A few weeks ago I received an email from a lovely lady from a company called The Social Place (in Lagos), asking if I’d be interested in trying out a few of the products the carry in their store. She mentioned Bomb Cosmetics as one of the products.

 I have ALWAYS been curious about Bomb Cosmetics. Curious because the first time I’d ever heard of or laid eyes on this brand was in Nigeria, and it reminded me a lot of this other brand in the UK called ‘LUSH’… I have no idea if this is available in America or anywhere else, but LUSH is amazing. It’s all fair-trade, hand-made soaps, lotions, spritzes, bath bombs, massage bars.. etc.

I feel like the products that have been sent for me to review are just perfect, like a well-rounded beauty regimen of products. I was sent a body polish, soap bar and a body lotion

It was presented in a lovely pink paper-bag with the products cushioned inside with pink tissue wrapping :). I am a sucker for a girly presentation (little things)

Blackcurrant Body-Polish N2,600*

Here’s the body polish, packed full of natural goodness. I have always wanted to try out body polish, really just to see how it differs from a body-scrub. It smells amazingly fruity, just like blackcurrant!… d’oh. The first time I used this product was with one of those exfoliating mitts and then the second time I made-do without them and just rubbed it in with my bare hands. Both ways work pretty much the same, but I preferred rubbing it on with my hands, THEN going over with the mitts.

Exfoliating Mitts. Purchased my pair at Ebeano Supermarket for N500

This left my skin feeling really smooth. The only thing I was skeptical about with this was if it would leave any residue when rinsed off. You know that little layer of ‘film’ most body-scrubs/gels/shower creams leave even when rinsed off. So annoying, especially in our hot climate, who needs the EXTRA moisture. Ugh. This did not happen AT ALL, it rinses off very well and your skin is left soft, polished and smelling amazing. I noticed the scent lasted quite a few hours, nearly half the day! I will definitely recommend this!

Blackcurrant Body-Polish N2,600*

This is what the product looks like in the tub. It contains microbeads that melt away once rubbed in and are not uncomfortable/scratchy.

Purple Hills Handmade Soap with Essential Oils N900*

Made to look like a slice of cake, this soap bar smells amazing. I am pathetic at describing scents, but this smells kind of like a ‘spa’, you know that lavender smell that’s always in the air at beauty spas. And it’s got a very ‘perfumey’ scent as well, my sister even said if Bomb Cosmetics did a body-spray/spritz in the same scent she would buy it. This soap contains essential oils and that can only be a good thing. My only gripe with this is that it does not last very long. Mine went for about a week and a half before it was all gone (probably had to do with the fact that my sister was using it as well *fumes*). I loved it so much  I have actually re-purchased it. At N900 for some luxury in my home, that’s not too bad :). This doesn’t make any noticeable difference to your skin once you’re out the shower. It just smells really good and is a dream to apply. I’d also recommend using this with exfoliating mitts

Purple Hills Handmade Soap with Essential Oils N900*

It’s got these flakes on the edges, still trying to figure out what they are. But right now, they are just creating a mess! :). But they do melt into the soap once wet and stay that way.

Coco Beach Shea Body Butter N2,600*

And finally the lotion. This is probably the product I liked the least in the package. 1.) Because it doesn’t really smell good (actually can’t describe this). It’s nothing repulsive, it’s just not as ‘lovely’ smelling as the others (‘lovely smelling’? When I said I was pants at describing scents I wasn’t joking lol) 2.) It doesn’t absorb very well. My only gripe with body lotions is when they do not absorb as well as I want and this is one of them.My skin generally takes a while to absorb ANYTHING, foundation, primers and lotions included. And with this product, this occurs just on my legs. Applied everywhere else on my body is fine, except for my legs. The product just sits on my skin in this area. BUT, there is a way around the ‘absorption’ issue, I just apply a tiny amount on my legs (when I remember to, which is mostly NEVER).

