Thursday, 18 December 2014


Hello Everyone,

On Tuesday the16th December 2014, I was graciously invited over to the Oriental Hotel in Lekki for the launch of a new fragrance by Ralph Lauren. L'Oreal Luxe that recently setup shop here; responsible for brands like LancĂ´me and YSL in Nigeria (mentioned in my post here) are also behind this as well.

The 'Polo Oud' fragrance was being launched for the first time ever (worldwide) right here in Lagos, Nigeria. This was what was said at the event! And will be exclusive to the Middle East and Africa regions.

If you fancy yourself a bit of a perfume connoisseur (like my little sister I invited as my plus-one to the event), you should be familiar with the other fragrances by Polo: Polo Red, Blue etc., and this is not to be confused with 'Polo Black'. This is a brand new fragrance they only just launched, 'Supreme Oud'.

I believe most of us are familiar with Oud scents. I have mentioned numerous times that I am rubbish at describing scents, but I did learn at the event that the very unique scent of Oud is obtained from a rare species of Agarwood trees found in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, is the most expensive ingredient included in perfumery. It's actually valued at approximately 1 and a half times more than gold.

Like with all Oud scents this perfume is no different. That distinct 'heady' intensely unique oud aroma is present and cannot be mistaken. This is the first masculine Eau De Parfum, yes it is for men. But it works pretty fine for me, and my sister certainly had NO complaints :).

For you guys who know a bit more about perfume than I do, I took notes for y'all ;) (There was an entire video presentation on this). This perfume was created by Master Perfumer Carlos Benaim, whose vision was to bring a new interpretation to an oud fragrance. He describes it as "memorable, masculine and intoxicating".

Intoxicating is right! I wore this today and as I am sat typing this I can still smell it very strongly and this is 5 hours in. Top Notes: Cinnamon & Pink Pepper, Mid Note: Smoky Oud & Base Notes Guaiac Vetiver Wood

Where To Buy

Store: Essenza Stores Nationwide
Launch: 2015

In Lagos Essenza Stores are located at both The Palms and Ikeja City Malls as well as Prince Ebeano Supermarket in Lekki Phase 1

If you guys know anymore Essenza locations around the country, please share in the comments section.

I'd like to ask, would like for me to take some pictures at these events I am invited to? No red carpet style post or pictures of people. Just some shots to capture the ambience (if I can) and make it seem like you all attended the event with me. Let me know in the comments section and I will definitely make an effort to lug my camera around with me

Hope you all enjoyed this post!


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Wednesday, 17 December 2014



Like I mentioned in my last post about the palettes by Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH), next on my 'hit list' was the 'Tamanna' palette. If you would like to better understand the concept behind each of these palettes, you should read this post as I would (naturally) be comparing this palette with the 'Amrezy' one.

You know what's weird, I was initially just interested in the 'Amrezy' palette because she was the only one out of all the online beauty-gurus involved I was familiar with. And then when ABH announced that they would be releasing another with @DressYourFace's Tamanna Roashan and they revealed the colours in the palette, my interest was piqued. Bare in mind I had already ordered and paid for the 'Amrezy' palette at this time.

You know when you see something for the first time and all of a sudden you just start noticing it almost everywhere? That's what happened with Tamanna, not the palette 'Tamanna', but the actual makeup artist. So seeing more of her work and her skills and her love for OTT Glam makeup like myself, I decided to purchase the 'Tamanna' palette.

Tamanna's signature makeup look is a bold cut crease and an Arabic Eye and she believes both can be achieved using this palette.

The palette comes with these handy 'Get The Look' cards, which I love! You know how you watch makeup tutorials on youtube and you want to recreate it, but you haven't got a few of the shadows used. These cards are just genius!


All the shades in this palette are well-pigmented and blend beautifully. It holds 4 matte and 6 beautiful soft shimmery/frost-finish shades.

Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Tamanna' Palette - N7,500

I get a lovely transition colour out of 'Bengal', a crease definer/darkener from 'Chocolate' and outer corner and brow bone shades from 'Noir' and 'Fresh' respectively. So the matte shades are all awesome for defining the eye. The shimmery/frost finishes are mostly neutrals with the exception of 'Venezia', which is a lovely teal and 'Bengal' a rich cranberry shade. I like to use 'Venezia' along my lower lashline for a nice pop of colour and 'Bengal' sometimes in the crease. All the other shimmery shades are great lid colours. I particularly love 'Blush' and 'Gilded'. 'Custom' is a unique one, it's a medium beige/brown shade which can be used together with 'Noir' to create a very interesting smokey eye. 'China Rose' and 'Bengal' I don't quite like. I personally don't like wearing eyeshadows in the Red-tone family and these fall under that for me. Something about them just doesn't work with my skintone/eyes, they make me look sick for some odd reason. That being said, I am partial to a bit of 'China Rose' on my lid with a nicely smoked out crease and bold liner smoked out on the edges into my outer v.


'Tamanna' vs 'Amrezy' 

I won't be very good beauty blogger if I did not compare these palettes for you guys and assist you make an informed decision. These palettes are not priced cheaply out here, with prices ranging from N7,500 - N8,500, I personally would appreciate some sort of comparison before I buy.

