading straight to the Orly stand. I just simply stand there and smile…. then I pick something of course. 😉

They’ve also got Essie and Hard Candy Nail Polishes on the stand, but I’ll blog about those and my purchases later. Can you make them out at the bottom of the stand there? lol.

Here are the Orly Polishes I have so far!

 I have to say when I was taking these pictures, I was like… Is that it?!?!?!…

But at N1600 a pop, I have made quite the little investment. lol

Forgot to add this to the shot of all my ‘Orlies’ above because my MOTHER had it. Don’t know which is worse the fact I forgot I had it, or the fact she never returned it! Anyway had to throw it in, as it’s such a pretty colour.

Now to the Important Bit… Pricing
Orly Nail Polish prices typically hover around the £8 – £9 price mark in the UK and that’s roughly N2000.. Sooooo, Ebe Ano prices aren’t THAT bad. I know it about $8 – $9, which comes in at N1,200 (apprx)… Either way, the price difference isn’t ridiculous. And you know ridiculous pricing is every Nigerian Shop-Owner’s specialty. So, God bless the beauty-department owner at Ebeano!

picture taken from: Beauty Fulfilled

I’m going to buy this next as according to Kaushal, this dries fast and leaves one’s manicure lasting longer. I change my polish like twice a week, so this woulld be VERY useful.

 It’s sold in Ebeano as well. Can you see it on the second row in the picture above? ^_^. Once I get it I shall review and let you know if it’s worth your precious pennies!

Ebeano Supermarket
Plot 1B, Block A9, Obafemi Anibaba Street,
Admiralty Way, Lekki

Ez xxX