Coco Beach Shea Body Butter N2,600*

My sister actualy brushed against my leg the other day and went “What! Why is your leg so ‘slippery'” lol. I would say this lotion is more-suited for people with very dry skin. Weird thing is, even with the issue of this just sitting on my skin, I still reach for it every other day. As with all beauty products it is always really down to personal preference, so don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

These products were actually heaven-sent, as my skin has been a little dull the past few months and I have noticed that since using these products my skin is much softer and healthier-looking. So thanks a LOT Tolagbe for sending these through. Couldn’t have come at a better time 🙂


The Social Place
96 Awolowo Road
Ground Floor (behind MegaCare Pharmacy)
Ikoyi Lagos
Email: socoplace@gmail.com
Twitter: SocialLagos

So look out for my post on The Social Place. I went in last weekend and was amazed at the array of products and items they have in store!

Ez xxX

*These products were sent to me for review purposes. I do not accept compensation for positive reviews, my opinion is always honest, whether items are purchased or gifted.


So you guys that follow me on twitter will remember a little while back I mentioned Zara’s (from mouldyfruit) Moroccan Hammam experience. She got hers done at a popular spa in Morocco. After reading the post I was extremely interested and intrigued. A treatment that’s basically an intense exfoliation of the body, from head to toe. Someone tweeted back that I could get a Hammam done in Lagos at the BNatural spa. I asked So a few days later I was chatting with my girls and mentioned Hammam to them, turned out that one of them was very familiar with it and actually gets it done regularly at BNatural. So we all planned to get it done, set a date and that was that.

BNatural have actually got an entire bungalow, on their premises dedicated to Hammam treatments.

 This is where you get changed ( I really should say this is were you get naked and then throw on a robe)

 The Process: Blow-by-blow of how it ALLLL went down.

So I get changed out of my clothes, knickers and bra included, and put on the robe I’d been given. The lady comes in and tells me to follow her. She leads me into the hammam room and asks me to take my robe off.
I do and I am completely naked, it’s hilarious. Then she showers me down and rubs some natural soap all over my body; the consistence is oil-like. After she’s got every inch of my body covered in the soap, she leads me to the steam room and asks me to sit down on a towel and shows she a smaller towel and says its just for my eyes. I’m like my eyes? Why would I need a towel just for my eyes? Boy, did I find out why lol! Oh and a little advice ladies, it’s best you have no makeup on, even if you aren’t getting your face done as well. So I sit in the steam room for about 15-20mins, and she comes and takes me back in to the hammam room and showers me down again. After she tells me to lay on my back on a slab, which is basically like a bed but made of marble (lol) with a headrest.

Marble Slab

And THEN the scrubbing begins, she starts on one side beginning with my arms and then works her way down and repeats on the other side. I notice little black rolls on my skin and she says that’s all dead skin. And then she tells me to flip over and scrubs scrub scrub. The scrubbing isn’t too painful, I’d describe it as ‘Very Scratchy’. She says my skin is too ‘light’ so she’s not gonna scrub as hard, but boy it was a little too scratchy for me, but bearable. When she’s done she asks me to sit up, then she gets my neck and back of my ears done. After, it’s another shower-down and then she rubs some stuff thats got a menthol scent and a rough texture. And asks me to go back in the steam room for 2mins. Once I’m out she showers it off and that was it!
As much as I loved the Hammam, I didn’t exactly find anything spectacular about it. It’s seemed like a regular body scrub to me. I went along within two of my girls and one of them said the exact same thing. The lady who gave me the treatment did mention I didn’t have that much dead skin (good thing right? I dunno :s ). I felt it was over really quick. But it was a little more than 45mins long. And because of my sensitive skin I got a LOT ‘bruises’. But BNatural actually mention on their site that  you are likely to get bruises. Don’t know if they were bruises but there were  tiny red dots like on the inner part of my arm and some like clustered. It’s weird to describe. So yeah, that’s my first Hammam experience shared with all you guys.

