I get quite a few emails asking why I don’t feature beauty spots/stores located on the mainland or do I only feature places I like and the funniest of all, why is it that I only feature my friend’s businesses. First off, I WISH all the businesses I’ve featured so far were owned by my friends, can you imagine the perks? But on a serious note, I love to get feedback about posts and these emails got me thinking about 2 things:
  1. Perhaps these people are new to my blog 
  2. I definitely need to discover a lot more places

To address point number 1, For the sake of the possible newbies let me take you all a little ways down memory lane and the reason why I started this blog. I started Beauty In Lagos because I wanted to share all that Lagos had to offer in terms of beauty, I wanted to share the then budding beauty industry and all I discovered with as many people as possible. I have featured quite a few locations on the mainland since I started BiL, yes they may not be recent posts, but I have done so. Now I see the industry has grown and there are a LOT more businesses around than when I started so I need some help. Which brings me to address point number 2. I need you guys! I need you, my lovely readers, to start giving me some recommendations of spots that I could visit. Tweet me, send me an Instagram message, hit me up on Facebook, or simply Email me. If there is a makeup store you recently discovered in your area, or a salon that offers great service, whatever it may be, please let me know so I can share! There may be someone who lives in your area and has no idea about this great salon you go to. You can’t imagine the emails/comments I get from readers thanking me for sharing a store because they’d been searching for a particular product for ages, and had concluded they couldn’t find it in Nigeria until they read a certain ‘Out and About’ post. 
Also Business Owners, please don’t be shy I know how difficult it is to get the word out about your business, and I really want to do my bit by sharing it. If you would like me to come visit your space and be featured in the Out and About series, please send me an email. Being featured on ‘Out and About’ comes with a few added extras, so please get in touch to find out more.

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Email: hello@beautyinlagos.com

Hope to start getting your recommendations soon!

Ez xxX


It’s another Friday and that means another edition of #TGiFreeManicures. Another Friday to let your hair down, have a cocktail, enjoy a FREE manicure and get pampered all at the same time. This month’s theme is ‘Arabian Nights’ and  in addition to FREE manicures, take a look at what we have in store for you all this Friday!


Our gorgeous venue will be Scratch & Social Nail Salon in V/I.  If you want to know more about the venue, there is a post about it in our ‘Out and About’ series which you can read here.


There will be discounted Henna designs for all guests. White, black and traditional Henna.
Henna designs will be provided by The Henna Place


There will be Arabian and French Oils, Perfumes and fragrances available at unbeatable prices from Supreme Bouquet. This will be the perfect time for you to discover and stock up on an variety of intense oud scents.


No Arabian themed event is complete without Hookah! For anyone with concerns, there is a café in the venue so the fumes will be within a certain section only.

EVERYONE is invited to #TGiFreeManicures, all that we ask is you must RSVP in order to attend and claim your FREE Manicure.

RSVP Here: #TGiFreeManicures

Hope to see you all this Friday!

Ez xxX


Most people tend to think I only visit certain places to share on BiL, and they are indeed right! With the ‘Out and About‘ series my intention is to showcase the Lagos people don’t know about! I want people to go “Oooh, you mean this is available in Lagos!?”. I genuinely enjoy discovering new beauty spots and today’s location is literally a dream! Colors by RL isn’t any ordinary Nail Salon, I’d actually refer to it as a Nail Spa. All their pedicures start from the knee down….. SOLD! I was particularly intrigued by a super cool offering they’ve got, called ‘Pedi-In-A-Box’. Which is quite literally a pedicure in a box. Everything you need for a deluxe pedicure experience is provided in these little hand-size boxes. A 4-step treatment that includes: soak salts, scrubs, foot mask and lotion! They’ve also got a pedicure called ‘Coffee Delight’ which includes a coffee scrub, y’all know how I feel about coffee for the skin!

They’ve also got deluxe manicures which include a collagen mask for your hands. Honestly guys, if you love to indulge in your nails (like I do), this is the spot for you! I’ll be going back in for a deluxe manicure and pedicure soon and will be sure to share my experience! For now enjoy the pictures of this gorgeous space!

Colors by RL
RADE Mall, 21B Fola Osibo Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.
Telephone: +234 (0) 8052560974
Instagram: @colorsbyrl
Email: care@colorsbyrl.com

Ez xxX

To have your business featured in the ‘Out and About’ series, Email: hello@beautyinlagos.com


So this week I’m taking ‘BiL Out and About‘ to ABUJA! Yves Rocher No. 1 cosmetic brand in France just opened it’s first store in Nigeria, at Jabi Lake Mall, Abuja. If you are like me and are struggling with the pronunciation it’s ‘Eve-Roshay’. I’ve got pictures of the new store as well as some shots from their launch event, but first let me share a little information about the brand.

Yves Rocher’s philosophy is to work in harmony with the environment, as each tree and each plant does with nature. The botanical beauty brand offers a range of skincare and fragrances composed of natural and vegetal ingredients, for both men and women. The brand’s commitment to botanical beauty ensures that every ingredient and formula is guaranteed to be safe and effective. All active ingredients in Yves Rocher products are extracted from plants.

Have a look at the pictures below!

