Top beauty brand, Tom Ford Beauty has now officially launched its signature ‘Private Blend Collection’ in Nigeria.

The private blend collection was created to bring unconventional scents to the true fragrance connoisseur. The collection continues to inspire and define luxury fragrances with its exclusive line of unisex fragrances such as Azure Lime, Neroli PortoFino, Black Violet, Tuscan Leather, Noir de Noir, Amber Absolute, Champaca Absolute, Tobacco Vanille, Oud Wood, Italian Cypress, Arabian Woods, Bois Marocain, Lavender Palm, Arabian Wood, Jasmin Rouge and Santal Blush.

The exclusive launch  took place at Alara on the 14th and 15th of December 2016.Guests in attendance were treated to good music and refreshments with an opportunity to sample each fragrance in the collection including tips on how to properly blend the fragrances for different occasions and personalities.


Tom Ford Beauty @ Alara

12A Akin Olugbade Street

Victoria Island, Lagos


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Clinique is a brand that has been in Nigeria a few years, so that really isn’t news. There’s a Clinique stand in Montaigne Place as well as at the Nail Studio. But the fact that there is now a stand-alone Clinique store in Nigeria… now that’s NEWS!

Leading skincare brand, Clinique recently unveiled its flagship store in Abuja.

For the launch event Clinique hosted beauty enthusiasts, makeup artists and dermatologists to its exclusive launch with the opportunity to experience the fragrances, makeup and skin care products.

Clinique was founded by The Estée Lauder Companies in 1968 as the first dermatologist-created, prestige cosmetic brand. Sold in approximately 140 countries and territories, Clinique’s mission is to provide the highest quality and most effective products to enhance every skin type and concern, offering products for men and women of all ages and ethnicities.

The brand’s customized approach and quality products – all meticulously tested and carefully formulated with the latest science – have made Clinique one of the leading skin care authorities in the world. All makeup and skin care products are Allergy Tested and 100% Fragrance Free.

Have a look at pictures of the store and some products below:



Clinique Store

Ground Floor, Jabi Lake Mall

Bala Sokoto Way



Yves Rocher (pronounced Eve Ro-shay) the number one cosmetic brand in France recently launched their Lagos boutique. This is their second store in Nigeria, they already setup shop in Abuja mid last year, you can read all about that here

Yves Rocher is based on the philosophy of Botanical Beauty and offers a range of skincare and fragrances composed of natural and botanical ingredients for both men and women.

L-R: Queen Ogunshile, Head of Training; Alali Hart, Managing Director Parfums Estate Limited; Johan Blom, Centre Manager Novare Mall; Funmi Elliott, Head of Marketing and Geth Okoli, Head of Sales


The Yves Rocher range of products include:

  • FACE CARE: Highest Efficacy & Expertise
  • BODY CARE: Well-being & Natural
  • PERSONAL CARE: Pleasure & Natural
  • FRAGRANCE: French Haute Perfumerie



Yves Rocher Boutique

Novare Mall

Shop K01

Sangotedo, Lekki

Telephone: +234 (0) 704 551 8841


Yves Rocher is exclusively distributed in Nigeria by Parfums Estate Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Montaigne Limited


Yesterday was so surreal! I knew meeting Sam Fine and sitting down with him was a big deal, but I didn’t think about it too much. And you know what, it was actually a good thing because I may not have been able to get through the interview quite like I did. This was actually my first ever interview for the blog, and with a celebrity makeup artist that I never could’ve imagined in a million years would be sat across from me answering makeup questions. He was honestly one of the nicest, most humble people I’ve ever met. He was so warm and welcoming, and even gave me some pointers on how bits of the interview could go. It was like chatting with a fellow makeup lover, just that in this case, it was with a makeup Legend!

The interview took place at the MAC store located in the Palms Shopping Mall and I would like to sincerely thank the MAC Nigeria team for the opportunity! They must think I’m a little crazy, because I could not stop saying thank you to them!


Sam Fine was so open and very easy to talk to, he answered every single question and shared his own approach to the art of makeup!

Beauty In Lagos: The Climate here is a lot warmer than other parts of the world, so getting our makeup to stay on can be a challenge. What primer would you recommend?

