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Hiiiiiii Everyone!

Can you tell I am excited??!!!

So the launch party for The BiL Directory was a huge success! I could not believe the number of people that turned up, it was a very humbling experience. I am literally holding myself back from typing some emotional 'speech' right now lol! But the party was everything I imagined and more. I've always always dreamt of throwing a beauty-party; a comfortable environment where ladies chill, sip, shop and get pampered! Just imagine a regular party, with music, drinks with some BEAUTY thrown in the mix.

Thank YOU Cointreau for sponsoring the event. The PR company, LSFPR (Bidemi & Feyi), God bless you two ladies immensely. You were so professional at all times, I don't understand how, but you always kept it together and I admire you ladies for that. Thank you to BNatural Spa for hosting us and the amazing Mrs. Olatunji-Bello (CEO/Owner), who was extremely helpful and supportive during the event. Glambrand Agency for hosting the Emmaus giveaway, that was done by the Brand Ambassador, Michelle Dede. My lovely BiL Directory Vendors for taking part and contributing to the Gift Bags.

My family, friends, readers and all invited guests, God bless you all! *walks off stage* lol

So now, enjoy the pictures!

The Emmaus giveaway competition winners with the gorgeous Michelle Dede

My Wonderful Hostess - Owner of BNatural Spa

Left: Mrs. Ndidi Olatunji-Bello

 My Beautiful BiL Directory Vendors

Left: Omosalewa of BeautyKink

Left: Tayo of MyMakeupNG

Hikky's Hair


Stella of Stella's Addiction

Dami of The Beauty Boon

2nd from right: Jennifer of Yanga Beauty
I also had The Lash Lounge, Savvy & Chic & RnR Luxury vending at the event

We were adviced by BNatural's resident cosmetologist on how to care for our skin and protect it from sun damage.

My TEAM!! 

Thank you to every single one of you that reads this blog. I could never have pulled this off without you all. Who would know about BiL if it weren't for my readers. The BiL Directory was the reason I started blogging in the first place, I wanted to create an online beauty directory to curate beauty businesses nationwide, but had to start by letting people know why they should even listen to me in the first place. And I chose to do that by blogging.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Ez xxX


Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Hi Everyone!

Here's my 3rd post for StyleMeAfrica

In a way, a skincare routine can be quite overwhelming, but I have learnt that as you indulge in it, overtime you find that you become better able to streamline it to suit your needs. This is exactly what happened in my case.

In the beginning, during my quest for the ‘perfect skin’ (which, by the way, does not exist), I tried out every latest ‘fad’ there was, clarisonic, foreo, you name it! But I have now discovered what routine works best for me and today I am here to share that.  Please note I am not advising you follow my exact routine, Skincare is very much a personal subject, what works amazing for Jane may be horrible for Susan, so please I am not recommending anyone follow my routine, I am no expert, and I am simply sharing!

Disclaimer out of the way, let’s get into it!

My Skincare Routine: PM
My routine in the evenings is much longer than in the morning. Because after a long day, I need to make sure I get all the makeup and grime off.

Pre-cleanse – Cleanse – Exfoliate/Mask – Hydrate/Tone – Oil/Serum

Yes, I am a double cleanser and you will see why in a minute.
For my first cleanse I use Baby-oil and Baby-wipes. “Why Baby products?” you ask, because I personally believe anything formulated for a baby’s skin will be mild enough to work for even the most sensitive of adult’s skin. The wipes pictured above, are the absolute best art getting the job done, they are much thicker than regular wipes and very ‘wet’, so just glide smoothly over the skin without tugging. I literally only need one wipe for my entire face. I use the baby-oil to get my eyeliner & mascara off. This combination literally tackles ANY sort of eye makeup, no matter how waterproof… Trust me, I’ve tried it out on everything. I just pour a little bit of oil into a wipe, and then hold it over my closed eye for about 15-20secs and then wipe, everything comes up. One thing I’d advice strongly is to make sure the baby-oil is safe enough to go over your eyes, there are some oils that state ‘avoid eye area’, so please, read the instructions on the back. You can always substitute the baby-wipes and oil an actual makeup removers if you prefer.


After I’ve got my layer of makeup off, I then reach for one of the oils, balms or gels above. I apply these to dry skin ALWAYS. The reason for this is kind of similar to why I apply my conditioner to dry hair, which I explained here. So I apply it to my dry face, using the tips of my fingers, bringing it down to my neck (always extend whatever skincare product you use on your face, to your neck and d├ęcolletage…. Always!). After I have massaged my cleanser in, I then emulsify my adding some water to my face and massage again. I don’t rinse my cleanser, I take it off using a flannel. A flannel is really just a fancy name for ‘face towel’ and these are readily available in Lagos. I bought most of mine at Ebeano Supermarket for NGN300 a pop! So I wet the flannel in warm water (the hotter the better), wring a little of the water out and then wipe my face and neck. I repeat until it’s all off. It’s not absolutely necessary you use a flannel to get the cleanser off, you can rinse. But experience has taught me that the flannel is better able to get everything off than just water and your fingers. Also I use a new flannel everyday, because do you know how much bacteria can reside in a wet flannel??? So I suggest you buy about 8 flannels, one for everyday of the week and the 8th one for when you’ve put the other 7 in the wash. By ‘one for everyday’, I mean you can use the same flannel for your morning and night routine. So use the flannel a maximum of 2 times before you have to wash it.


Once my skin is now nice and clean, it will be better able to benefit from anything else you would like to apply. I use a mask, once a week usually on Sundays. And the masks I use are pictured above.

To exfoliate I typically use an acid toner (right) or the exfoliator on the left, which is a powder that’s ‘activated’ by mixing in some water and then applied to the face. I know most people use those cleansers that’ve got micro-beads and stuff and it makes you feel you’re actually ‘scrubbing’ off the dead skin. But I have found that exfoliating using BHAs and AHAs also gets the job done


After all the cleansing and exfoliation I re-hydrate my skin by spritzing some Rose Water on it. There are various toners out there for different skin needs, I just prefer to use this.


And lastly before I go to bed I massage some oil into my face. People still believe that oils are no good for oil-skin and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Oil is actually good for you skin, especially for repairing it overnight.

My Skincare Routine: AM

Cleanse – Moisturize
My morning routine is very ‘short and sweet’, I don’t like to do too much, because of time. And also I may be wearing makeup and I don’t like to layer so much.

There isn’t any need to double-cleanse in the mornings. So I just cleanse my skin like normal and then hop in the shower


Once I’m out I apply my face cream, and it must have SPF in it. The one I typically use is pictured above. After which I carry on into my makeup routine and that’s pretty-much it!

I also supplement my routine with regular facials, I tend to get one once a month. Someone once asked me are Facials an absolute necessity and I responded Facials are like exercise for your face. Exercise is good for everyone, but do we all exercise?


Ez xxX

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Ez xxX

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