Now before I start this, can I just say I REALLY WISH THIS STORE WAS CALLED SOMETHING ELSE!!! Like the name ‘Ebeano’…. siiigh! But it is still a GREAT store nonetheless (had to throw that in..lol, but it really is :)).

Ok, so this store is tucked away in Lekki Phase1 Estate, address details at the end of this post. It is a delightful store, I love it. But most importantly I LOVE the beauty section in there. They’ve got sooo many little beauty treasures and the thing is, by looking at the store you’d NEVER guess. The beauty section is at the back of the store, when you go into the store just ask them and they’ll tell you.

The little treasure I’m going to hone in on today is the ORLY NAIL POLISH STAND. Now Orly Nail Polish, for those of you that don’t know, are of extremely good quality. I personally prefer them to the popular O.P.I. ones. Orly polish bottles are MUCH larger and the rubber grip on the cover makes nail polish application a dream! 🙂

Just look at it! I think EVERYONE in my family’s now used to me going into Ebeano and heading straight to the Orly stand. I just simply stand there and smile…. then I pick something of course. 😉

They’ve also got Essie and Hard Candy Nail Polishes on the stand, but I’ll blog about those and my purchases later. Can you make them out at the bottom of the stand there? lol.

Here are the Orly Polishes I have so far!

 I have to say when I was taking these pictures, I was like… Is that it?!?!?!…

But at N1600 a pop, I have made quite the little investment. lol

Forgot to add this to the shot of all my ‘Orlies’ above because my MOTHER had it. Don’t know which is worse the fact I forgot I had it, or the fact she never returned it! Anyway had to throw it in, as it’s such a pretty colour.

Now to the Important Bit… Pricing
Orly Nail Polish prices typically hover around the £8 – £9 price mark in the UK and that’s roughly N2000.. Sooooo, Ebe Ano prices aren’t THAT bad. I know it about $8 – $9, which comes in at N1,200 (apprx)… Either way, the price difference isn’t ridiculous. And you know ridiculous pricing is every Nigerian Shop-Owner’s specialty. So, God bless the beauty-department owner at Ebeano!

picture taken from: Beauty Fulfilled

I’m going to buy this next as according to Kaushal, this dries fast and leaves one’s manicure lasting longer. I change my polish like twice a week, so this woulld be VERY useful.

 It’s sold in Ebeano as well. Can you see it on the second row in the picture above? ^_^. Once I get it I shall review and let you know if it’s worth your precious pennies!

Ebeano Supermarket
Plot 1B, Block A9, Obafemi Anibaba Street,
Admiralty Way, Lekki

Ez xxX


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