They’ve got quite a few different hammam options. The one I got was called something ‘Lightening’.. I got this a few months ago so can’t remember (shame on me for my procrastination on getting this up)

So I had a reaction to this treatment. I won’t say it’s down to Bnatural, because my friend gets this done alll the time. Although she gets a different type of hammam, I think she gets the regular one. I wanted to ‘experiment’ and it didn’t go well. I got like ‘rashes’ all over my body. They weren’t massive or anything, but they did itch and were very uncomfortable. They cleared up in about 2weeks and didn’t leave any scarring, so that’s alright.
I won’t say I’ll never get a Hammam ever again, but my skin is so so sensitive that I hardly ‘do’ anything to it. I have NEVER even had a facial, I’m THAT scared. But would I recommend a ‘Moroccan Hammam’ to anyone? ABSOLUTELY! It’s an amazing experience, and your skin feels reallly smooth after.

Now because I have been SOOO lazy in getting this post up. I cannot remember how much this treatment cost. But I can give you an estimate.


Hope you enjoyed this post, although it is so late!

PS: My tenses in this post are appalling, I typed this up once I finished the treatment so I’ve got my ‘past’ and ‘present’ tenses all jumbled up. It was typed in the ‘past’ but edited in the ‘present’… lol. I have issues, I know, forgive!

Ever had a Moroccan Hammam? How’d it go for you?


Ez xxX


Hey Everyone, sorry about the lack of posts. My 9-5 has been kicking me in the behind the past few weeks. But the good news is, I’ve got quite a few posts lined up. So let’s get to the first one on the list….

Perhaps it’s at this point that I hang my head in shame as I retract a former statement that went like this: “OMG OLIVE OIL EDGE CONTROL IS THE MOST AMAZING THING I’VE COME ACROSS IN A WHILE”… Yup, I am taking all that back because I think I have found something even more amazing for your edges.

This is by a brand called Syntonics, I don’t really have much information on this brand only that it is a high-end product which works really well with all hair-types.
I actually bought this BEFORE I bought the stuff by Olive Oil, and because this wasn’t what I was after, I didn’t really use it as much. But once I got the Olive Oil and had used that for a few weeks, I found it lacked something. It just did not stay on the hair as long as I liked, it never got me through a full day at work.

So I thought I’d go BACK to the Syntonics one and see how it faired in comparison. And I must say, it so much better than the Olive Oil one. I know I made a big song and dance about it before, but honestly this Syntonics stuff is really good.. for my hair anyway. We all know with beauty/cosmestics/hair products it’s all down to personal preference.

This is a RUBBISH Picture I know. Here’s what is says “Provides shine and  ultimate frizz-free control for sleeked-back hairlines and short tapered nape areas. Directions: Apply a small amount and smooth with fingertips or styling comb/brush”

One very noticeable difference is that the Syntonics one is much much easier to apply. It’s not as solid as the Olive Oil one, not as sticky and it absorbs quicker. It also has a ‘minty’ scent to it, but there is no warm-sensation (when applied) that typically goes with such scents, which is odd but doesn’t bother me much.

With it being of a high-end brand, it is more expensive than the Olive Oil stuff.

SYNTONICS EDGE DEFINE, Hairline Smoother – N1880

I bought this from a beauty supply store/salon in Lekki Phase 1 called ‘Stylez’ (A post shall go up about this store in the coming weeks)

Also wanted to say thank you to the ladies that replied my Olive Oil Edge Control posts with their products they use for their edges. I had no idea there were quite a few brands with their own ‘edge control’ stuff on the market! 🙂

Oh and in case you were wondering what happened to my Olive Oil Edge Control, it has found a new home on my sister’s vanity table. It works really well for her. It’s like I said, these things are a matter of personal preference 🙂

What do you use for your edges?

Ez xxX


You guys that follow me on twitter would remember I tweeted about this and said I’ll do a post on it well….. here it is!

