Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Hey Beauty-Lovers,

Hope you've all had a great start to the week! I know you all have, because if you're reading this it means you are alive and that folks, is a great start! :)

Last month I was sent 6 shades from the new Zaron lipstick collection called 'Eclipse'. After a few weeks trying them all out I am now ready to share my honest opinion and favourite swatches with you guys.


Faves & Reviews

The colour selection in this collection is gorgeous. There were a couple shades which I did not already have in my personal stash and they made a nice addition and these were my faves which I have swatched for you below:





So the texture of these wasn't really to my preference. I believe these are meant to be matte finish, and you all already know matte isn't my cup of tea, but there was something else about these I didn't quite like and I had a difficult time putting my finger on what it was. I know what matte lip products feel like in general, but these felt a little 'pastey' on the lips. Not sure if that's the word I'm after, but it's the best I could come up with. You will need to moisturize your lips before, not too much or else it would block off getting any product on your lips at all.

Another thing with these is, initially I can actually 'feel' them on my lips for a while, which I don't particularly like when it comes to lip products. The colour payoff is good it doesn't last as long as most would like, but I personally don't mind reapplying my lip products as and when I feel the need to, so that aspect did not bother me. Also 'Lunar' seemed to be a lot less dry than the rest for me. All in all these are decent lip products and if matte is your thing, you could try out a few shades that you haven't got in your collection.

Anyone else tried these... What did you make of them?


Ez xxX

Friday, 14 November 2014


Hey Everyone,

Super quick post to address another FAQ! Answer: Yes they do! The thing is, because I take my manicure shots myself and I am right-handed, you only get to see my left hand every time. Which is good, because the nails that grow on my right hand are comical to say the least. First off, they crack and chip more often than their counterparts on the left, and my thumb, index and middle finger nails never grow as long as my ring and pinky's. I can't explain it, its the weirdest thing. Those three nails just hardly ever grow as long as the rest. So my nails, as any other thing in life are far, faaar, from perfect, but I love them all the same and you should do the same with your imperfections... No one's perfect.

Now! To the point of this post. Yes my nails break, and most times they tend to do this somewhere in the middle. Which is painful but, more so, ANNOYING. But, I had since found a way to deal with them, and I don't know why I am only just sharing this. What I do is, I get that nail wrapped.

Yup, you read that right.. Wrapped! I get them to use the acrylic powder and wrap that baby up until the break grows out and I can cut it right off. It saves it getting snagged in my clothes/hair causing it to peel away from my skin each time, which is extremely painful!

So, as you can see in the picture above. There is a break in the nail on my pinky (faint pink horizontal line running across, lean in closer to the picture and you'll see it) and that nail is wrapped in the picture. So that break grew out and I cut it off!

Just a little tip I thought to share with you guys. Hope it was helpful!

Have a great weekend!


Ez xxX

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Hey Guys,

So I shared the 13sec version of this video on my instagram page yesterday, and below is the full-length video.

This is the recently released House Of Tara brush cleaner.  Now I would say that this is not a 'deep-cleanse' brush cleaner and should not be substituted for regular brush cleaning. In my opinion, this is an 'on-the-spot' cleaner to be used when working on a client or yourself.

This brush cleaner contains alcohol. The presence of alcohol in the formulation allows for the brush to dry quickly so brushes can be cleaned whilst being used. But also due to there being alcohol, this cleaner should not be used on the same brush repeatedly, maybe once or twice, thereafter I highly recommend you wash your brush properly. Repeated use may cause your brush hairs to become extra dry and brittle, which will result in shedding and breakage.

Price: NGN 2,000
Where to Buy: House of Tara stores nationwide!


Ez xxX