Lagos as a city can be quite overwhelming, and same can be said about its Beauty scene. It went from barely having enough beauty spot options, to having one on nearly every corner these days. However, inasmuch as there being so many to choose from these days, quality and consistency are two things still yet to be mastered. You can get amazing service today, and it will be a completely different story tomorrow. The ambience in a space will be perfect, but have the service pale in comparison. Finding a place that just about ticks all the boxes is extremely rare around here, and having been a part of the industry over the years, I can sympathise with business owners because I completely understand what their BIGGEST struggle is… Staff. Finding the right workforce in Nigeria is hard enough, then when you have an industry where aesthetics, presentation and customer service are key it takes that struggle up a notch.

But there’s a silver lining, I’m here to help you by sharing some of my recommendations, starting next week. All recommendations are personally from me or close friends who have the exact same standards as I do.

This series of posts are not sponsored, these are genuinely places I go to when it comes to beauty services and products in Lagos. I find that I can have multiple stops for one service; for example, I won’t necessarily get a manicure at the same salon I go to for a pedicure. Or I won’t get my manicure  done at the place that gives me the sickest blowdry. I have searched all over for a place that can give me ALL, but as with everything in life, doesn’t work that way. So please pay close attention to WHAT I recommend WHERE.

I am always having to recommend somewhere or something to someone, hence why I started the blog in the first place anyway. I thought once I had a blog I could just point people to it, but I am still having to recommend places when people tweet me, send me emails or leave comments. So I’ve decided to create a compilation of sorts.

A good tip would be to bookmark the series of posts over the next 4 days, as I will be sharing a different list of recommendations everyday. Please feel free to share yours in the comment section of all the posts, lets all help each other.

Be sure to also checkout the beauty directory for beauty businesses & brands located in Nigeria:


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