This little ‘tub of wonder’ has been nothing but amazing for me. I first came across it at Blush salon, the stylists use it to tidy up your edges once they are done. My girls from the States are very familiar with it, seems like it’s more popular Stateside or something, cos I never heard of it up until at Blush. But anyways this product does all it says on the tin!

The directions on the back should be followed exactly. I find that this product works better when applied with your fingers. I’ve tried using a little brush/toothbrush to apply and smooth it down and it doesn’t work as well as I’d like.

It’s a clear solid product in the tub, tried to capture it in this shot but I think I failed lol. I believe why this product works much better when applied with the fingers is because the heat from them while working it in melts it and makes it much easier to apply.

It doesn’t smell like most hair ‘jam’ on the market these days, this has got a ‘sweet’ scent to it. I’m crap at describing scents, but just know this smells quite good. I have used this EVERY morning since I got it, which was about a month ago or so.


I bought mine from Shoprite at the Palms Shopping Mall, N699

It’s also sold at Blush Beauty Store (Blush Salon’s store), N1200

Also before I bought this brand of Edge Control, I bought a different one by Syntonics which works just as good. If you want me to do a review of that as well just let me know and I will. Just incase you have a hard time getting your hands on the ORS one in lagos 🙂

What other Edge Control-type products are out there?


Ez xxX


This is a little something I’d like to add to the blog. I thought i should separate my ‘Lagos Discoveries’ from my ‘Purchases’. I’ll tell you all about my discoveries in one post and then show you stuff I get from them in another.But I will never show you stuff from a store I haven’t blogged about yet? Got it? Ok

So here is my first ever solo HAUL post! *excited* I’d rather call it a mini-haul to be honest lol

This is the reason I went in search of Megacare in the first place. Well, not this particular brand but  Gilette Venus Divine Goddess Shaving Gel. I cannot seem to find this anywhere in Lagos and also could not seem to find a suitable replacement either. Until now!

I honestly do not know if this is for guys or ladies, it does have a faint ‘zing-y’ smell that men’s shaving stuff usually have. It’s not overpowering at all, and you only get a whiff of it suddenly… and then it’s gone. lol. Or it might just be my paranoia.

Now THIS! This is what I was excited to get. My friend has got the most perfectly filled-in eyebrows and I asked her what she used randomly one day. She said ‘Spiked’ by MAC. I personally don’t have to do much to my brows, except thread them. I have got the odd space here and there and I usually fill mine in with some eyeshadow using a slanted brush and set with brow gel.

I have seen quite a few reviews of this product in the beauty blogosphere and after seeing them in action on my friend. I thought.. why not! So far, no regrets! :). But I still prefer my method, or maybe I just need to get used to this.

So there’s my first haul. Let me know if you guys would be interested in more posts like this. Also let me know if you ever visit Megacare and tell me what you got! Till next time


Ez xxX


Ours by Juliada (would call it ObJ for this post)! Where do I start? From the moment I discovered this brand at Le Petit Marche early last year, I was fascinated. Le Petit Marche is a little shopping event that holds once a month, amazing concept. Post for another day, back to ObJ  !

ObJ is a skin and hair care company that manufactures 100% natural products. It is owned by two good friends, Ada and Nicole. You can read the philosophy behind their company here!. This is actually my 2nd ObJ experience, my first purchase was also some hair treatment, but I cannot for the life me remember what I got. But it was good! I saw Nicole tweet about treating her hair to some Minty Shea Hair-Butter mix and I thought OMG NEED TO TRY THAT! My hair was due for treatment and I thought I MUST try this, got the details from Nicole and I penciled in Friday, 27th as my ‘treatment day’

ObJ  is stocked at Blush Salon, amongst other places, Stockists Here!. So, off I went to buy my tub of goodness and get my hair treated

Yum! here’s my tub of goodness

I know it looks like green slime, lol… BUT, it is amazing!

Interestingly, the stylist that worked on my hair mixed in these two with the Minty Sheabutter. The product can be applied on its own as well.

