This is a PSA: If you are Nigerian, you own a beauty brand that is easily accessible to the Nigerian market or know someone who ticks any of these boxes. Please read!

As much as I am always excited to share about the latest international brands available in the country, I’m more passionate about our indigenous brands. This is why I am launching the ‘Proudly Nigerian Beauty’ series.

Over the past 5 years of blogging I cannot tell you how many indigenous beauty brands I’ve come across, even those who request to send me their products to try out. With the current FX rate a lot of Nigerians are finally starting to look inwards to find suitable replacements/substitutes for some of their most-loved beauty products. This series will help you discover more Nigerian brands and for those cynics, this may actually change your perspective.

Essentially, BiL will be curating some of the best Nigerian beauty brands that are easily accessible to the Nigerian market. We will work across all beauty offerings: makeup, skincare, hair care, nails, etc.

We will kick off the series with Makeup! If you are Nigerian and own a Makeup brand we would like to share your brand with our audience.

Please can you send across the following information as outlined below:

  1. An image that best represents your brand
  2.  3 product images from your makeup line
  3. Tell us what your ‘star’ product is (that one thing that you know will sell your brand)
  4. Include a brief write-up about your brand (tell us when you launched, how you retail your products, why you started your brand, etc.)


Please provide your answers in the exact order the questions have been asked. We will only be able to accept high-res images; you can send your images via dropbox as well, just provide the link along with your answers.

If your brand is selected for the feature, we will be in touch

Please help spread the word!


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