  • Sam Fine: Primer to me is like anti-perspirant for the face, so it helps control oil, but in this humidity and also with black people being a little more oily than normal… By the way that’s what keeps us young, that’s why we don’t wrinkle. But in terms of controlling the oil, I still talk about using a variety of products when it comes to your foundation. People say the climate is too warm to use a cream foundation, so you can just use it where you need it most. That would be around the centre of the face, where typically you’d want to conceal redness or darkness under the eyes, and then you can use a liquid foundation on the outer perimeter to finish things off. You don’t have to only use one type of foundation, so that helps to mix and play.

BiL: So it’s not just about primers when it comes to controlling the shine, but also about combining different product textures and placing them where you need them most. But is there one primer you can recommend?
  • SF: MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect Lotion. Many women of colour don’t use SPF, so having a primer with SPF is key. I wear primer all the time, that’s male grooming, it’s sheer so it’s really nice to have. But like I said, it’s not just the all about primer, the products you use and where you place them, along the face, makes all the difference. I use cream foundation mostly as a makeup artist because it lasts longer and offers the ability to mix, play and contour seamlessly.

What foundation would you recommend for sensitive skin?

  •  I am not concerned so much about sensitive skin because if you sat in my chair today and you say “I’m sensitive”, most people aren’t going to break out from a cream foundation, most people aren’t going to break from a liquid foundation, unless you HAVE to use a specific foundation. It’s not always about sensitive skin for me, I’m not at esthetician, neither do I know skincare so for me it’s about colour and coverage. Whatever I get when you sit in my chair is what I have to work with and I have to make the most with that. I have to say, I don’t have many clients who are extra-sensitive. 

How do you apply false lashes on a client who has got naturally really curly lashes?

  • It’s something you learn how to do. Naomi Campbell has very curly lashes and she used to ask for individual lashes which makes it even harder because there’s no band or there’s nothing to ‘tame’ that lash. As a makeup artist it’s much easier applying them on a client, as opposed to doing it yourself. You have to go over the curl and into where it fits and then pulling some mascara through to fuse them together and straighten the lash a bit. But it’s challenging, I always use waterproof mascara because it’s dries faster and allows you tame those lashes and fuse them together more easily. Sometimes it also helps to use a lash curler to curl the lashes after, so it can also follow the natural curl of the lash. Placing it on takes a steady hand, and you have to go behind the lashes a bit and then in.

What’s your trick for hooded eyes or barely-there lids?
  • A smokey eye! A smokey eye will add dimension, not using anything shimmery though. So when you look at an eye that is not so defined, like Oprah she has a hooded lid. I look at a defined eye as being very much like Iman’s, very creased, very deep-set. Which is beautiful, but she also favours a smokey eye because it adds a different level of dimension. So a smokey eye enables you create dimension but also hide some of the imperfections/bulge of the eye so to speak. So if I wanted to mask I’ll cover the entire area in dark  black and brown it’s going to recess, you definitely want to pull away from shimmers, because it will reflect light and that won’t give the recessed appearance you want. You are really trying to bring back weight and dimension to the eye area and a matte brown, grey or black would help achieve that.

How do you avoid creasing under your eyes?
  • It’s best to set with a loose powder and because the area under the eye is a very fine area and usually dry, you don’t need to leave the powder on for too long. Once you set under both eyes, you can proceed to brush off any excess almost immediately. Also what you can do is go back again to the lower lash line with an eyeshadow, not a liner because it can seem a little too harsh. So come back with something softer to bring back a bit of warmth to the area. Like a brown shadow that’s close to the skin tone that will bring some warmth back to the skin

How do you make bright lips work on brown skin beauties?
  • Ultimately you have to choose a colour that is within your colour-range. Of course the lighter you are the easier it is to wear outstanding colours, and the browner you are the more vibrant they appear because more of the pigment shows up. A lot of cosmetic brands aren’t putting a lot of blacks or browns into those lip colours that are vibrant to make them work for brown skin women. What you have to do is get a brown lip liner and base the lip with it first, like cover it completely. So by the time you are adding this vibrant shade it’s not so vibrant anymore, and you get to control how vibrant you want it to be.

Your skin is flawless, what is your skincare routine?

  • I’m not big on skincare, I just find a few things that work. I’m very fortunate. One thing I’m always with is the Shiseido benefiance cleanser. Atypical to blacks, I’m dry so I use a lot of moisturiser, heavy moisturisers like Kiehls Creme D’Elegance Repairateur.

