We are so excited to share this amazing Nigerian Traditional wedding beauty editorial!

This gorgeous editorial was put together by Nigerian Makeup Artist, Labisi of FacesByLabisi, inspired by the celebration and appreciation of the expressive shift in the Nigerian makeup and beauty space.

For a very long time the Nigerian Woman and her sense of style and glamour has always been ultra sophisticated and over the top and perfect; nothing out of place. But now, things are changing where beautiful doesn’t have to be perfect.








The Elaborate, avant-garde head tie styles of our grandmothers coming back to play, where old is the new cool. Spontaneous with a modern twist is the new cool.

“We are beginning to see beauty in not what we were told was beautiful, but rather in what we say is beautiful. I wanted to celebrate that in how I see things- in colour and of course makeup!” – Labisi

Makeup: @facesbylabisi
Photography: @felixcrown


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