Yves Rocher Nigeria
Shop U13, Jabi Lake Mall, Abuja.
Telephone: +234 (0) 704 623 6249
Instagram: @YvesRocheNigeria
Exclusive Distributor: Parfums Estate limited (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Montaigne Limited)
Ez xxX
To have your Business featured in the ‘Out and About’ series, Email: hello@beautyinlagos.com

The last time I went out on a deliberate skincare haul was about two years ago,  a few weeks after I discovered Caroline Hirons’ blog. When I say ‘deliberate’ I mean I was in search of performance skincare products I could use to target/treat particular areas of my skin. Setting out to the Youtopia Beauty store in search of products reminded me of that time two years ago, only difference was I was doing this in Lagos. I love how much the Nigerian beauty industry has grown since I started out blogging, so many knowledgeable beauty stores out there now! A few months ago I shared all about Youtopia Beauty in this Out and About post here, so you already know how I feel about this store and its owner. With this haul I was after an exfoliator, something to treat spots and an eye cream. So after chatting it up with the owner whilst browsing the shelves, I left with the products pictures above all from her recommendation.

Radha Beauty Vitamin C Serum – 10,500*

Like I mentioned in the Out and About post, the owner of Youtopia Beauty swears by Vitamin C for the skin. The anti-ageing and brightening benefits speak for themselves really. She advised that I use this every morning right after I get out the shower and before I apply anything to my face. So I use this, then my SPF50 face cream and then a primer before I apply my makeup. Sunscreen is a MUST with this. I absolutely love this serum, it is currently at Holy Grail (HG) status for me! I really believe this, along with a couple other products I will mention in this post, has literally transformed the texture of my skin. It is advised that you store this in a cool place, so I keep mine in the fridge just to be safe. Why in the fridge you ask? Well because Vitamin C oxidizes in the heat and with our weather (especially the last few months, good Lord it’s felt like an oven ’round here), to ensure it remains effective and prevent it from oxidizing, it needs to be stored in a refrigerator.

ZO by Zain Obagi Exfoliating Polish – N13,000

This exfoliator, I LOVE! I can literally feel the difference on my skin right after I use it. I apply it to my face using my finger tips and work it in gently, using circular motions. It gives off a lovely warm sensation when you first work it in and it’s got micro beads that aren’t harsh on my skin. I only have good things to say about this product, my skin feels noticeably smoother right after. It was recommended I use it once a week, but I currently use it twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays). I will probably scale back to once a week, after a couple more months. But this stuff combined with the Radha VitC serum are the star products for me. I also use the Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic once a day, at night. And I think all three (ZO Exfoliator, Radha VitC Serum & Pixi Glow) have made a remarkable difference to my skin. I used to get little, barely noticeable, rashes down my forehead just between my lashes. But since I switched up my skincare routine and stayed consistent, they’ve disappeared and my skin overall feels really smooth. I may need to type up an updated skincare routine, but I really believe consistency is the secret here. No matter how amazing a product is, if you do not use it consistently it won’t work for you. The Pixi Glow (not pictured) I got last year while on holiday, but only used it off and on, mainly because I wasn’t noticing a visible difference, but now that I am back on it and using it consistently, I have seen it work. Pixi Glow is also available at Youtopia Beauty.

Clinicians Complex Retinol Eye Cream – N12,000

I had read and heard all about the benefits of incorporating an eye-cream in your nightime routine. The owner asked if I suffered from dark circles around my eyes and I said no, so she recommended I get this one. Now I feel as though I should have got the one that had retinol as well as brightening properties, just so I have a well-rounded eye cream… Perhaps I’ll go back and get that.

Katialis Antibacterial/Antifungal Ointment – N3,000

Funny story about this spot cream, the owner’s kids’ nanny suffered from terrible acne, like big ones. She noticed that she always applied some white thing on them and later realised the acne started drying up quickly. So, one day, she broke out in spots and asked the nanny if she could use her spot cream. She used it, and in two days everything dried up. So she asked her nanny on her next trip home to buy quite a few so she could stock it in the store. How I find this effective is if you use it right when you feel the pimple starting to ‘form’. You know when it’s barely a pimple but the area hurts and is elevated? Yup, that’s when this spot treatment works best.  This spot treatment takes literally 2-3 days to dry up the spot before it forms and then the area doesn’t hurt. From my experience, I’d strongly advice you stop using the treatment after 2-3 days and switch to something that heals scabs/wound like tea-tree oil, to prevent scarring. In a case where the spot has fully formed, wash your face at night, apply Katialis and you will notice a visible difference the next day.

You know what’s weird, when I was looking for a spot treatment, the owner recommended this and another one. This one she said worked faster but has the tendency to leave a scar, the other one worked slower but will also reduce the appearance of scarring. So she wasn’t far from the truth about Katialis.

Discount Code

I got a discount for you guys! Youtopia Beauty have graciously agreed to offer all BiL Readers 10% off all Radha beauty products, including the VitaminC Serum! The offer lasts for one week, so it will end 14th of June, 2016. This offer is valid in-store or telephone orders.

The code to use is: RADHA10

Whilst typing up this review post, it occurred to me that I don’t review products as much as I used to. So it made me reflect a little and my reason for that would be because not much has ‘wowed’ me in a while. I always want to be 100% honest and if something doesn’t impress me, I’m not just going to type up a review for the sake of it. But I will continue to share products I purchase, my first impressions and definitely review products I like.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

What new skincare products have you purchased recently?

Ez xxX