What is your secret to achieving a flawless finish?
Photo cred:
  • Cream Foundation! I think people scare away from it because it seems so heavy, but cream can be manipulated in so many ways to make it look as light or as little as you like. I feel like, once you learn cream foundation everything else is easier. I spend so much time in foundation and powder whenever I’m working on a client. One of my favourites is the M.A.C. Full Coverage Foundation. Also a favourite when I use drugstore is  Black Opal. I developed the Black Opal stick foundations many many years ago. 
What would you say was that defining moment that skyrocketed your career as a Makeup Artist?
  • One thing that changes your career has nothing to do with a celebrity client, it has to do with the power every celebrity has to request you for a job when there wouldn’t have been a black makeup artist on set. So to have their belief, to have someone in your corner and walk you in the room when there really is no space, that makes all the difference. There’s no affirmative action in this business, it’s a freelance life, so there’s no necessary reason to make sure that there’s another black person on set. But when you walk into the room with Patti Labelle and know that you were specially requested because they trust you with their beauty, which is their biggest commodity, that means a lot, that’s the biggest difference. It means you have something unique to bring to the table.

Now with the social media, it seems that’s the only sure-fire way to get noticed. Do you agree?
  • If I had Facebook or Instagram as I was growing up, I don’t know how I would’ve chosen to use those platforms, perhaps I would’ve been taking it behind the scenes at fashions shows and when I go to work. But I do think it’s a wonderful opportunity to display your work, to be seen, in fact nobody asks for my portfolio anymore so they just ask for my social media pages or a website. So I do understand why it’s popular to be on social media, but it’s also popular to understand how to maintain professionalism, to edit images to show your work as beautifully as possible. But also, if you’ve put five filters on your work and someone books you based off of that image, trust me, your client will want to see work like that when you do it. So you have to be very careful with the images you put out, and be prepared to live up to them.
What would you say is your Signature feature that makes it easy for anyone to identify your work?
  • When I began my career people always said I had a signature brow. Now I think more people notice contour and highighting, which is something I have been doing for years. But because it’s so popular now I think people now appreciate how much work goes into it, they see how fluid my contour and highlighting is. My signature, to me, is a collective classic look; You’ll only see me using browns, golds and blacks with beautiful lashes and bleached/brown brows, neutral lips and dark lips. I want to be able to look back 10-20years at my past work and still feel that it’s beautiful. And they say you attract who you are, that’s why the clients I have are who they are.
What encouragement would you give a Makeup Artist who is still working at the cosmetic counter or as a Makeup Assistant, and knows they are destined for greater things but can’t see a way out right now?
  • For anyone who’s working as an assisant or behind the cosmetic counter, like I was, the job on the other side is still the same. You just leave working at a counter, and you’re in a different location. There’s not a huge difference, you’re under more pressure. It may look like fun, but theres also a lot of pressure, not only on your client but for you to make sure they look their best. Say you’ve done beautiful work once, then you have to repeat that again. It’s hard, everytime a Makeup Artists works it’s an original work of art. I want people to remember that the makeup counter is the best training ground you can ever have because you are running into real women who are dealing with the same things your celebrity clients are going to ask you. And you learn how to be a better servant then than at any other time in your career.
Quick Fire Questions

Tweezers or Fingers (for strip-lash application)
  • Fingers
Sponge or Brush
  • Sponge
Matte Liquid Lipsticks vs Regular
  • Regular
I actually can’t say thank you enough to Sam Fine for being so patient and very open. Some behind the scenes of the entire interview have now been uploaded to my Instastory over on Instagram. So if you did not get a chance to catch my snapchat yesterday (which must’ve expired by now), go follow me on Instagram and checkout my Instastory. My Instagram Username is @BeautyInLagos. Hurry because that expires in 24hours
As you can see I did get quite a number of your questions in and I hope you enjoyed reading this interview. It’s my first one ever, so I hope I did you all proud!
Ez xxX

It’s a mighty FINE day over here at BeautyInLagos! *see what I did there*. I just got done interviewing Sam Fine. By the way, thanks everyone that sent in their questions I selected a couple from the bunch and and those served as my interview questions. I also did let him know the questions came from you guys.

He was so warm and super-sweet! I shared it all on Snapchat, so checkout my snapchat story quickly before it expires. I will also be sharing excerpts from the interview in a post very soon.

