I stumbled across this brand whilst browsing instagram earlier this week. I thought what an ingenious idea! Pre-braided hair extensions that can be installed using the ‘crotchet’ method. For those of you that don’t know what the ‘Crotchet’ method is, I suggest you watch this video. Basically, your own hair is braided into cornrows and the hair extensions are crocheted on using a latch hook. There are numerous benefits to getting your hair extensions installed this way,  most important being there is less tension to your scalp! The crotchet method is also time efficient, but add in the fact that the Krotchet Kulture hair extensions are pre-braided, that makes it that much more appealing

Krochet Kulture is an indigenous brand (woop! Buy Nigerian!!), owned by Nigerian media personality, Stephanie Coker. The motivation behind her brand is to provide women with protective synthetic hair extensions without compromising on quality! The hair extensions can be used by everyone whether your hair is natural or processed (relaxed).

Another thing I like is that it comes in a variety of colours: black, blue, blonde, burgundy & grey! Not bad huh?


  1. Price: N3,000
  2. Comes in two length options: 12″ & 24″
  3. 12″ requires 2.5-3 packs for a full head 
  4. 24″ requires 3-4 packs for a full head
  5. Each order comes with a free crotchet pin used for installation
  6. Nationwide delivery
Where to Buy:
Shomya Salon: Block 12E, Plot B, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.
Contact Details
Telephone No: 07088631619
Instagram: @KrotchetKulture 
Ez xxX


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