Lagos Makeup Fair – The Pictures

So over the weekend I attended the first ever Lagos Makeup Fair. I had NO idea what to expect, but the word ‘Makeup’ in the title got me! I heard about it on twitter (gotta love social media) and just asked for more info. So saturday came around dragged my makeup-obssessed-now-turned-skincare-obssessed friend Tallulah and my girl Mo’ and we headed down to Ikeja for the event.

It was Makeup Heaven, there were a lot of vendors, I think I got there a little late. The event was scheduled for 10am-7pm, I strolled in at 5pm x_x (In my defense it was a HOT saturday, and we didn’t really fancy walking around dripping in sweat, and we guessed it was gonna be in a marquee of some sort, so we waited till the sun had gone down a bit).

But there were still a lot of Vendors and Merchants there. Makeup Brands: Sleek, Sacred, BarryM and NYX. I did a little scream when I saw the NYX stand, unreal! Then there were a host of vendors selling limited selections from popular brands like MAC, Fashion Fair, Mary Kay, E.L.F, Iman, Inglot etc.

I did get a few things from the fair (haul post up later this week), but here are pictures I took of a few stands at the fair. Enjoy!

OMG!! A  NYX stand! Like everything on it was NYX. So unreal! I loved it. Didn’t know where to start. I was so overwhelmed, that I was confused on what to get. So just ended up getting a couple things, don’t you HATE when that happens.
More NYX. And the picture below as well. They had quite good selection.
Nail Polish, Eyeshadows, Lipsticks and Glosses. Powder, Foundation etc.

BarryM!! Great selection as well. Got some items from them too!

 So that’s how it all went down (for me anyway), there were so many colors everywhere it was unreal. Like the nail polish and eyeshadows at every stand! It was so awesome! Loved that such an event took place in Lagos and I’m glad I could make it.

I wasn’t really impressed by the Sleek stand, mostly because I was after two items and they didn’t have them (don’t think they’re available in Nigeria yet). Their Sleek ‘Blush By Three’ palette and the Sleek ‘Shimmer Brick’. I have got a ‘Blush By Three’ palette, but I didn’t get it here. If you want to know what exactly it is, leave a comment below and I’ll do a little post about it (swatches and all).

So my next post will be a haul post of items I got. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

Just wanted to take this opportunity to THANK everyone that reads this blog! The support is awesome and I’m gonna try to post more often, thanks for coming back again and again.

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Have a lovely week!

Did you attend the LMUF?


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