This evening I will be attending a Masterclass by Sam Fine, put together by MAC Nigeria! Super excited to be able to attend this as I missed out on the session he had as part of GTBank Fashion Weekend, because I had to work that day.

During this intimate appearance, MAC invites individuals for an upclose and personal demonstration where he sets the record straight on all makeup fundamentals – gracefully grooming eyebrows, creating a flawless foundation, contouring and highlighting, and much, much, more!

I honestly can’t wait! Be sure to follow my snapchat all day (Username: BeautyInLagos).

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So excited to share that I have been offered the opportunity to interview Sam Fine while he’s out here in Lagos. For those of you that aren’t aware, Sam Fine has been in Lagos the past couple of days for the just concluded GTBank Fashion Weekend. 

MAC cosmetics is making this happen and I cannot tell you guys how giddy I am! The interview will happen tomorrow afternoon (15th November), and  I wanted to let you guys be a part of this by telling me what questions you would like me to ask him. This is your chance to get your questions answered by an ACTUAL Legend that knows what he’s talking about. He has worked with some of the biggest superstars from Queen Latifah, Kerry Washington to Jennifer Hudson and supermodels Tyra Banks, Iman and Naomi Campbell. He knows that the key to make up goes beyond painting a pretty face!

There’s nothing like a ‘stupid question’, so please don’t be shy! Leave your questions for me on Instagram, and I will select the best ones! 

I will also be snapchatting the entire interview, so be sure to follow me on snapchat! (Username: BeautyInLagos)

For those of you that have absolutely no idea who Sam Fine is… I forgive you, but please read the bio below so you won’t have to say that EVER again. 


Long before he became a celebrity makeup artist, the Chicago native paid his dues working behind the makeup counter of department stores, an experience he fondly refers to as “the real school of beauty”. There he came in contact with women from all walks of life that wanted one thing – to look their absolute best. He made it his mission to show them how to accentuate their unique beauty by using colors and shades that would best complement their complexions. But most importantly he helped them eliminate their doubts and apprehension about applying makeup so they too could achieve dazzling results.
Fine’s talent and determination has taken him far from the makeup counter, making him one of today’s most sought after makeup artists. His work has appeared on the covers and pages of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Essence, and Marie Claire and was chosen as the first African – American spokesperson for cosmetic giants, Revlon and Covergirl Cosmetics. But it was the experiences from his formative years selling makeup that inspired him to write his first book, Fine Beauty: Beauty Basics and Beyond for African – American women, a how-to guide that highlights his many accomplishments.
 As follow-up to his best-selling book, Fine Beauty, Fine introduced his first instructional DVD, Fine: The Basics of Beauty.  As a continuation of his commitment to educate women of color on the “fine” art of makeup, this step-by-step tutorial features three individual makeovers and addresses a myriad of beauty challenges by focusing on tools, technique and product selection. Sharing his wealth of experience and expertise, Fine enables viewers to fully understand all that goes into creating a flawless, natural-looking face


So get those questions in, you’ve got less than 24hours

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I’m sure everyone knows at this point that MAC is into their limited edition collaborations. This time around M.A.C. has joined forces with Star Treks’ latest cinema generation.

Spanning half a century, Star Trek and its loyal fans, cut across generations, are influencing ideas and aesthetics of gender, race and intergalactic potential. 

LIPGLASS – N11,500 each
Khaaannnn!: Berry with Red Reflect
Set to Stun: Light Silver with Gold Pearl
Warp Speed Ahead: Plum with Blue and Pink Reflects

LIPSTICK – N11,500 each
The Enemy Within: neutral gold shimmer (frost)
Where No Man Has Gone Before: pink with gold pearl (lustre)
Kling-It-On: Deep Purple with Fine Pink Glitter (frost)
LLAP: Icy Rose Champagne (frost)


Skin of Evil: yellowish green with black chunks (frost)
Holla Deck: gold sparkle (frost)

Wink of an Eye

On the Hunt: true black
Nocturnal: bright silver pearl
Pure Show: bright yellow gold pearl

Luna Luster: sheer wash of soft rose shimmer
Strange New Worlds: sheer wash of golden coral pearl
The Star Trek limited edition collection is now available in all MAC stores nationwide!

Ez xxX