I have clearly marked the shades I found very similar with the overscript 'Dupe'. Thankfully they are just two shades out of each palette, which is forgiveable in my opinion.  And a black shade is expected in any makeup palette, so can't be considered a repitition. Now to the big question which would I recommend you buy? I'd say the 'Amrezy' palette. Why? Because the colours in the 'Amrezy' palette are a lot more versatile. Like I mentioned when I reviewed the 'Amrezy' palette, you can literally travel with this palette alone and you've got all your looks covered... tried and tested! Also, the 'Amrezy' palette shades are more pigmented. The 'Tamanna' palette shades are pigmented, but I feel those in 'Amrezy' are just that much more pigmented.

All in all, I am very pleased I've got both palettes and I do find myself simultaneously using shades from both, so no regrets from me. There is one more palette in the ABH limited edition collaborations and that's called the 'Maya Mia' palette. I don't think I'll be getting that, but I'd love to hear some feedback from anyone who's got that in their stash. Please let me know what you think in the comments section


Purchased from: Beauty Revolution NG
Price: N7,500

Hope you enjoyed this review


Ez xxX

Friday, 12 December 2014


Hello there and TGIF!!

I always emphasise that your virgin hair extensions are just as important as your natural hair. I treat mine pretty much the same way I treat my hair. Obviously there's no prepoo, tea rinse, deep-condition with heat, chill... BUT, we pay a lot of money for these extensions and should make the effort to care for them.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered there was a full range of hair care products dedicated solely to extensions. I am talking shampoo, conditioner right through to leave-in and serum.

Hairven is an indigenous brand, and quite frankly the first of its kind that I have ever heard of, ever. Listen, we need to believe that most of these our homegrown brands understand quality is key and should not be given a side eye because they're championed by our fellow Nigerian.

As some of you may know, from my instagram page, my hair at the moment is blonde, which means it has been bleached to attain it's current colour. Bleaching dries out the hair, I got mine done professionally and the lady did an awesome job restoring moisture to it after all the dyeing. But I notice that with lightened hair I always need to apply some serum to my hair, especially the ends, before I use any heat, otherwise I get crunchy hair and split ends.
This happened to me a week ago, and I suffered crunchy, dry hair throughout the week that followed and I could not wait to put Hairven to the test. Below is a step-by-step of how I used the products


Hairven Hair Extensions Conditioner - N1,500*
I always start my hair extension (even my natural hair) wash with conditioner, yup you read that right, and I start off with dry hair. I read somewhere that hair is like a sponge and if you start with it dry, it will absorb everything better. I apply conditioner from top to bottom, coating the hair all through and then running a wide-tooth comb through to make sure that I get the product distributed evenly. I usually wash my extensions when they're off my head and in bundles, so I just wrap them up in some old carrier bags and leave alone for 15mins. But this time, I had them in as a weave, so I just cross-pinned my hair up with two hair 'crabs' and headed off to the salon to get it rinsed out.

Hairven Hair Extensions Conditioner - N1,500*
I must've had the conditioner in my hair about 20mins by the time I got to the salon, so it wasn't in too long. I strongly advice you don't leave the conditioner longer than 30mins max, I won't even push it that long. Because from personal experience, where I left it in too long, it weighed the hair down and just left it limp and without volume, even after a blowdry. Before they rinsed the conditioner out, I put some shampoo in an applicator bottle, mixed in water to dilute and asked the guy washing my hair to run this all through my scalp between the braids and weft. This way I get my scalp and weft clean and when he rinsed it all out the shampoo would run down the strands of the extensions also cleansing them in the process. If it hadn't been on my head, I would have applied the diluted shampoo to the weft in a bundle and washed it in my palm using circular motion, then rinsed it through the strands.

Hairven Hair Extensions: Leave-in N1,400* & Serum N1,600*

Once done rinsing, I was put under a hooded dry to get my braids and weft dry.

Once I felt the hair extensions were about 70% dry, I asked him to apply a few spritz of the leave-in to the extensions, concentrating on the ends

Once my extensions, braids and wefts were 100% dry, he applied a dime size of serum to his palms, rubbed them together and ran it through my hair, once again concentrating on the ends.

He blowdried my hair to stretch it out and then curled it all through using a curling iron. Results? Silky, bouncy, shiny hair.

I had really high hopes for these products and they met all my expectations. Even now my hair has a 'glow' to it and it is so soft.

Will I recommend Hairven to you? ABSOLUTELY! I love these products, they actually revived my hair. Now you do not necessarily need to use them my way, feel free to do what you want with them. But I am very impressed with these and already talking my friends and family into getting some.

Prices vary from retailer to retailer, but the below prices are if you buy direct from Hairven:

Shampoo - N1,500
Conditioner - N1,500
Leave-in Conditioner - N1,400
Serum - N1,600

Where to Buy
Visit their listing page on The BiL Directory and click on their website link for more details

Anyone ever used Hairven?


Ez xxX