This is the oil. It had a menthol-y (yep that’s a word) scent. From the bottle I think it might be Aloe Vera Oil, which is good for the hair. It prevents hair loss and reduces dandruff, amongst other things. I think this was used to work the shea-butter into a paste, so that it can easily be applied to the hair.

And some hair mayonnaise. We all know this is good for the hair.

I didn’t use a lot of the product as you can see. So you can get 4-5 uses out of one tub. Nice!

My hair was washed as normal with Shampoo, skipped the conditioning and straight to the treatment. It was evenly applied to the roots of my hair using a dye brush, donned a plastic processing cap (essential a ‘shower cap) and was popped under the dryer. You could go under the steamer as well. After 15minutes it was washed out and my hair felt so good! Hair was dried using a hand dryer and I was DONE! Something I noticed was my hair was moisturized. So, NOTHING was applied to my hair before, during or after it was dried. My hair felt nice and soft. And Moisturized. Sorry I have to keep saying this, didn’t expect it to be at all. It was nice and not greasy at all

Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE the staff at Blush. I went in at a ridiculous time on a Friday, 6.30pm, because I got off work late (you 9-5ers feel my pain). And they happily took me in. I can say that has NEVER happened to me in Lagos.

Whenever I go in later than 5, I’m met with frowning, rude, unhappy staff. I have even been turned away numerous times (apart from Barazahi Salon, love them there too). But this wasn’t the case AT ALL, kudos to them. Nothing like great customer service 🙂

ObJ  stock a whole bunch of 100% Natural Skin and Hair care products. From body butters and scrubs to hair treatments and oils. Visit the stores they’re stocked in or follow them here on twitter for more information!

Ours By Juliada – Minty Shea Hair Butter – N2500

I recently found a company that sells 10O% natural oils in Lagos, from Peppermint oil to Eucalyptus oil. I just placed an order with them. Once I get my items. You can be SURE I’ll share! 🙂

You guys know of any other 100% hair/skincare Vendors in Lagos?


Ez xxX


So I calculated that I am in a beauty salon every other week. This is mainly because I need to get my underarms (eek!) waxed that often. I’ve got THE most sensitive underarms ever! Can’t use hair depilatory creams, would NOT even put a razor to it, even certain sleeved clothes irritate me (depending on the fabric)! So yeah, I need to be in a beauty salon fairly often. And waxing is 2nd nature to me now, I bb or talk on the phone whilst I get anywhere waxed, THAT used to it! *insert ‘Weirdo’ here*

So you can understand my fear when I decided to move back, because I had NO idea where to get waxed in Lagos. Facial Bar was my first ‘beauty-discovery’ upon moving back and I’ve never looked back. I’ve been going to Facial Bar consistently for two years now and I have only got high praises for this place. Although I now alternate between them and Barazahi (another beauty establishment, post on it soon). Facial Bar is run by the lovely Lakshmi and she is the sweetest lady.

This past weekend I went in to get my eyebrows threaded. I only let Lakshmi near my brows, no one else.

Before she touches your face she has a mini consultation. Asks what shape you want. And hands you a mirror so you can check her progress at every stage.

I had to wait for her to finish off a facial, so plenty of time to take a few pictures for you guys. Unfortunately couldn’t get pictures of the treatment rooms because clients were in them.

They recently expanded to Radisson Blu Hotel, so you can pop in there if you want to. Address at the end of this post.

It costs N3000 to get your brows threaded at their shop on Musa Yar’adua. (Don’t know if the price varies at Radisson). You can also have them waxed if you prefer. Facial Bar also offers other treatments like full body-massage and the popular but pricey Oxygen Facial (N35,000). Visit Facial Bar online here!

Saw this at the reception in Facial Bar and thought it was HILARIOUS!

Facial Bar:
32, Musa Yar’adua Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos


Radisson Blu Hotel,
Ozumba Mbadiwe
Victoria Island, Lagos.

Where do you sort your brows in Lagos?

Ez xxX