When it comes to trends I usually get on them much after the wave has died. When Closure pieces were in, I was still installing my weave with some leave-out. Then I finally caught on to the closure wave, soon after Frontals came through the door and that took me another minute to get with the program. TraycieesPieces is responsible for my first ever Frontal experience and since then, I ain’t never looked back.


Frontals are honestly the most convenient things ever invented. Literally all your hair is tucked away, and you can style it whichever way you like. I particularly like this unit from TraycieesPieces (TP) because the lace is a special type called ‘Hard Lace’, which is just as the name says a more sturdy yet very comfortable type of lace that’s a lot more durable than the regular lace. The frontals already come customised to imitate a natural hairline.


I recently stopped by TP Studio to get my unit re-fit and styled, and wanted to show how versatile these units are. I literally went from freshly conditioned hair, to bone straight and then ended up putting neat curls in it, have a look at the pictures.









I absolutely love my TP unit, it is so convenient and well worth the money. I wash and condition mine every 2-3 weeks, and typically get a blowdry once a week. It so versatile and saves me a lot of ‘hair’ headache! I have had mine for about now 4months now and have only had to go in for a re-fit once. A re-fit is basically when they cut off some excess lace along the hairline and then replace the elastic bands which would, naturally, have expanded. The elastic bands are sewn into the wig to give it a much secure fit and ensure the lace stays flushed to the hairline. So the question is, would I recommend TP? ABSOLUTELY!

Lipstick worn in this images is Yanga Beauty liquid lipstick in ‘Eve’



Unit: Frontal Lace Wig

Hair Type: TP Signature Frontal and Bundles

Specifics: 14″ Frontal (1), 20″ Bundle (2),  22″ Bundle (2)

Colour: Chestnut Brown with Ashy Blonde Highlights

Price: N300,000 (approx.)


Frontals aren’t sold individually

Contact TP: TraycieesPieces


I’ve got yet another fantastic Nigerian brand to introduce on the blog today. And what’s better? It’s a hair care brand this time ’round.

KUI is a brand born out of a sincere passion for haircare. The brand owner decided to stop processing her hair with Relaxers and go natural, it was during her natural hair journey that the brand was birthed.

The name ‘KUI’ was derived from ‘Bai Kui’ which means morning STAR in the Ijaw tribe of southern Nigeria. Although the current products are designed for natural hair, all hair types can use KUI products.

Recently launched they started off with a collection of products called Kui Tea Tree & Cinnamon collection. Tea tree is a fantastic essential oil that helps alleviate dandruff, prevents the drying of the scalp, unblocks hair follicles and boosts the immune system, to fight infections that lead to hair loss. It is antibacterial and antifungal to help prevent scalp issues. Cinnamon aids in hair growth by stimulating the scalp, thickens hair strands and reduces hair loss.

This collection has four different products in the range:

Kui Tea Tree & Cinnamon Moisturising Shampoo

Kui Tea Tree & Cinnamon Moisturising Conditioner


Tea Tree & Cinnamon Leave-in Conditioning Mist

Kui Tea Tree & Cinnamon Moisturising hair cream  



Game Stores

Prince Ebeano Supermarket

Hubmart Supermarket

Shoppers Delight Supermarkets

Medplus Pharmacies

Yinka Bodyline Store


Website: Wwww.kuicare.com 

Instagram: @KuiCare 


Ever go get a pedicure and wish you had your own foot file, cuticle trimmer, nail cutter, etc. Or you get done having a pedicure and ask for pedi-slips and the salon doesn’t have… the WORST! Hello smudged toes. I personally, used to take my pedicure essentials along with me whenever I went to the salon. That was until I lost it! But I’ve always wondered why majority of the Nail Salons out here didn’t offer to build you your own kit. That was until I went over to The Nail Boutique to get a manicure done one day and discovered ‘The Nail Kit’.


It contains literally everything you’ll need to get a full basic manicure or pedicure, complete with your owned lightly fragranced cuticle oil and Pedi-slips.


I think it’s absolutely genius, and what’s more you can have yours stored away permanently at the salon, so you don’t have to lug it around everytime you go to get your nails done, also cancels out the possibility of you ever forgetting to bring it along. Or if you wanted to get an impromptu manicure, you don’t need to worry about purchasing a new cuticle trimmer. Plus they sanitise everything in it for you, after each use, so not only is it convenient it’s also hygienic. It was a no-brainer for me, I had to get one!


They also keep a card to record your visits and also keep track of your nails and their condition.


The items contained in the Nail Boutique Personal Nail Kit include:
1. Cuticle oil
2. Cuticle cream
3. Cuticle pusher
4. Toe nail clipper
5. Cuticle clipper
6. Pedicure file
7. Pumice bar
8. Toe separators
9. Nail shiner
10. 4 way buffer
11. 3 different types of files for natural and acrylic nails
12. Pedicure slippers!

Nail Kit: N9,500

available at The Nail Boutique