Surprise! Well, if you are observant you may have noticed the ‘Shop‘ items that have been scrolling along on the homepage all week while we were testing it out. Ever since I started BeautyInLagos I’ve received emails, DMs and tweets from people asking if I sell a certain product, some even ask where my store is located. So for me, incorporating a well-curated online store, into BeautyInLagos, is only a natural progression.

The idea is to give you guys that instant gratification where, if I talk about or recommend a product and you want to try it out too, then you can just buy it!


The BeautyInLagos Shop is open for business. It honestly has been a long time coming, now you can shop products I talk about/recommend, directly here on the blog! This has been in the works since March 2017, but the perfectionist in me wanted to get it as perfect as possible. So say hello to #ShopBiL, where you can shop items & products I love. Items sold won’t necessarily be limited to just beauty products, if it’s something I like and think you guys would love as well, I will have it available in the online store.

There’s already a few stuff available and a lot more being added frequently, click here to browse.

Let me know what you think about this new feature in the comments!


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